Disptacher of the Year

Dispatcher of the Year Chelsea Dickerson is presented the award by supervisor Jason Steward.

Williamston – Each year Martin County’s first responder community – law enforcement, fire and EMS – select a behind the scenes responder to be recognized.

As the holidays approach, members of this community vote on the Martin County 911 dispatcher they feel has gone above and beyond the job description to provide top-notch service during the year.

Chelsea Dickerson, who has been on the job nearly five years, was the 2020 choice for Dispatcher of the Year.

“I love what I do and every person I work with,” said Dickerson.

“What I enjoy about the job is the fact that I get to help others,” she explained.

“My whole life I have always loved being able to help those in need.”

When asked about the most memorable calls she has taken as a dispatcher, she said there had been a few.

But there was one that stood apart. It was a call from a young girl who called 911 from a deactivated cell phone after following her dog into the woods and getting lost.

“I remember her being so calm,” Dickerson said. “I stayed on the phone with her and continued to ping her phone (attempting to get a location) to make sure she didn’t get deeper into the woods and more lost.”

Dickerson made sure officers were on the way.

“When they arrived, we had them turn their sirens on and asked the girl to walk towards the sirens,” she explained. “She was located and returned home safe and sound.”

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