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ECU brass discusses merger of leagues

By Nathan Summers

The Daily Reflector

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East Carolina University’s brass expressed its collective hope on Monday that its football team will benefit from an impending conference merger, but also that ECU is playing its cards correctly in a complicated time in college athletics.

ECU chancellor Dr. Steve Ballard lauded Monday the expected merger between Conference USA and the Mountain West Conference, and also said it’s time for college football to dissolve its automatic qualifier policy for the season-ending Bowl Championship Series games.

Before wading into a discussion on proposed changes in student fees and tuition, Ballard and the ECU Board of Trustees weighed in on the status of conference expansion, being joined on the phone by director of athletics Terry Holland.

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If this conference goes as

If this conference goes as planned, things will definitely improve in the near future for college athletes. They surely need better training conditions, but they also need time to relax. These new cornhole boards are a good distraction and relaxation method. They should check them out!

BYU refusal to Big East.

One of the big sticking points between the Big East and BYU, that is currently an independent, is playing on Sundays. Thank heaven we have a university that, while church sponsered, adheres to church teachings. Maybe Notre Dame, BYU, and Wake Forest, and other church sponsered universities should form a conference that stresses academic, as well as religious learning.

Education First

I love my Pirates! Before we venture into a new athletic conference, we should make sure our STUDENTS are being taken care of. So many of them can not get into the classes they need due to section shortages. Why is this? It is unfair. Tuition rates keep increasing. Students have a right to be able to take the classes they NEED, when they need them, online classes at ECU need to be DECREASED! Ballard needs to make EDUCATING our students his MAIN PRIORITY!

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Bless your heart