The contest for U.S. Senate in North Carolina features a stark contrast in personalities. In temperament, background and ideological intensity, Cheri Beasley and Ted Budd, each their respective party’s standard-bearer, are dramatically different people with different ideas. Their respective profiles reveal much about what each party values in 2022. And this gaping divide will play out in the race to win suburban votes.

Cheri Beasley is one of the most accomplished women in North Carolina. First elected to the state judiciary over a decade ago, Beasley served as the first Black female chief justice after being appointed to that position by Gov. Roy Cooper. She ran tens of thousands of votes ahead of Joe Biden in the 2020 elections, nearly retaining her seat in a year in which Democrats performed poorly in North Carolina. Her demeanor is judicious and judicial, reflective of years of leadership in the courts. She is careful, restrained and dignified. Little about her could be described as “folksy” an epithet that tends only to be bestowed upon the white and the rural.

Alexander H. Jones is a policy analyst with Carolina Forward. He lives in Chapel Hill.