Pitt Community College’s higher enrollment last year resulted in an additional $1.5 million from the state. But officials aren’t spending the money just yet.

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A win for East Carolina over SMU will give the Pirates a 3-5 American Athletic Conference record to match the 2015 season. ECU-SMU kicks off at noon Saturday on ESPN-Plus.

Working as a behavior specialist at a level five behavior school in his hometown of Hyattsville, Md., Tony Parham sometimes felt like a hypocrite when talking to his students or his own children about finishing a task that has been started.

BYH to those weighing in on the pronunciation pecan, it’s not a North/South thing, it’s regional. My kinfolk in Tennessee say “pe-con.” Of course when talking about the fish called a crappie, they also say “croppie.”

Here’s a charming little creepy-crawler. It shows up just about anywhere in the eastern United States, quietly creeping along on a variety of substrates: sand, rock, damp or dry ground, tree stumps, rotten logs, often in shady woodlands where it boasts bright green leaves, often streaked or …