Final election results were released by the Martin County Board of Elections, confirming the election of candidates in the municipal election.

The town most waiting for the final results – and the release write-in votes, was Hassell where only four of the five town commission seats were elected.

Mayor Michelle Sledge was on the ballot and re-elected with three votes. The four receiving votes for the five seats – for which no one filed – were David Wiseman (2), Crystal Keel (2), James Harrell (2) and Edward Keel (1). The fifth seat will be chosen by members of the town board.

Though not enough to earn election, there were significant write-in votes cast in both Oak City and Hamilton.

In Oak City, Commissioner Vonetta Porter received 27 write-in votes for mayor. That was enough to finish second in balloting behind Mayor-elect Eddie Brown, who received 67 votes. Candidate Valerie Cotten-Thompson received 19 votes and Commissioner Sue Craft Harrell earned six write-in votes.

The five members of the town board are confirmed to be Phillip Burnett (101 votes), Harrell (85), Ke’Vonna Easley (78), Kevin Turner (70) and Porter (67). Just missing seats on the board were J.C. Edwards (65), Patrice Rosario (45) and Mattie Streeter (38).

In Hamilton, write-in candidate Tamika Council earned 41 votes and finished seventh in balloting for the town board. Brandon Raynor received 16 write-ins and finished ninth.

The five earning seats on the town board were William Freeman (91 votes), Kerry Spivey (74), Linda Goodrich (70), Larry Jackson (70) and Judith Stewart (69).

Patricia Mooring was unseated despite earning 62 votes. Challenger Brian Thomas received 40 votes.

Ervin Williams, who was voted off the town board two years ago, unseated first-term mayor Jim Goodrich by a vote of 78-62.

Also unseating an incumbent mayor was Craig A. Tucker, who earned the top post in Jamesville by defeating Dennis Anton 39 votes to 16.

Jamesville’s town board race had five candidates. Elected were Kim Cockrell (33 votes), Rachel Waters Craddock (29), Larris Tolson (20), Willis E. Williams (15) and Mary E. Allen (10).

Everetts re-elected Mayor Ray Deans with 14 votes. Also elected were commissioners Ben A. Jones Jr. (14 votes), Wanda Beacham Murphy (13) and William Prettyman (12).

In Bear Grass, longtime Mayor Charlotte Griffin was unopposed and re-elected with 18 votes. Her board will include Elizabeth H. Harrell (19 votes), Tammy Taylor (18), Caleb Hines (17), Calvin I. Owens (17) and Lucas Godard (16).

Thadd White is Group Editor of the Bertie Ledger-Advance, Chowan Herald, Perquimans Weekly, The Enterprise & Eastern North Carolina Living. He can be reached via email at