The North Carolina Offender and Public Protection Registry has updated the registered address for the following sex offenders in Duplin County through July 19.


Offender’s Full Name: Robert D. Long

New Address: Lyman Road

New City: Chinquapin

Description: Indecent Liberty Minor

Offense date: 01-01-2005

Victim’s age: 13

Offender’s age: 35


Offender’s Full Name: Damien Williams

New Address: N.C. Highway 11

New City: Willard

Description: Indecent Liberty Minor

Offense date: 08-01-2007

Victim’s age: Unknown

Offender’s age: 34

The information for the above registered sex offenders comes from data included in the North Carolina Offender Registry.

Under North Carolina law, convicted offenders are required to register their home address with their local Sheriff’s Office.

The information contained in the registry and individual record has been provided by the offender and entities other than the State Bureau of Investigation.

However, if you have reasonable proof that any of the information contained in these records is inaccurate, please contact the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registration Unit at 910-296-2150.

Victim Services Information:

Victims and their families may be eligible to be compensated for financial losses that are not covered by insurance, worker’s compensation funds, Medicare, or restitution payments.

For information, contact Victims Compensation Services toll-free at 800-826-6200 or visit

You may also want to contact the North Carolina Victim Assistance Network toll-free at 800-348-5068 or visit

This organization provides valuable information and assistance for victims and family members of crime victims.