CALYPSO — The Scholarship and Awards Committee of North Duplin Jr/Sr High School is pleased to announce William Gage Outlaw as our February Student of the Month for the Mount Olive Exchange Club, Duplin Rotary Club, and Board of Education.

Outlaw is a senior at North Duplin Jr/Sr High School. He is the son of Bill and Candace Outlaw of Mount Olivw.

Outlaw has an extensive academic resume. He has been the President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes since his sophomore year of high school. He is also a member of the National Beta Club, the NDJS Science & Herpetology Clubs, and the NDJS Class Ring Club.

Outlaw is the quarterback of the varsity football team, where he has also served on the North Duplin Football Leadership Committee since his sophomore year. He also plays varsity baseball and American Legion baseball, in which he is a pitcher, first baseman, and right fielder.

His accomplishments include being a junior marshal, receiving the FCA Great Commission Leader Award, being an invited attendee of the Global Leadership Summit through FCA, having the highest academic average in English II, and maintaining an A Average throughout high school. Athletically, he has been All Conference in football, All Conference in baseball, and a Duplin Elite 1st Team Athlete in baseball and football.

Outlaw has been very active in the community. He is a member of Faison Methodist Church and attends the Mount Olive First PH B3 Student Ministries Program. He volunteers for the Outlaw Foundation and the Calypso Baptist MS/Cancer Benefit fundraisers annually, and he has also served as a North Duplin Multi-Family Cancer Benefit volunteer, as well as serving on the Hurricane Florence Relief Team in 2018.

His hobbies and talents include public speaking, gardening hot peppers, hunting, fishing, listening to music, playing sports, and most importantly, worshiping God.

When asked what the one thing is that he is most proud of, Outlaw replied, “I am most proud of my faith and the lasting effects it will have on my school. Through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), I have been given the opportunity to minister to my fellow classmates and grow in my relationship with God.

“I find the most pleasure in talking with somebody about their faith and helping them grow in their walk with Christ. I am glad to have had the opportunity to see FCA athletes grow throughout the past four years, and I believe that it will continue to grow long after I graduate.”

If he could invite anyone to dinner, past or present, Outlaw replied, “I would invite Paul from the Bible. Paul went through so much in his journey with Jesus and his faith proved strong in the end. I would want to talk with him about Jesus and the ways of helping others attain an intimate relationship with Him.”

A person who Outlaw admires and looks up to is Steven Furtick. He is the lead pastor at Elevation Church in Charlotte.

“He is amazing. He is very vocal about God and the ways in which people can get to know Him,” Outlaw said. “The thing I admire most about Steven Furtick is his lack of fear when he preaches. He has no fear of what people think about him. He is up there for one reason, and that is to speak the Word. I also like the way he speaks. His passion is evident, and his methods are unorthodox, but it gets to me. It gets to me and to millions of people that listen to him.

“When I listen to Steven Furtick, I get a feeling of power and worth. I feel like nothing can stop me as I go throughout my day.”

Upon graduation, Outlaw would like to attend either UNC Chapel Hill or East Carolina University; he has been accepted to both schools. He would like to major in biology and later attend medical school to earn a doctorate degree in medicine and become an oncologist.

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