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Dominoes continue to fall for Big East

By Nathan Summers

The Daily Reflector

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About 15 hours after East Carolina made official its plans to join the Big East in football, another domino fell.

Louisville accepted an invitation to the Atlantic Coast Conference early Wednesday morning, immediate proof that conference expansion never stops. Though such a quick change wasn’t expected even the previous evening when ECU officials announced the move to the Big East beginning in 2014, no changes at this point would surprise the university’s administration or Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco, who last week saw long-standing member Rutgers leave for the ACC.

“It’s a fact of life,” Aresco said of conference expansion. “It happened to the ACC recently. It happened to the Big 12 last year. None of us likes it particularly, obviously, but it’s a fact of life and it does create opportunities.”

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This doesn't make sense

"Even with the new BCS scenario that will place the Big East among the bottom five conferences and force them to all vie for one BCS bowl berth, Aresco feels his league remains the cream of that crop and offers the best exposure." There are 11 conferences in CFB and and Big East is number 6... How do we have to compete for one bowl berth? The BE has a BCS bowl tie-in if I'm not mistaken. Also the BCS is over in 2015, righT?

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