Today I am reminded of the words my mother used to say every time a disaster or new virus occurred, “this too shall pass.” Because of COVID-19, people are unable to hug or shake hands, as they practice social distancing. Many with compromised immune systems, including the elderly are staying home, and many parents are now home with their children as educators teach remotely. People are washing their hands until they run raw, and every time they hear someone cough or sneeze, their fear builds. The United States is currently taking drastic measures as a country ensuring the spread of this deadly virus is halted. But, people need to remember what they learned from past outbreaks and from 911, that this country can come together even when asked to stay apart.

Restaurants often suffer the most during hard times, as they have smaller operations and staff and many have had to close their doors due to extended loss of income. The community needs to continue to support local. Once stocking up at the grocery store on non perishables and of course, toilet paper, get takeout and support locally owned and operated restaurants and food-trucks.

All restaurants in North Carolina were required to close their dining rooms last week and convert to takeout, drive-up and home delivery. Last week, food trucks were allowed set up a rodeo on a track of land at the corner of Evans Street and Fire Tower Road, all thanks to Mike Rogister with Rogister and Associates. Some of the food trucks taking part are Shep’s Grill To Go, Muscle Maker Grill, Sparky Snowballs & Funnel Cakes, Smash Waffles, Gorham’s Cafe and Catering, The Sandwich Shack, Williams Catering and Grill, Ole Time Smokehouse, Carolina Chicken & Waffles and The Red Hot Mobile Cafe. You can drive up, hop out and grab lunch or dinner to take home to family.

Many of the mom and pop restaurants have switched over with ease as many of them provide takeout on a daily basis and use delivery services such as Grubhub, Takeout Pros, and Doordash and many are reducing or eliminating their delivery fees for a short time, so make sure to check each one before you order online for their specials and offers.

In the downtown area, EAT 23 cafe is open for delivery, curbside and take-out. They use Grubhub and have their service staff available for delivering as well. Ford + Shep is accepting call-in orders from 1-5 p.m. for pick-up orders between 5-7 p.m., as well as online ordering through Instagram and Facebook forms with online orders accepted until 1 p.m. on the day of service. You can call in and pick up food from Luna Pizza, DAP House, Christy’s Euro Pub and Molly’s Community Cafe. The Scullery is providing not only takeout and curbside service but also groceries including cheese, milk, ice cream, bread and coffee. You can call ahead with your order, pay by phone and call when you arrive, so they can load it in your trunk.

In central Greenville, scores of restaurants are converting to fast takeout service, including Mellow Mushroom, Abrams and The Bread Lady, which offer curbside service and delivery through Grubhub. Villa Verde also is providing takeout and curbside service at both their 10th Street and Arlington Boulevard locations. Parker’s Barbecue is open at all three stores with regular hours with all dining rooms open for walk-ins or call ins. The drive-through is open at the Greenville and Arlington boulevard locations, and they can deliver orders of $30 or more for free. Bill’s Hotdogs in Greenville is open for take-out orders Monday through Saturday. For pizza lovers, Marabella Old World Pizza on Greenville Boulevard and Michaelangelo’s in University Square and on Fire Tower Road are open for pick-up and delivery. Cubbie’s is taking it back to the 50’s and featuring drive-up service and takeout. Just pull up, flash your lights and someone will come out and serve you.

Tiebreakers is providing takeout and call-in orders, and Atavola will be providing their full menu for takeout, as well as take-n-bake and meals to go for easy meal prep. Clean Eatz has plenty of hot and frozen meals for pick-up too.

In Winterville, Biscuit & The Bean Cafe and Sam Jones BBQ have drive-through windows for all takeout orders, as well as Famiglia Italian-American Cuisine, which has a drive-up window and offers takeout and delivery. Sweet Couple Bakery will still be available for takeout satisfying Greenville’s sweet tooth as well. CD’s Grill provides pick-up service, curbside and delivery through Door Dash. Cucina LaMantia is open for lunch pick-up, curbside or delivery through Door Dash, Grubhub and Takeout Pros. You can even order off the lunch menu for dinner by 2 p.m. and pick it up between 5-6 p.m.

Don’t forget about fine dining and sit-down only restaurants that also need just as much support. Nino’s Cucina Italiana will still have the full menu as well as a three course family-style meal for pick-up or delivery through DoorDash. Wasabi 88 is open from 5-8 p.m. and offers takeout, as well as Basil’s and The Villedge Restaurant, which provide takeout and curbside service as well. Texas Roadhouse will be featuring a family value pack menu featuring takeout with an outdoor station set-up to make ordering and pick-up easy. Ming Dynasty and 42 Fry will offer takeout meals, curbside service as well delivery through various delivery services.

Businesses outside Greenville need just as much support. La Casseta in Bethel, Bum’s Barbecue and Skylight Inn in Ayden, Chele’s in Snow Hill and Plank Road Steakhouse and Cafe Madeline’s in Farmville are some examples. Carryout by Chrislyn in Washington provides takeout and meals to go for lunch and dinner.

Everyone has adapted the best they can and what they need is support. Show the city some love and spread the love around over the next weeks and months. Even if it’s stopping to pick up a gift certificate to use later in the year, it is going to support and help those in need.

There are so many other wonderful restaurants and food trucks that were not mentioned, so go online, follow Facebook and find out who in your areas has adjusted hours and service options.

Don’t let this pandemic get you down, stay safe, stay sanitized, and the restaurants and food trucks will help you stay full and satisfied. Thank you to each and every one of you for your commitment to the community and your customers. They got your back! So Let’s eat!