KENANSVILLE — Olivia “Livvie” Bailey is a recent graduate of East Duplin High School. This summer, Bailey will be receiving her Associate of Science from James Sprunt Community College. Bailey aspires to one day be a trauma nurse for the UNC Healthcare System; however, unlike many incoming East Carolina University Pirates this fall, Bailey will be entering college with a full year’s worth of college credit already under her belt!

Her mother, Dara Bailey states, “My daughter will be receiving her Associates Degree after finishing her final two JSCC courses this summer. JSCC’s partnership with EDHS has saved us a lot in college tuition. She will be attending ECU in the fall. Because of all the coursework she completed, she is eligible to apply for nursing school in February 2022.”

As an aspiring nurse, this is a remarkable achievement. When a potential nursing student enters into a four-year academic institution (with no prior credits), they must complete approximately two years of prerequisite courses. Bailey’s partnership with JSCC has enabled her to apply for nursing school this fall and potentially receive acceptance in February. Luckily, Bailey has maintained a consistently high GPA at JSCC and has made all A’s in all her high school courses. “Without JSCC,” states Bailey, “I wouldn’t have been able to do all this.”

When asked about her motivation to achieve these ambitious accomplishments while in high school, Bailey states, “It hasn’t been easy, but it was my decision to take all the college classes. I have always been a hard worker, and I knew that I could do it.” Bailey expresses a word of encouragement for any high school senior interested in the same route. “Balancing my high school classes, with JSCC classes, on top of clubs, chorus, and cheerleading was extremely tough. I look back now and see this time as very rewarding.”

Bailey certainly is a hard worker. However, her educational ambition doesn’t stop with a bachelor’s degree. “I want to work in an ICU unit and obtain my Master’s. I want to eventually be a nurse anesthetist.” A nurse anesthetist is a certified nurse who administers anesthesia to patients during medical procedures.

Bailey speaks highly of her experience as a student both online and on campus. “JSCC offers such a wide variety of classes. My selection was never limited.” Bailey also reflects on her instructors, “I never had a problem with any of my instructors. They were accommodating and responded to my emails quickly.” Some of Bailey’s favorite courses at JSCC were Developmental Psychology and Introduction to Sociology.

As many high school students would likely agree, Bailey is very grateful for the CCP program offered to high school students. “Being able to graduate from high school with an Associate Degree has really put me ahead of the game as I begin to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree.” Bailey encourages others to partner with JSCC as they further their education. “There are so many resources at JSCC offered to students. At JSCC, you are not limited in any way! There are such a wide variety of academic programs and so many people willing to work with you; I would highly recommend JSCC.”

JSCC wishes “Livvie” Bailey the best in all her educational endeavors. Given the current nursing shortage, we are excited to hear our brightest and best are making plans to enter the medical workforce.

Editor’s Note: Student Spotlight is a feature contributed by James Sprunt Community College.

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