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There is something supremely satisfying about consuming an entire dish, including, well, the dish itself. Presenting food in food, or edible vessels, is not only efficient and no-waste, but it’s often highly decorative.

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There is a salad for every season. Spring salads are fresh and delicate, a tumble of baby leaves, new shoots and springy buds. Summer brings vibrant salads that are juicy, sunny and refreshing. Fall leans into the cooler weather and hunkers down with heft and substance. Each salad has a plac…

It was a sign of the times in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Closed theaters with no movies to advertise got creative with their marquees, displaying phrases like, “Now Showing Nothing Starring Nobody,” “When Harry Met Sally on Zoom,” “The Chronicles of Corona” and “To Be Continued.”

My fiancé and I recently talked about how we are glad we still have our child-like hearts. We were gushing over how a video game character — Sora — was the last to appear for the new Smash Bros. series.

Remember how much fun it is to jump into a great big pile of leaves? Well now you can revel in those leaves that are falling all around and are beginning to crunch under your feet.

Greenville has a fabulous variety of restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and deli’s, so there is never a lack of options for when you are hungry for a complete meal or looking for a snack or coffee. I especially enjoy welcoming new restaurants to the city, so let me introduce you to the new Pi…

Two very thin models walk into the reception area to wait to see their agents. The secretary says to them, “Come in, have a seat. By the way, if you’re hungry, there’s a bowl of M&Ms on the table. You can split one.”

In an age in which satire and news often overlap, it was hard to know what to make of this headline: “New York Atheists Claim Religious Exemption From Vaccine After Governor Claims That It’s From God.”