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Jeffrey Pugh: Monday protesters ordinary

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They came from all directions — adults, children, black, white, men and women, all walking the sidewalks of Raleigh on a beautiful summer day. It felt not unlike going to a sporting event or a concert. The crowds, laughing and smiling as they walked, hid their “outside agitator” status well, and they certainly didn’t look like “morons.”

They were folks just like you and me — folks who want a better life for their children and grandchildren, and, yes, themselves.

I attended a recent “Moral Monday” in our state capital looking for answers to some of my questions about these weekly political protests that are making national and international news. Always a bit suspicious of people who claim “morality” is on their side of the equation, I wanted to know who are these people and what do they want? Are they frothing radicals or North Carolinians who want some small bit of justice in the face of the political juggernaut that is steamrolling our state?

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*spoken like a true

*spoken like a true liberal *your talk of the group presently in power and it being intoxicating--I thought you were talking about Obama and his regime. * this marching stuff is not about schools, education, teachers or any other noble idea. *it us about folks who have for decades lived on welfare, public assistance, food stamps, unemployment, and other TAKE PROGRAMS from those of us who WORK at jobs who PAY for these give-away programs. this is now a way of life for them. *yes, just like MLK, who purposely broke laws , was put jail just to make a point. the same thing is happening here. it won't work this time around. *the Makers are just plain tired of supporting the TAKERS.

Well what a surprise

A guest editorial from a liberal. And the first hand account of this journey of discovery - the quest to reveal the true nature of those shy, mysterious people showing up every Monday in Raleigh hoping to make the Huffington Post - the suspense was... gripping, and the answer - well, let's just say you could've knocked me over with a feather. Thank you, DR. What will you think of next?

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart