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Patrick Nelson: Attacks unwarranted

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Scott Mooneyham writes about North Carolina politics. I felt that his Aug. 23 column in The Daily Reflector warranted a response.

In his column, he laments a decision by the Forsyth County Board of Elections to eliminate an early voting site at Winston-Salem State University. He also writes of actions taken by the two Republican members of the Watauga County board. Their decision to eliminate an early voting site on the campus of Appalachian State University did not sit well with Mooneyham, nor did it sit well with Democratic board member Kathleen Campbell, an ASU professor. Mooneyham also takes the Watauga board members to task for requiring that public comments at board meetings be submitted in written form.

While Mooneyham may not approve of these actions they are within the law. In his no-holds-barred attack on the Watauga County board Mooneyham said, “Amazingly enough the board’s chairman is named Bill Aceto and not Mullah Omar.”

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Chairman Nelson

Was always fair, honest and respectable in his dissent when he was the minority member on the Board of Election. Although one may disagree with his decisions, I do not think anyone can argue that he is not fair. He will consider all decisions based on his beliefs, but I know that he will go above and beyond in his consideration of all matters before him. Politics aside, Chairman Nelson is a man of great character and shows good form in his efforts to serve our community. Well written opinion.

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