The state of North Carolina has seen a downward trend in suicides since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health officials report, but recent deaths locally show the need for awareness is constant.

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East Carolina’s softball team won the final five games of its regular season and hit three home runs against UCF on Thursday during Day 1 of the American Athletic Conference tournament, but the favored Knights held on for a 4-3 win to end the Pirates’ season in Tulsa, Okla.


The baseball teams at J.H. Rose and D.H. Conley each defeated the other team once this week, and the winning coach Thursday night hinted at the possibility of a third and even more important matchup later this year.

In his letter of May 9, Luther Davis asserts that the Electoral College protects the “will of the people.” The U.S. Constitution’s bicameral system for legislation was designed to prevent a “tyranny of the majority over the minority.” Instead, it has created a tyranny of the minority over th…

Bless your heart, Representative Clyde, can we normal tourists get in your office and prop our feet on your desk? Thankee kindly.

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Facebook is like Coca-Cola. Both companies want everyone to use their products; the last thing they want is any turmoil that gives customers a reason to leave the website or switch to Dr Pepper.

There’s a word to describe political movements that emphasize ethnic, racial and religious solidarity over citizenship and pluralistic values, but it has unpleasant historical associations. Using it only causes political conversations to end in bitterness and name-calling.

For the average American, disconnect from the federal government remains exorbitant. It should be with lawmakers running up obscene amounts of debt on top of the nonstop partisan bickering. Yet, even now, all is not lost in representative government, thanks mostly due to the work of state le…

“Mr. Jones” showed up at our first virtual clinic not having seen a health care provider in nine months. He had been on the street since COVID-19 hit and recently found his way back to the homeless shelter. He had extremely high blood pressure and his prediabetic symptoms, anxiety and depres…

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ATLANTA (AP) — The operator of the nation's largest gasoline pipeline — hit on May 7th by a ransomware attack — announced Saturday that it has resumed “normal operations," delivering fuel to its markets, including a large swath of the East Coast.

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Gas shortages at the pumps have spread from the South, all but emptying stations in Washington, D.C., following a ransomware cyberattack that forced a shutdown of the nation’s largest gasoline pipeline. Though the pipeline operator paid a ransom, restoring service was taking time.

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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on Friday immediately ended the state's capacity limits on businesses and nearly all the remaining statewide mask-wearing mandates, returning the state to almost normal operations after 15 months marked by COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Lawyers representing two former North Carolina sheriff’s deputies agreed on Friday to a $9 million settlement with two intellectually disabled half brothers who spent decades behind bars after being wrongfully convicted in the 1983 killing of an 11-year-old girl.

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Charles Avery had barely started marching when police arrested him, forced him into a police vehicle and took him to jail for participating in landmark civil rights protests that helped change the nation in 1963. He spent days in custody and then lived decades haunted…

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A graphic calling the East Coast fuel supply crunch “Biden’s Gas Crisis.” A tweet speculating that gas stations running dry was an “INSIDE JOB.” A meme depicting the president and vice president cheering about the “Green New Deal” in front of a snaking line at a fuel station.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s largest fuel pipeline is flowing again after the company that runs it was hit by a gang of hackers. But long lines remain at gas stations throughout the Southeast. That's because drivers are buying more gasoline than they need, draining supplies at filling stat…

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PRAYAGRAJ, India (AP) — Police are reaching out to villagers in northern India to investigate the recovery of bodies buried in shallow sand graves or washing up on the Ganges River banks, prompting speculation on social media that they were the remains of COVID-19 victims.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — The Israeli military said Sunday it destroyed the home of Gaza’s top Hamas leader, the third such attack in as many days, after nearly a week of heavy Israeli airstrikes on the territory. The Palestinian militant group ruling Gaza has fired hundreds of rockets in…

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NEW YORK (AP) — News organizations demanded an explanation Saturday for an Israeli airstrike that targeted and destroyed a Gaza City building housing the offices of The Associated Press, broadcaster Al-Jazeera and other media outlets.

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JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli airstrike on Saturday destroyed a high-rise building that housed The Associated Press office in the Gaza Strip, despite repeated urgent calls from the news agency to the military to halt the impending attack. AP called the strike “shocking and horrifying.”

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel slammed the Gaza Strip with airstrikes, in a dramatic escalation that included bombing the home of a senior Hamas leader, killing a family of 10 in a refugee camp — most of them children — and pulverizing a high-rise that housed The Associated Press and ot…

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