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A game-by-game breakdown of the series between William & Mary and East Carolina occupies most of the space on the final page of this year’s ECU women’s basketball fact book.

Friday night’s games were the end of the line for three area teams — North Pitt, Farmville Central and Greene Central. For the remaining four — Ayden-Grifton, J.H. Rose, D.H. Conley and South Central — there is still work to be done in the state playoffs. See who stood out in the final week …

Contrary to what you might read and hear, not all Americans have made up their minds about impeaching President Donald Trump. A poll of battleground states — including North Carolina — suggests that a decisive slice of voters is keeping an open mind until they hear the evidence.

A recent survey conducted by the Victims of Communism and polled by YouGov, a research and data firm, found that 70 percent of millennials are likely to vote socialist and that one in three millennials saw communism as “favorable.”

If you were at all gleeful this week that Republican Senate Leader Phil Berger’s Read to Achieve program is underperforming, you might want to re-examine your political and policy priorities. The program, launched in 2012 to try to raise third-grade reading levels, faced more bad news on Wed…

BYH to the potentate of potatoes. If I consumed all the tasty versions of potatoes listed, I would soon be the size of a fully grown farm hog.

Enough with all the Latin. “Quid pro quo” is a namby-pamby, wishy-washy way to describe the crime President Donald Trump clearly committed in his dealings with Ukraine. The correct term is bribery, and the punishment under federal law is up to 15 years in prison.

I love the smell and sound of breakfast, the warm waves of freshly brewed coffee and baked biscuits wafting in the air. Mix that with the songs of steaming milk, grinding coffee and sizzling bacon. It’s the divine symphony of a breakfast restaurant. Breakfast is the meal that sets the tone f…