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Setbacks, rescheduling, and obstacles are no strangers to the Class of 2021. Our Freshman year, we started school later due to the building of the K-8 schools. During our Sophomore year, we endured Hurricane Florence, misplacing many of my peers, and we missed about six weeks of school.

Our Junior year ended in March due to a virus, and the same virus is what made my senior year unforgettable.

As the typical senior events and opportunities are cancelled, I am learning more about how much I was looking forward to some of the silly, celebratory things. Despite missing those silly events I’ve looked forward to for years now, like Junior and Senior prom and homecoming, this year is definitely bittersweet. It’s taught me things and shaped me into the person I am today. Learning around “fluid situations” for the past four years has not been easy, but something we’ve persevered through and somehow still made it on top. We’re ready to hear our names called on May 26 during graduation.

As we move on toward the end, we’re coming up on another milestone of senior year: Prom. The school is not allowed to throw a prom for us, so the student body parents are coming together and having one for us. This means no school staff will be allowed to see us all together and dressed up one last time. Still, we’re all super excited for that event and can’t wait to just let loose. The Class of 2021 will be getting an in-person graduation, and we are very grateful we can celebrate our accomplishments together, since together is a word that’s not used very much these days. I’m super proud of how our class has adapted and flourished in a pretty hard environment. I hope the Class of 2022 gets a better senior year and our freshman year in college is more “normal.” Congratulations to the Wallace-Rose Hill Class of 2021 and to all the seniors in our county who have made it!

Jordan Barwick is a senior at Wallace-Rose Hill High School.