Two Martin County Towns Now Seek Leadership : Robersonville Town Manager gives notice of immediate retirement

Robersonville – Town officials reconvened Thursday night’s called meeting at 6 p.m. Friday.

As the meeting opened, town attorney read a letter from Libby Jenkins, Robersonville’s town manager, announcing her immediate retirement which was effective at 4 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 26.

The resume of Steve Harrell, retired Ayden town manager, had been shared with the board. This recommendation came from the League of Municipalities by way of Sharon Edmundson, Secretary of the Local Government Commission.

Susan McCullen of the Local Government Commission explained to the board that Harrell would be able to assist them with the upcoming budget process and could be onsite when needed.

Edmundson reminded the board it would be their decision whether or not to appoint Harrell as the town’s interim town manager.

Harrell was one of the more than 60 participants on the virtual meeting and offered to come in and meet with the board first if they felt better about doing so before a decision was made.

“I would like the opportunity to help Robersonville,” he told the board.

Harrell was town manager in Ayden four years, retiring in September 2020. He has 38 years experience overall.

Upon announcement of his Harrell’s retirement, Ayden Mayor Stephen W. Tripp said Harrell had done a lot of things to make Ayden a better place to live.’

The mayor credited Harrell with securing town grants, attracting business, repurposing of a local building and revamping of the downtown area, among other things.

There was discussion of potentially appointing Harrell during Friday’s meeting. Harrell offered to come and meet with the board in person first if they would prefer that option. The board agreed and recessed the meeting until 6:30 p.m. Monday.

Robersonville joins Williamston in looking for leadership, after John O'Daniel resigned as Town Administrator in the County Seat earlier this month.

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