WALLACE — Flapper dresses and gangster costumes were all the rage at the annual River Landing Golf Association Ladies Invitational held at River Landing on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

Donning their favorite 20’s prohibition era attire, golfers from 44 different golf clubs from four states brought their best game to the Roaring ‘Twen-Tees’ tournament.

The day kicked off with a breakfast at the Clubhouse followed by a show performed by the River Landing Golf Shop staff.

“Sticking to the 20’s prohibition theme, Larry George and Marshall Stott played criminals charged with making and distributing alcohol served by Sabrina Lewis. Danny Barnett and Paul Espag (played) the cops chasing them down,” said Morgan Jones from Murphy Family Ventures, in a social media post.

“Bill Nance played the firefighter putting out the fire that the criminals caused in an attempt to destroy the evidence.”

Lewis credited the staff for their hard work putting on a great show and thanked the RLGALS for a successful tournament.

“Thursday, Sept. 30 marked the official tournament with prizes going to the Best Interpretation of Theme Cart of Wilmington Municipal River Landing Golf Association, Best Interpretation of 1920’s Theme costumes of River Landing,” said Jennifer Ciuccoli, River Landing Golf Association Invitational chair in a press release.

Participants had the chance to win door prize baskets and gifts, “including a Getaway for four at River Landing,” said Ciuccoli.

“Players left on a high, many commenting they can’t wait for next year,” she added.

Competition results

River Course Flight 1

1st place gross winners: Patty George, Kayla Thompson, Mary Katherine Donovan and Brenda Vesligaj. Taking the 2nd place gross were Linda McAllister, Sharon Henke, Carol Ackerson and Penny Oakley. Taking the 1st place net were Rhonda Williams, Cathy Wilson, Carol Bryant and Carolyn Jordan. Taking the 2nd place net were Sheila Bertoldi, Suzie Zalar, Cathy Harless and Sandra Phillips.

River Course Flight 2

1st place gross winners: Darlene Rappa, Pam Tysor, Joy Bell and Mary Lee Cuthrell. Taking 2nd place gross were Meg Peterson, Lynda Goodman, Sue Houff and Elaine Frater.

Taking 1st place net were Linda Mudaro, Deb Ford, Tracey Armstrong and Lynne Unwin. Taking 2nd place net were Lyn Totty, Meghan Kobelt, Cyndy Tutson and Alexa Blair.

Landing Course Flight 3

1st place gross winners: Jennifer Narron, Machell Klemsche, Jeanne Harbison and Sandi Hubbard. Taking 2nd place gross were Mary Richardson, Barbara Guhl, Jane McFayden and Shirley Stone.

Taking 1st place net were Tess Tesch, Ann Thacker, Juni Fraser and Mary Jo Smith. Taking 2nd place net were Claudia Wallen, Joelle Hutaff, Jennifer Ashcraft and Tammy Beshlin.

Landing Course Flight 4

1st place gross winners: Cynthia Merrell, Cynthia Isyk, Rainelle Mishoe and Kathleen Kobel. Taking 2nd place gross were Jackie Sawyer, Peg Berry and Eileen Henderson.

Taking 1st place net were Pat Simpson, Barbara Swetits, Diane Elko and Carolyn Bruggerman. Taking 2nd place net were Kaye Pulzone, Jackie Bardin, Linda Dlugolecki and Barbara White.

Competition results provided by River Landing Golf Association Invitational.

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