Maria Acosta

School: South Central High School

Future plans: I am still undecided on where I will be attending college, however I know I want to major in physical therapy.

Favorite quote: “For we walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7)

Favorite memory: I have made a lot of good unforgettable memories from my time at South Central, anywhere from laughing so hard that my stomach would hurt with friends and having teachers to help and communicate on difficult situations.

Advice to future generations: Always enjoy the smallest things that seem repetitive such as studying for a test or just talking to your teachers and friends, because they might just turn out to be the most significant to you.

Parents: Faustina Turcios

Gisselle Acuna

School: Ayden Grifton High School

Accomplishments: My art work being noticed when I won first place in the Collard Festival and receiving honorable mention by Pitt Board of Education; also receiving a scholarship for the visions program and a certificate from the JROTC Program.

Future plans: Graduating from PCC then transferring to a four year university to finish my major in entrepreneurship and marketing

Extracurriculars: JROTC, AVID, soccer, basketball, Raider team, Saber team, Health Science Academy, SGA, AG Charger Club, Key Club, Chic Fil a.

Favorite quote: “Being broke is part of the game. Staying broke isn’t”

Favorite memory: Concession stands during basketball games because I was able to get snacks for working in the back.

Advice to future generations: Tell yourself that you can do it regardless the situation, because you will make it!

Parents: Karina Basilio-Tong

Jordan Anderson

School: D.H. Conley High School

Accomplishments: Distinguished Young Woman of Greenville 2020, Distinguished Young Woman of North Carolina Second Finalist 2020, Gold medal for Volunteerism (350+ hours) in Health Sciences Academy, NC Governor’s School West, President’s Volunteer Service Award, D.H. Conley Junior Marshal, D.H. Conley Academic Award for Business, D.H. Conley Academic Award for FBLA, AP Scholar with Distinction Award, Pitt County Teen Leadership Institute graduate, D.H. Conley Representative for HOBY Leadership Seminar.

Future plans: I plan to attend East Carolina University as a business scholar and chancellors fellow and major in business administration with a concentration in management.

Extracurriculars: President of National English Honor Society, vice president of Competitive Events in Future Business Leaders of America, senior captain of Link Crew, D.H. Conley Math Tutor, Children’s Miracle Network Fundraiser, North Carolina Academy of Dance Arts company member.

Favorite quote: “Don’t try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out.”

Favorite memory: Spontaneous movie nights, beach trips and walks around Greenville with my friends.

Advice to future generations: Live in the now. Don’t worry so much about the future that you miss out on the present.

Parents: Kris and Angela Anderson

Travyn Anderson

School: North Pitt High School

Accomplishments: I GRADUATED

Future plans: I plan on going to college for business. I have many talents (art, music, dance, etc.) so I’m planning on turning all my talents into a business

Favorite quote: Nothing Major Something Slight — urban

Favorite memory: Is when I learned that people don’t have to accept me and the way I talk, act and look, but they will feel me and my energy and to know myself.

Advice to future generations: This world already crazy so, as my momma say, don’t have no kids.

Parents: Jessica Brown and Ivan Anderson

Juan Andres-Trejo

School: Ayden Grifton High School

Accomplishments: Making great music and is great graphic designs.

Future plans: I plan to have my own business one day.

Favorite quote: “Keep ya head up.” — 2Pac

Favorite memory: The day I saw my mom smile at me.

Advice to future generations: Don’t give up on what you like, and don’t change just because someone tells you to. Just stay true to yourself, and I promise you greater days will come, but we just have to patience, and be confident in ourselves.

Parents: Maria Trejo and Jorge Granados

Zykierah Andrews

School: Ayden Grifton High School

Accomplishments: Zykierah has been accepted to over 12 different colleges so far. She is very intelligent and enjoys playing sports. Zykierah is a hard worker. She has already started to work. Zykierah is also active in church, she sings on the praise team and also is a mime dancer.

Future plans: Zykierah plans to attend a four-year college to become a pediatrician. She has plans to join a track team.

Favorite quote: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Favorite memory: Family vacation.

Advice to future generations: Always put God first in everything. Keep on keeping on. You can do it.

