WILLIAMSTON - It’s the time of year when the temperatures are cooler, colorful leaves are falling and residents are cleaning up yard debris before winter arrives.

With the cooler temperatures, town of Williamston residents are spending more time outdoors raking leaves, trimming bushes and landscaping their yards in anticipation of the holidays.

The fall weather is perfect for these projects, but the town of Williamston officials want to make sure residents know how to dispose of leftover debris.

To aid in these fall cleaning projects and other projects throughout the year, the town of Williamston provides a leaf and limb service by the Williamston Public Works Sanitation Department.

According to the Williamston’s Code of Ordinances 51.20, the sanitation department will provide curbside pickup of not more than one standard dump load per week of residential rubbish.

The sanitation department will pick up debris from normal landscape maintenance of premises when placed according to the following specifications:

• tree branches, leaves and grass clippings shall be placed beside the street;

• tree branches shall be no more than four inches in diameter and eight feet in length;

• tree stumps may not exceed 150 pounds; and

• tree branches, leaves and other refuse are placed in separate files.

When a professional contractor performs the landscaping on the property, the contractor or the property owner shall collect, remove and dispose of the rubbish.

“Although it is a costly service, the town of Williamston is pleased to help with minor leaf and limb debris pickup for the town residents. However, the service is for residential properties, not for vacant lots or vacant properties. The town of Williamston’s ordinance specifically prohibits the crew from picking up at vacant properties,” said Williamston Town Clerk Jackie Escobar. “To those who help keep the town of Williamston looking it’s very best, your efforts are praiseworthy. We, as a community, must keep our town and neighborhoods clean.”

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Leslie Beachboard is Managing Editor of the Bertie Ledger-Advance and The Enterprise. She can be reached via email at lbeachboard@ncweeklies.com.