Fifty two marriage licenses were issued in Duplin County by Anita Marie Savage, Register of Deeds for the month ending Oct. 31.

Morgan Tyler Raynor, Beulaville, and Christina Michelle Wade, Goldsboro;

Alfred Patrick Greenman, Millersville, and Veronica Lynn Bailey, Millersville;

Charles Colwell Farrior Iv, Wallace, and Patyn Kaneal Bryant, Teachey;

James Daniel Stewart, Pink Hill, and Brittany Leann Lamura, Pink Hill;

Nicholas Dakota Westbrook, Clinton, and Payton Wells Johnson, Wallace;

Kelly Patrick Armatys, Clinton, and Shirley Hope Creech, Clinton;

Allen Gurganus, Beulaville, and Julie Ann Gerber Tally, Beulaville;

Juan Manuel Botello, Magnolia, and Daniela Michelle Posadas Romano, Warsaw;

Brian Diaz, Apex, and Lezleigh Kilpatrick Vincent, Apex;

James Keith Williams, Magnolia, and Beverly Janise Henderson Harris, Wallace;

Cameron Edward Mobley, Wallace, and April Leigh Powell, Wallace;

Fenny William Martinez-Ramirez, Dudley, and Sofia Emperatriz Zometa Osorio, Dudley;

Jeffrey Scott Woodall, Seven Springs, and Linda Kassandra Escuadra, Seven Springs

Horace Blake Travis, Pink Hill, and Brooke Warren Mason, Pink Hill;

Gina Carol Herring Fehrenback, Goldsboro, and Livius Steven Carr Jr., Goldsboro;

Micheal Shane Nelms, Albertson, and Ashleigh Nicole Lunsford Campbell, Albertson;

William Marlan Painter, Mount Olive, and Karen Elizabeth Best, Mount Olive;

}Juan Carlos Quevedo Moreno, Colorado, and Yuli Aradeli Contreras Gonzales, Faison;

John Adron Moore Iii, Rose Hill, and Garland Whaley Jr, Rose Hill;

Logan Jones Carr, Clinton, and Hailey Alexandra Keir, Harrells;

Christian Read Brown, Warsaw, and Larissa Marie Talbot-Layfield, Warsaw;

Brian James Wesley Hill, Holly Ridge, and Kelsey Ann Lanier, Holly Ridge;

Troy Lee Blizzard, Pink Hill, and Allison Brooke Hill, Mt. Olive;

William Brady Roberts, Warsaw, and Kari Alyson Westerbeek, Warsaw;

Richard Ervin Leary, Pink Hill, and Mercedes Nicole Stiles Kennedy, Pink Hill;

Cleveland Earl Fowler, Warsaw, and Doris Ann Mcnair, Warsaw;

Jose Luis Lopez, Wallace, and Kamila Castaneda Serrano, Clinton;

Bradley Matthew Howard, Wallace, and Lauren Bailey Brinson, Wallace;

Blake Aaron Kornegay, Goldsboro, and Meghan Elizabeth Pittman, Goldsboro;

Michael Jay Pickett, Beulaville, and Taylor Nicole Jerosimich, Beulaville;

Kelvin Terrell Herring, Warsaw, and Sonji Chere’ King, Warsaw;

Uriel Domingo Avila Flores, Warsaw, and Christina Marie Smith, Warsaw;

Jonathan Daniel Kennedy, Beulaville, and Emily Hope Williams, Pink Hill;

Jared Saul Hudson, Clinton, and Angel Ivey Parker, Wallace;

Patrick Allen Mcglohon, Mount Olive, and Kathlina Isbelle Lupper-Lopez, Mount Olive;

Aaron Michael Wilkins, Mount Olive, and Michelle Leigh Young Pilkington, Mount Olive;

Brent Lee Fountain, Beulaville, and Elise Marie Normile, Beulaville;

Albert Alexander Rosales Chicas, Teachey, and Veronica Ann Porras, Teachey;

Kevin Anthony Hunter, Virginia, and Lorena Zante’ Harper, Virginia;

Brandon Israel Gonzalez Becerril, Seven Springs, and Zindi Cristel Rochin-Garcia, Washington;

Edgar Xahil Izaguirre, Garner, and Xiomara Gabriela Padilla Cabrera, Garner;

Marvin Dale Langston, Warsaw, and Megan Nicole Lee, Warsaw;

}Jeanette Elizabeth Farrior, Beulaville, and James Gordons Jones Ii, Beulaville;

Jakob Leigh Pizzino, Mt. Olive, and Taylor Mackenzie Miller, Pink Hill;

}James Earl Jones, Beulaville, and Jasmine Shauta Williams Hughes, Beulaville;

Oscar Gomez Silva, Kenansville, and Natalia Rodriguez, Kenansville;

Gregory Earl Somers, Raleigh, and Marie Lynette Rivenbark Tolson, Raleigh;

Marty Edsel Ball, Pink Hill, and Malinda Louise North Sanderson, Pink Hill;

Jeffrey Daniel Suazo Diaz, Wallace, and Nimia Pamela Meza Meraz, Wallace;{

Bayron Alexander Chavarria Perdomo, Mount Olive, and Heydi Yadira Menjivar Gonzales, Mount Olive;

Michael Paul Malone, Wallace, and Brittany Nicole Mobley, Wallace;

Juan Felix Martinez, Rose Hill, and Juana Espinal Reyes, Rose Hill.

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