This year we will celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 4, just a few days from the publication of this article. I hope to express some thoughts of my own, not unique nor exclusive, that may stir within us a revived sense of the true meaning of Easter.

I hope also that discussing the object of our Easter celebration will generate a renewed love and respect for this great land we call America. There is so much of negative criticism leveled toward America and our founding principles directed, I believe, toward our children.

I believe there are evil and conspiring men who, for greed and the lust for power, are willing to distort, challenge, and cancel our true history and substitute false concepts aimed at tearing down America.

I believe we cannot celebrate the true spirit of Easter absent a deep and abiding love for America and those who founded this great nation. I believe the founding of this nation was divinely inspired. I believe God sent His son to atone for the sins of all people of all nations.

I believe his son established his gospel as described in the King James Version of the New Testament consistent with numerous prophecies contained in the Old Testament. It is a fact that over time the teachings of Jesus, as taught by traditional institutions and organized churches, have been distorted and altered by various secular progressive movements.

I believe there are only two original and unique forces in the world; good and evil. I believe the object our Easter celebration, Jesus the Christ and his resurrection, is the proponent of all that is good. I believe Satan, an actual being with a very high degree of intelligence, is the proponent of all that is evil.

I believe that in the infinite wisdom of God He planned to reserved and preserve this land of America for a righteous people who would, in the latter days, establish a base of operations in America from which his son’s gospel would be revived and carried back to all nations of the Earth.

To do that, using men and women to do it, God needed a free people in a free nation possessing the liberty and religious freedom to remember his son, hear his son, keep his son’s commandments, and admonish all men in all nations to “Come unto Christ and be perfected in him.”

Thus, God the father established, using the best souls of the day imperfect as they were, this free nation. Inspired from on high, they declared independence from the crown and with their lives, fortunes and honor on the line fought for the liberty to receive the inalienable rights God had always planned for His children while in this mortal probation.

They won! Against all odds they won. Against the most powerful military forces of the day, they won. Against powerful men, beguiled by Satan himself, they won.

Columbus himself, completing the third founding of this land, said he was inspired of God and that he was led by the holy ghost during his adventures discovering the Americas for the final time.

There are numerous proclamations in both the New and Old Testaments that Jesus is the god of this promised land called America and that if those who possess this land will serve Him and live righteously they will remain a free nation.

With all promises from God there are also warnings. Thus it is with the foregoing promise. If we who possess this land become fully ripe in iniquity we will suffer the consequences of His righteous wrath.

We, the people should celebrate this Easter with fervent prayers on our lips and in our hearts that the lord will bless our efforts to preserve freedom, liberty, and America for future generations.

Jimmy Dixon is the District 4 Representative in the N.C. House of Representatives (Duplin and Onslow counties). He can be contacted at