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Rick Steves won the hearts of public television viewers by showing that European travel is open to everyone and a willingness to go off the beaten track results in memorable experiences.

A winter storm brought 3-4 inches of snow to the Greenville area but warmer temperatures helped keep the roads largely clear for motorists Friday morning, officials said.


Between 3-4 inches of snow fell overnight in the Greenville area but warmer temperatures helped keep the roads largely clear, according to the National Weather Service.

South Central’s boys’ basketball team has forfeited 10 wins from this season’s record, according to multiple reports Thursday and a statement from Pitt County Schools on Friday confirming the ruling was made by the North Carolina High School Athletics Association.


East Carolina made it through college baseball’s opening weekend and a midweek game at Campbell on Wednesday without any schedule changes, but this weekend’s series against Georgia Southern needed to be adjusted.


The opportunity for ESPN prime exposure combined with honoring the 1970 Marshall football team, which forever will be linked to East Carolina, led to ECU and Marshall moving their game up one week before Labor Day weekend.

Last week’s news that McClatchy newspapers were declaring bankruptcy wasn’t a complete surprise. There have been rumors, but that organization isn’t alone, as industry ad revenues have plummeted and paid circulations have dropped precipitously.

To longtime businesses that bring character and charm to Greenville’s downtown. Case in point: Varsity Barbershop, owned by Patrick “Pat” Lynwood Moore, who for almost 52 years clipped away at his shop on Cotanche Street. The walls of his shop were filled with photographs of past customers. …

If Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred hated baseball and wanted to destroy it, he wouldn’t be acting any differently. America’s pastime needs new leadership, stat.

God told Moses to tell the Pharaoh to let his people go. The Pharaoh said no, the slaves and everything they owned belonged to him. Moses told the Pharaoh man shall be ruled by law and not by the will of man.

BOH. So hundreds of former DOJ employees signed a petition asking AG Barr to resign. Would you like to hazard a guess as to what political party they all belong to? “Surprise, surprise,” as Gomer would say.

Strangely enough, I very often hear of someone who is disgruntled. Conversely, I have never heard of anyone who was gruntled. How can there be one without the other?

Few politicos at the National Prayer Breakfast were shocked when President Donald Trump brandished copies of The Washington Post and USA Today to celebrate their "AQUITTED" headlines.

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