On the Road

Jessie Rodgers, a bus driver for Rodgers Elementary School, loaded meals for a family during Tuesday’s rainy stop at Rose of Sharon Church in Bear Grass.

Bear Grass - As the second day of predominately all virtual learning ended on Tuesday, Martin County Schools had served approximately 1,000 breakfasts and 1,000 lunches, between the various settings.

Mary Williams, who teamed up with bus driver Jessie Rodgers for the Bear Grass meal site on Tuesday, said numbers were already increasing from the first day.

On-site meals have been available at the eight school sites. Pre-kindergarten and some Exceptional Children’s Program students are attending in person learning.

This week, six yellow MCS buses have been delivering to advertised drop-off points around the county.

“We are looking at numbers and site locations to evaluate if changes are needed,” explained Sharon Kinion, MCS Director of Child Nutrition.”

The Child Nutrition team hopes numbers will continue to increase the longer service is needed.

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