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'Voice of Pirates' diagnosed with cancer

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Jeff Charles, the voice of the Pirates, recently was diagnosed with colon rectal cancer.

Pirate Radio, which broadcasts Charles’ show “The Morning Drive,” released a statement from the Charles family on Wednesday.

“Jeff Charles has been diagnosed with colon rectal cancer following two emergency surgeries, with the second one (Tuesday),” the statement said.

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We are praying hard for

Jeff's fight and we know he will whip this!!! All God's blessing to Jeff and his family!!!

It's a sad but hopeful day.

One thing, we will be waiting for Jeff to "Paint this one Purple" once again by the first game in the fall. So be there to say it. As a double cancer survivor, I know Jeff can whip this. His unrelenting loyalty to ECU sports is not nearly over. So, Hang in there, and as my nurse wife told me during all my stays, "The doctors come in and out, but the nurses are always there for you, so treat them with a smile and a thanks, even when you feel like you have to get better enough to die". This is just another small hill to climb on life's road. Just think of how good you will feel when you reach the top and start down the other side.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart