Cancer specialists in Greenville on Thursday introduced a new procedure that provides radiation treatment for people with brain tumors while eliminating the need for ongoing hospital visits.

After D.H. Conley led the majority of the first half and much of the third quarter on Tuesday night, South Central made a furious run to take a 30-28 lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter. That’s when Vikings senior Jenna Wooten took control.

First-year East Carolina pitching coach Jason Dietrich was not used to a full-throttle media day like was held Wednesday for ECU because it wasn’t as prominent at his previous baseball gigs, most recently at Oregon and all of the others in the state of California.


Amid all the baseball awards handed out and baseball conversations had inside the Murphy Center on Tuesday night, Oakland Athletics pitching coach Scott Emerson wanted to remind the people in attendance about the importance of family.

Over 2,000 private jets carry “top business and political leaders” from around the world to Davos to “focus on climate issues.” How’s that for a carbon footprint?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer have been raising a huge ruckus, insisting that various White House officials appear before Congress to testify regarding how the president conducts his duties under Article II of the Constitution.

What do you think about our beautiful highways and backroads? You can thank your representatives! They have created budget restraints so harsh that the DOT cannot even afford to have our litter picked up and our medians mowed. It is so embarrassing and uncalled for! Looks like a third-world …

BMH, I still make military corners on my bed and I still don’t wear a hat or cap inside and continue to do a lot of other things taught in the military that are just common courtesy. That makes my case for a stint in the military for everyone here as they do in Israel. Maybe that would make …

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When the weather is frigid, and the garden has hunkered down for the winter, it’s time to turn to chicories. These leafy vegetables are our cold-season friends, packed with vitamins and nutrients, and winter’s replacement for sweet summer greens.