Bless your heart to everyone out there who is doing right by everything. In this pandemic time it’s hard out here, but bless your heart to everybody and keep it going.

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East Carolina Athletics has launched a Student-Athlete Brand Resource Education program in an educational partnership with The Miller School of Entrepreneurship to prepare its student-athletes with a comprehensive collection of resources to capitalize on the Name, Image and Likeness legislat…

J.H. Rose standout athlete Michael Allen verbally committed to N.C. State’s football program, setting him up to later sign with the Wolfpack as a speedy running back. He is ranked as the No. 6 player in the state for the 2022 class.

Why is so much of white America reluctant to accept the concept of critical race theory? Shouldn’t education be more about truth than it is about pride and suppression? Is it right for our children to be sheltered from and lied to about mass genocide, enslavement, cruelty and continued attem…

Congrats to the folks who organized the Juneteenth events. With vendors selling “Karen” T-shirts, you let everyone know how you really feel. #Wordsmatter #Poorjudgement.

Priests could deny communion to pro-choice public officials under new guidelines the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops voted on Thursday to write, opening a new front in the nation’s abortion wars.

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China’s increasingly aggressive geopolitical and economic stance in the world is unleashing a fierce bipartisan backlash in America. That’s fine if it leads to more public investment in basic research, education and infrastructure — as did the Sputnik shock of the late 1950s. But it poses da…

North Carolina is in urgent need of flood prevention legislation. Increasingly, rural communities are bearing the brunt of severe flooding events but lack the resources, funding or capacity to recover from past floods or plan for future ones.

People are still getting sick and dying from COVID-19, which is a good reason to continue to eat fruits and vegetables and take a nice walk every day to support a strong immune system. I am still wearing my mask in indoor public spaces; I hope you will too.

For over a year the pandemic has kept us from gathering and sitting down together for a big family-style meal. The simple act of sitting at a table and sharing food took away a valued part of mealtime. Now, with restrictions ease, we can get back to our shared food roots. What better way to …

Four billion years ago, Connecticut lay deep in the molten mantle of Earth, its fragments seething as a thousand future boulders.

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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina Senate Republicans unveiled a two-year state budget proposal Monday that sticks to earlier spending limits even with recent news of a massive revenue windfall. They instead earmark billions more now for savings, with plans for deeper tax cuts and more cons…

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A key figure in a North Carolina investigation into ballot fraud in a 2018 congressional race pleaded guilty on Monday to federal charges he unlawfully accepted Social Security benefits when concealing other money he earned.

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CAMP HILL, Ala. (AP) — Girls have often lived a life of abuse, abandonment or neglect by the time they land at a Christian youth home in rural Alabama, but an annual trip to the beach with the director and her family offered them a bright spot in otherwise tough times.

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ATLANTA (AP) — Eight children in a van from a youth home for abused or neglected children were killed in a fiery multi-vehicle crash on a wet interstate that also killed a man and his baby in another vehicle, the most devastating blow from a tropical depression that claimed 13 lives in Alaba…

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — As the U.S. emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, Missouri is becoming a cautionary tale for the rest of the country: It is seeing an alarming rise in cases because of a combination of the fast-spreading delta variant and stubborn resistance among many people to getting v…

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HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong’s sole remaining pro-democracy newspaper will publish its last edition Thursday, forced to shut down after five editors and executives were arrested and millions of dollars in its assets were frozen as part of China's increasing crackdown on dissent in the semi-aut…

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MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian military said one of its warships fired warning shots and a warplane dropped bombs Wednesday to force a British destroyer away from an area in the Black Sea near Crimea that Moscow claims as its territorial waters, but Britain denied that account and insisted its sh…

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PARIS (AP) — The European Space Agency says it was “blown away” by the record number of applicants — more than 22,000 — hoping to become the continent’s next generation of space travelers, including more women than ever and some 200 people with disabilities.

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran likely conducted a failed launch of a satellite-carrying rocket in recent days and now appears to be preparing to try again, the country's latest effort to advance its space program amid tensions with the West over its tattered nuclear deal.