Author Maggie Casteen

Pink Hill author, Maggie Casteen, announced the release of her new book Hush Now, Don’t Cry, which is a continuation of the Kathy Hamilton Mystery series.

ROSE HILL — Maggie Casteen, the author of Killer Deception, announced the release of her new book, Hush Now, Don’t Cry, which is a continuation of the Kathy Hamilton Mystery series.

“That idea started when I was twelve years old, and I wrote my first draft of that story. There were a lot of changes, and stops and starts,” said Casteen who has been a published author since December 2020.

Casteen discovered her passion for writing before she was a teenager and has been writing ever since.

“I have always enjoyed writing,” said Casteen as she reminisced about high school, where she received accolades for her short stories and poetry.

The longtime Rose Hill resident was born and raised on a farm in Greensboro and graduated from Campbell University in 2007.

“I have always dreamed of becoming a full-time author,” said Casteen, who describes herself as a bit of an introvert.

“I enjoy music, painting, reading and of course writing. I like going out with friends, but I also enjoy my private time with my dog Dakota. I am also very involved with my church, First Baptist in Wallace,” she said. “I don’t crave the spotlight. I’m usually the one observing everything that’s going on. I am a definite A-Type personality and highly organized. I would rather be 15 minutes early than two minutes late.”

Casteen said she spends a lot of time crafting the characters’ interpersonal dynamics. She reveals that while some of her character’s traits might be inspired by real people, the storyline itself is due to her great imagination at work.

“The characters and the story itself are highly developed,” said Casteen. These characters have lots of depth, and you find yourself caring about what happens to them. The story itself, while ultimately simple, develops into a twisted maze that the reader must unravel as they go along.”

Research is a big part of her writing process an also one of her favorite tasks.

“I do as much research as I can about forensics and the legal process so I can give my stories a good amount of credibility.”

Below is a brief synopsis of Hush Now, Don’t Cry.

Kathy has finished the Brooks case and is back home in Rosemont, looking for a chance to work as an investigator. A local defense attorney, Bailey Clark, decides to give her a chance, but her first case could be her last. The client is accused of killing a young woman outside of Delany’s Bar, but the only thing is he can’t remember what happened. The police are sure that they have their man, but Kathy isn’t so sure. Did he do it or is something more sinister underneath? Kathy will follow the clues to discover the truth … if it’s not too late.

“Fans of nail-biting suspense thrillers will want to take a look at this intelligent thriller,” said Casteen.

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