I have said and heard others say, “Nothing surprises me anymore.” And then just like clockwork I get surprised again! Usually that remark is made in response to something that is said or done which deviates from tried and time tested practices.

It takes most folks at least a few decades for the only real “teacher” to leave a lasting mark on what they think and how they act. That teacher’s name is experience and it can leave both good and bad marks on us.

With that introduction I have, once again, been surprised at the actions of Governor Cooper. He and his folks, after blundering the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, are using “free federal paper dollars” to setup four $1,000,000 lotteries to encourage adults to get the vaccine.

Not satisfied with trying to just lure adults by using the powerful curse of the lottery, he is also setting up four $125,000 scholarship lotteries to encourage children twelve to seventeen to get the vaccine.

My objective is not to discuss the pros and cons of the vaccines but to highlight the ultra-liberal lust for power evident in the Governor Cooper’s use of executive orders. He still has this state shut down! It is true that many people and businesses are ignoring his orders to stay shut down but the fact remains his shutdown order is still in effect.

He will not agree with the General Assembly to cut off the $300 extra Federal unemployment benefit that would help get people to go back to work. Wonder how many unemployed folks will now get the vaccine in order to try and win the lottery so they will never have to go back to work?

Why didn’t he immediately—eight months ago--vaccinate those in nursing homes, rest homes, and in prisons? There has been all kinds of free stuff trying to get the vaccines out. Why did his DHHS department allow hospitals to discharge patients into nursing homes without being tested for covid-19? The North Carolina Emergency Management Act was never intended to be used in such a coercive manner as this proposal!!! As our State Treasurer, Dale Folwell, has said “what’s next”!!!

The real irony is his efforts to get the members of the Council of State to endorse his use of the lottery to entice adults and children to get vaccinated. Apparently some of the more liberal Council of State members have supported this use of the lottery.

Why didn’t he seek Council of State support on the much more serious matter of closing down and keeping our state closed down? The answer to that question is, of course, that he is a liberal Democrat who wants to please President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer; and DHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen.

Oh how I wish President Biden and real Democrats were the ones calling the shots. Well, not really!! I wish President Trump, whom I believe won the election, was still calling the shots.

Make no mistake about it, it’s not real Democrats calling the shots; Bernie Saunders and other socialist/marxist are in total control of the Democratic Party in Washington, D.C., and in North Carolina.

The socialist/marxist control in D. C. are appearing to “Enrich” us in order to “Impoverish” us. Governor Cooper and the Council of State members who support this crazy use of the lottery to promote the covid-19 vaccines are taking the bait.

We, the people should elect those who have learned, from experience, that work, industry, thrift, and self-reliance, not worthless federal paper dollars, is the only way to save America.

Jimmy Dixon is the District 4 Representative in the N.C. House of Representatives (Duplin and Onslow counties). He can be contacted atjimdixon222@att.net.