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Sen. Richard Burr

Sen. Richard Burr

Richard Burr: Care Act column misleading

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On Monday, readers of this paper were treated to a misleading column from N.C. Policy Watch President Chris Fitzsimon about the supposed “many benefits” of the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately for Fitzsimon, his piece largely missed the mark on the true impact this law will have on North Carolinians and the country.

As the government attempts to implement more and more provisions of the law, it is telling that even its most ardent supporters have begun acknowledging the disastrous effects this will have on doctors, patients, small businesses and families. One of the bill’s chief architects, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., recently admitted he feared a “huge train wreck” approaching while another, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, said the law is so complex that it is “just beyond comprehension.” Even big labor unions, traditionally loyal supporters of President Barack Obama, have said that this will “shatter” benefits and cause “nightmare scenarios.”

Looking at the full picture of what this bill does it’s easy to see why these individuals and organizations are now so concerned.

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More, more!

Senator Burr used 508 words to disparage the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. His words included references to phrases obviously intended to frighten the public, such as tax increases, killing jobs and the like. Then he closes with a 77-word paragraph filled with the usual list of empty platitudes, such as “we cannot ignore the fact that something must be done to reform our nation’s healthcare system,” “we can do so without imposing big-government mandates and regulations that kill innovation, create disincentives for companies to hire workers and grow, and physicians to take on patients,” and “we should pursue patient-centered reforms that increase access and affordability to quality care and put patients and doctors back in charge.” So, I would like to ask Senator Burr what, EXACTLY, has he accomplished in the form of improving healthcare along these lines as a member of the U. S. Senate’s Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee? I hope to see his response to this question in next Sunday’s edition of The Daily Reflector, if not sooner, with specifics such as number of jobs created, tax neutrality, lowered costs for patients, effective dates of such initiatives, and other benefits to the citizens of North Carolina.

Great Comment SavvyUNCAlumnus

Burr's letter was probably written by some Insurance or Drug Company lobbyist. Burr and most Republicans have been totally bought by these groups who have given them millions in bribes (excuse me, campaign contributions) so that they can continue to rob billions from the American people. But as of October 1, it is all over for the Republicans. Obamacare really kicks in, millions of Americans will have affordable health insurance. After Social Security and Medicare the right wing put up the same kind of fight and, of course, lost.

*crusader--can't wait till

*crusader--can't wait till oct 1 when obmacare kicks in--it'll be like manna from heaven --all our problems will be solved.

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