Somewhere in a downward-sloping Virginia curve heading north on Interstate 81, traffic stopped suddenly. Brake lights and blue smoke appeared behind the car in front of me, and every rear-end collision in my past came to mind.

Watching for deer in the woods while motoring through North Carolina’s Morrow Mountain State Park was a fun family tradition during childhood camping trips. The elegant animals were plentiful enough to spot now and then along the edges of the forest but wild enough to keep their distance.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a philosophy that says that America is a flawed and racist country and that all her institutions such as business, and education are geared towards oppressing non-white people.

When my father bought the farm — before the proverbial one — about 45 years ago, the previous owners had done their best to modernize the century-old farmhouse. Determined to shed the city life, Dad immediately set about uprooting everything the young couple had worked so hard to establish.

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Recent events in Afghanistan and the southern border have obfuscated grievous civil rights violations in our own Capitol. Based upon various news sources and SKOPES, this is what we know about the Jan. 6 Trump supporters protesting election results:

Routine — that has become a four-letter word in some aspects of modern culture. Especially as school starts up and some people are returning to physical offices, schedules are shifting. We sometimes associated routine with the day-to-day struggle that life can bring at times. However, routin…

Several weeks back, I wrote here about how my mother refuses to use the self-checkout lanes at grocery stores because she believes they are putting people out of work. I might join her in that boycott, but for different reasons.

A farmer woke up and found the river had flooded the first floor of his house. Two men floated by in a canoe and shouted, “Hop in, we’ll save you!” The farmer said, “No thanks, the Lord will provide.”

As a school system, we stand united in our commitment to student success and effort to keep our school family safe as we continue to educate our precious children amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As we embark on the new school year, be assured that Duplin County Schools will continue to collabora…

MOUNT OLIVE — At this point in the growing season, if you are not familiar with weeds, you may soon be. As the motivational quote by an unknown author states, “Weeds don’t need any encouragement to grow.” Weeds do not need fertilizer, rain, or any help, they just grow, often in surprising ci…