Bless your heart to everyone out there who is doing right by everything. In this pandemic time it’s hard out here, but bless your heart to everybody and keep it going.

Greenville City Council unanimously approved rezoning a smaller-than-requested portion of the Town Common but only after it rejected a member’s request to delay action so a new zoning classification could be created.

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All baseball eyes are on Pitt County tonight as J.H. Rose and D.H. Conley battle for third time this season to determine who will appear in the this weekend’s Class 3A baseball state championship series.

J.H. Rose standout athlete Michael Allen verbally committed to N.C. State’s football program, setting him up to later sign with the Wolfpack as a speedy running back. He is ranked as the No. 6 player in the state for the 2022 class.

After 46 students got Fs in my ECU Biology 50 class (40 Ds), I switched to physics. One physics class dealt with alternative energy sources. It really stimulated my awareness of our entrenchment in polluting and dangerous forms of carbon-based energy that are so destructive to our health and…

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In the name of safety and at times part political theater, North Carolinians spent over a year following stringent emergency orders because of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses shuttered, citizens lost their livelihood, millions eschewed social events or celebrations of any kind. Many you…

North Carolina lawmakers are aiming to kill the additional $300 federal pandemic unemployment insurance (UI) benefit. They claim the money gives unemployed people incentive to avoid work. The bill is even named “Putting North Carolina Back to Work.”

Sorry, MetroNet not impressed with you so far. You come in like the fair-haired child but yet you already have broken your lily-white promises. You are no different thus far.

When I was young and started "acting out" my daddy would administer corporal punishment. In other words a good ol' fashioned spanking with tears and all. Now you "act out" and the TV cameras make you into a hero for whatever "acting out" cause you are promoting. I see nothing wrong with a go…

Four billion years ago, Connecticut lay deep in the molten mantle of Earth, its fragments seething as a thousand future boulders.

Several columns past, I took to my bully pulpit and excoriated men who are married with children for being fathers first and husbands a distant second (maybe even third behind sports fans). My point, for those of you who are behind the curve here, is that children don’t need fathers who are …

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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina Senate Republicans unveiled a two-year state budget proposal Monday that sticks to earlier spending limits even with recent news of a massive revenue windfall. They instead earmark billions more now for savings, with plans for deeper tax cuts and more cons…

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A key figure in a North Carolina investigation into ballot fraud in a 2018 congressional race pleaded guilty on Monday to federal charges he unlawfully accepted Social Security benefits when concealing other money he earned.

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CAMP HILL, Ala. (AP) — Girls have often lived a life of abuse, abandonment or neglect by the time they land at a Christian youth home in rural Alabama, but an annual trip to the beach with the director and her family offered them a bright spot in otherwise tough times.

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ATLANTA (AP) — Eight children in a van from a youth home for abused or neglected children were killed in a fiery multi-vehicle crash on a wet interstate that also killed a man and his baby in another vehicle, the most devastating blow from a tropical depression that claimed 13 lives in Alaba…

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — When U.S. law enforcement officials need to cast a wide net for information, they’re increasingly turning to the vast digital ponds of personal data created by Big Tech companies via the devices and online services that have hooked billions of people around the world.

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NEW YORK (AP) — The Tony Awards may be months away, but three groups can already celebrate: The Broadway Advocacy Coalition, “David Byrne’s American Utopia” and Lin-Manuel Miranda's ”Freestyle Love Supreme" are getting special awards.

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MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) — International criticism of Nicaragua's government grew on Tuesday after another night of arrests in Managua. Fifty-nine countries at the United Nations Human Rights Council signed onto a statement expressing concern over arbitrary arrests and the restriction of fund…

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