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News Stories

The town of Robersonville is still considered a “town in distress” as they work under the authority of the Local Government Commission (LGC) to remedy their finances.

The Martin County NCWorks is now located on the Martin County Community College (MCC) campus in Williamston.

Two fires kept the Jamesville Fire Department and the Martin County Sheriff’s office busy through the night Wednesday and into the early hours of Thursday morning.

WILLIAMSTON - Filing remains busy for those seeking four open seats on the Martin County Board of Education.

RALEIGH - Today, Governor Roy Cooper tested positive for COVID-19. The Governor is experiencing mild symptoms. He has begun taking Paxlovid, an oral antiviral pill to treat COVID-19. Governor Cooper is vaccinated against the virus and has received two booster shots.

Sports Stories

Fourth & Long with David Friedman

Does Kevin Durant need to win a championship without Steph Curry and the Warriors to prove anything? Inquiring minds want to know.

RALEIGH - Wildlife Law Enforcement Officers with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will participate in a nationwide campaign July 2–4 called Operation Dry Water.

BEAR GRASS - Bear Grass Post 131 pounded out six runs in the first inning forcing Post 37 Roanoke Knights to play catch up the rest of the game.

Fourth & Long with David Friedman

Lennie Rosenbluth passed away last week. If you don’t know who that is, you’re not alone but I’m here to tell you why he mattered to so many of us.

WILLIAMSTON - The Roanoke Post 37 Knights scored five runs in their last three outs storming back in the bottom of the seventh inning to send Ahoskie Post 102 Team A to a disappointing 6-5 defeat here Tuesday night.

Fourth & Long with David Friedman

I prefer character-driven shows. Plots and storylines are important and who doesn’t love a shocking reveal or surprise ending, but if a show provides interesting characters with good actors playing them, I’ll watch an episode about Tuesdays and how to best manage them.

MURFREESBORO – Chowan Athletics and Vice President of Athletics, Patrick Mashuda, announced the hiring of Junior Bailey as the head coach of the Chowan Softball program.

Opinion Stories

Food for Thought with John Foley

After 24 wonderful years in Coastal California, and another three of smoke filled skies that transformed morning blue to afternoon grey, my wife, Karen, who has tolerated my antics for over 27 years said it was time to go. I agreed.

Among those who pledge to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, how many are needed to stabilize and keep our Democracy? Is it 60? Is it five good people willing to come forward and tell truth to power for a cause greater than their own ambitions?

I recently read of an old Malayan Proverb that goes, “One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind.” It has been rattling around in my brain since; and, I can’t seem to get rid of it.

Lucky Seven with Brandice Hoggard

Something no parent wants to hear - much less experience - is not being able to get the formula that their child needs.

Fourth grade of elementary school is a pivotal year. Children are on the cusp of adolescence, becoming more social, beginning to realize all they can do as their interests and gifts become more self-evident.

Out Here in Left Field

We have a mental health crisis in our country.

I have been slowly turning my house from something out of Good Housekeeping to something out of Field and Stream. Now alone, I have been trying to make it a little more masculine. I thought I was almost there with one room to go. The bad news is that it was the kitchen.

Feature Stories

Grace & Truth with Pastor Emanuel Webb Hoggard

We are going to continue our walk through the book of Nehemiah. The work on the wall has begun, but some do not like seeing the progress. They insult, accuse and threaten Nehemiah and all the workers. The work slows because the people are afraid.

Hartman to Heart with Pastor Chuck Hartman

Several years ago, I was walking across a parking lot to my car when I noticed a stranger getting out of his car next to mine. He had just shut his car door when I arrived at my car. As I opened my car door, I said to this man, “Hello, I hope you’re having a good day?”

Artists, authors, patrons, benefactors and enthusiasts from Bertie and neighboring counties filled the Bertie County Arts Council building last Thursday as the organization hosted its 2022 Juried Members Show.

Edenton Epicurean with Chef Cheryl Orr

Summertime is for relaxed cookouts and dining al fresco whenever possible. And as summer begins, Edenton has been blessed with only a few days of uncomfortable temperatures making outdoor dining a pleasure.

Extension Notes with Jean Brownfield

Summer is a wonderful time to get outdoors and spend time with the family. One popular way to spend time together is having a family picnic. There are some rules to follow for packing a safe picnic.

This is the Day with Pastor Johnny Phillips

There is an old preachers’ story in which a tightrope walker stretched a cable across Niagara Falls and, once an appropriate size crowd had assembled, proceeded to demonstrate his acrobatic talents.

Out and About lists current events sponsored by nonprofit groups and churches in Martin County. Please send listings to The Enterprise, 106 West Main St., Williamston, NC 27892 or email All events must be submitted by 4 p.m. each Tuesday.

Grace & Truth with Pastor Emanuel Webb Hoggard

I know you have seen all the hurt the world seems to be perpetuating. You want to help, but it all seems too overwhelming. “I can’t see the forest for the trees,” we often say.

Hartman to Heart with Pastor Chuck Hartman

The work of parenting is so vital. Fathers especially are essential to the family unit.

Extension Notes with Lisa Smith

Every day we have a chance to fill our plates with meals that will give us energy to go about our daily lives while maintaining or enhancing the strength and health of our bodies.