No matter what happens in the world, bad or good, there is one thing that will never change and that is, we need to eat. It’s a necessity and we want to eat food that is delicious and feeds our bodies and souls. If we can’t put the world back into harmony, we can at least put ourselves back into harmony with food. So grab your keys and head out to Tie Breakers at 1920 B Smythewyck Drive.

Tie Breakers has been open in Greenville for 18 years and has a huge following. Way back in the day it started as a smokeless pool hall. I remember listening to great bands with friends and pool stick in hand (OK, so really it was a beer), but you get the picture. Over the years, it transitioned to a restaurant serving down-home food we all know and love in a family atmosphere with fun arcade games, 25 televisions and plenty of space to gather. And, yes, the pool tables are still there. It’s an adult-kids fantasy land with awesome food, plenty of beers on tap and televisions to catch every sport you can imagine.

Owner Brayom Anderson is owner and captain along with chef Laura Bell, who has more than 20 years of experience. They serve a variety of American classic favorites that go beyond burgers, wings and beer. Laura puts her culinary spin on traditional favorites from hand cut and battered mozzarella sticks, chicken and waffles, loaded nachos, catfish bites, a pimento cheese BLT, and she makes some of the best sweet and savory chicken salad ever. They have a variety of inventive burgers, bone-in and boneless wings with wet or dry rubs, and every dressing and sauce is scratch-made. Looking for a homemade Parmesan Caesar dressing? Maybe a maple honey butter for your waffles? Or maybe a beer mustard on your pretzel bun? Yes, yes and yes, please!

So now that I have you drooling and your stomach growling, let’s eat. I started with the waffle burger. Start with an Angus grilled patty, place it between two dreamy little waffles, add some sweet maple aioli sauce and top with a perfect over medium fried egg. First you taste the meaty juiciness paired with sweet waffles holding it all in and then end with a sugar rimmed brown sugar sauce and a creamy luscious egg. It satisfied my breakfast, lunch and dinner taste buds all in one bite. It’s a messy one, but super delish, so just grab some extra napkins and get down and dirty and devour it.

Next, I went for savory and cheesy with the classic and always popular cheesesteak. Start with thinly sliced ribeye, mushrooms, onions and green peppers with melted provolone cheese, grilled and served on a JJ Cassone hoagie. If you don’t prefer Ribeye, you can opt for chicken. A cheeseteak is a right of passage for everyone. You must try it at least once in your life. Each ingredient has depth and flavor — woody mushrooms, sweet onions and peppers and rich yet smooth cheese flavors with a buttered hoagie that’s crispy and soft at the same time. The flavors build upon each other as you eat it, and I understand why cities are known for this dish and people go back for it time and again like an old friend.

For the end of my food tour, I tried one of the tried and true salads: the grilled chicken salad made with seasoned grilled chicken on a bed of organic spring greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, shredded cheddar jack cheese, bacon bits and croutons. My salad was served with their scratch-made house vinaigrette dressing that was smokey, with hints of sage and spice with a dash of sweetness added in. If you want your salad with a bit more kick, they can make the chicken Buffalo style. The salad was dotted with massive chunks of all-white meat seasoned and grilled chicken and paired with fresh veggies and a red onion snap along with the dressing made for a well-rounded and health conscious end to my food tour.

Summer is the perfect time to dig into a salad and enjoy the fresh and vibrancy the season offers up. Tie Breakers also makes a salad with that amazing cheesesteak or enjoy a classic Caesar. No matter what you choose from salads, cheese sticks to classic burgers and wings, or some of their more unique entrees, you are sure to find a food to love and a place where you and your family can come, unwind, play some games and veg out this summer.

For those still not ready to venture to restaurants, Tie Breakers delivers to any person that lives within a four-mile radius of the restaurant. They still offer curb-side service, and you can easily navigate their menus by scanning the QR code located on every table. Rest assured you will enjoy a fun-filled lunch or dinner along with feeling safe at the same time. Tie Breakers is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Saturday. For more information, visit or call 252-439-0555.

Contact Bobby Burns at and 329.9572.