KENANSVILLE — Carol Madigan graduated from Richlands High School in 1977. Upon graduation, Madigan began her journey with James Sprunt Community College in the cosmetology program. She pursued a career in the cosmetology field after graduation and started her own business. In addition to her managing her business, Madigan also balanced secondary employment.

Carol and Thomas Madigan were married and have one child named Sarah. In the year 2000, the Madigan family experienced an unexpected change with the passing of her husband, Thomas. This unforeseen interruption in her family’s life caused Madigan to step back and reassess her path. “I found myself totally responsible for a child. So in 2007, I returned to James Sprunt and enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program.”

“Being a single-parent, you hold a lot of responsibility. God, faith, and the good schedule I could have here at JSCC enabled me to drop Sarah off and come right back to campus to get to work. When I would finish up here, it was time to pick her up.”

As she worked to achieve her Associate in Early Childhood Education, an Associate in School Age Education, and an Associates in Arts, Madigan made connections on campus that have continued through the decades.

Upon completing this program, Madigan attended The University of Mount Olive and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. While earning her degree, Madigan continued to serve the James Sprunt community by working as a full-time tutor under the supervision of, now retired, Pamela Morgan of the JSCC Trio Program.

“I would get up and go drop Sarah off at school in Richlands. I would come back to James Sprunt and tutor. Through my spare time, I would work on my homework from Mount Olive so I would have more time with Sarah when I got home.”

Upon graduation from Mount Olive, Madigan’s former work-study supervisor, Andy Cavanaugh, approached Madigan about teaching English classes for JSCC. Madigan began teaching developmental courses right away. During this time, Madigan continued to tutor for the Trio Program. She later applied for the position she currently holds, Academic Advisor for Student Support Services. Students regularly come to Madigan for advice and counsel. It is her passion for students that makes Madigan perfect for the position of Academic Advisor.

“I know how it feels to be a student. I know how it feels to sit at a desk. I know the feelings you have as you sit in the classroom. Because of this, I try to connect with students on a level that they comprehend.”

Cavanaugh approached Madigan during this time and encouraged her to pursue her Master’s in Education. “I thought I had written all the papers I ever wanted to write.” However, after much prayer and careful persuasion from Cavenaugh, Madigan found herself enrolling in Liberty University’s School of Education. As a result, she now holds a Master’s in Education-Teaching and Learning.

Madigan believes her future at JSCC revolves around her work for and with students. “I want to help as many students as I possibly can to be as successful as they possibly can be to further their educational journey. Anybody can be what they want to be. I want students to be what they want to be!”

Madigan also refers to JSCC as a “warm and fuzzy place.” Madigan loves how the faculty, staff, and leadership at JSCC are full of people who care deeply for others. Madigan reflects on her time recovering from a traumatic wreck in 2018. She describes the support of her coworkers as pivotal in her recovery. “We have a super team here in the TRIO department, but what is a team without a leader? Dr. Roszena Devione-Bivens is the best! She has got your back, and she knows what you’re doing. She will help you any way she can.”

“If I had to describe the type of person that Carol Madigan is, it would be dedicated and always willing to do what is needed for the team,” said Dr. Devione-Bivens.

Editor’s Note: Faculty Spotlight is a feature contributed by James Sprunt Community College.

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