Parents: Freda Andrews

Lexus Arnold

School: South Central High School

Future plans: Edgecombe Community College for a registered nursing license

Favorite quote: And now the actual hard work starts

Advice to future generations: Don’t ever doubt yourself

Parents: Miriam Arnold

Micaiah Arthur

School: North Pitt High School

Accomplishments: Completed all honors courses with an A or B during her four years.

Future plans: Attend Pitt Community College to become a registered nurse then transfer to ECU to become a OBGYN.

Extracurriculars: She played softball during her junior year and tennis during her senior year.

Favorite quote: “Be Different!”

Favorite memory: Micaiah loved performing nursing skills in nursing fundamentals class as well as performing in her first theater arts show.

Advice to future generations: Always keep god first, don’t get caught in drama, and motivate yourself to obtain good grades!

Parents: James and Mashan Arthur

Bryce Asby

School: J.H. Rose High School

Accomplishments: National Honors Society, Health Sciences Academy Ambassador, Health Sciences Academy Gold Medalist

Future plans: Attending ECU as a part of the Honors College and majoring in nursing

Favorite memory: Swimming at regional and state competitions

Advice to future generations: Always stay motivated and be able to adapt to anything that might be thrown at you

Parents: Quentin Asby and Lori Asby

Trenice Atkinson

School: South Central High School

Accomplishments: Former Junior Princess and Miss Princess and Ambassador Queen of Pitt County. Performer at all local festivals. Member of PCC Symphony Orchestra. 2017-19 Carolina Music Awards Youth Hip Hop and R&B Artist of the Year. National anthem singer for Down East Wood Ducks at Grainger Stadium. Background actress in Under The Dome, Adrenaline and Swamp Thing. 2019 WIKS 101.9 KISS FM local artist spotlight winner.

Future plans: Major in performing arts and or music production/engineering. Minor in real estate accounting and or business management

Extracurriculars: Music artist at Trenice; model, actress, singer, songwriter, musician, makeup artist, performer

Favorite quote: “If you don’t jump to put jeans on, baby you don’t feel my pain! Period.” — Beyonce

Favorite memory: When my classmates would play my videos and sing my songs from when I was younger in the middle of class. It was embarrassing!

Advice to future generations: Respect your teachers, pay attention in class, study hard, learn all you can, believe in yourself and know that you can be anything you want. Stop Bullying Stand Up and Speak Out. Be A Friend!

Parents: Tiffany Plymouth and Tamaka Atkinson and stepdad Ira L Clark Jr.

George Ayino

School: South Central High School

Accomplishments: 2020 state wrestling champion, all state wrestling team for North/South and East/West, all star football team, Coaches Award for South Central varsity football team, earned his letter in track and field, played in the All-County Honors Band every year since freshman year, nominated to attend Youth Leadership Summit at Yale, Harvard, UCLA or Johns Hopkins University this upcoming summer.

Future plans: Will be attending Louisburg College beginning this June. Afterwards, he will continue his studies at a four-year university.

Extracurriculars: Loves to listen to music, play games and is a member of the EMBODI mentoring problem sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

Favorite quote: “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

Favorite memory: Winning the state wrestling championship.

Advice to future generations: Never doubt yourself. You never know just how good you are at something until you try. Be fearless. God’s got you.

Parents: Wendy Johnson-Ayino

Tiona Bailey

School: Pitt County Schools Early College High School

Accomplishments: Co-president of the Girls Who Code club, co-president of the Creative Club

Future plans: I plan to go to ECU and earn a degree in computer science.

Extracurriculars: Girls Who Code club, Creative club, tutoring chemistry and band.

Parents: Jawan Bailey and Cantrell Bailey

Gabrielle Baker

School: Ayden Grifton High School

Accomplishments: Pitt Community Vision Award

Future plans: Will be attending Pitt Community College

Extracurriculars: Marching band and concert band

Favorite quote: “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible!” — Audrey Hepburn

Favorite memory: Going on school trips in elementary school

Advice to future generations: Never give up and always try your best

Parent: Charvis Baker

Kayla Barnes

School: South Central High School

Future plans: Attending Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte in the fall majoring in baking and pastry.

Extracurriculars: Bible Club

Favorite quote: Team work makes the dream work

Favorite memory: When my little sister Nyla was born.

Advice to future generations: Don’t procrastinate and be proactive when doing your school work.

Parents: Nikki Foreman and Dwaney Barnes

My’keerah Barnes

School: North Pitt High School

Accomplishments: I have accomplished high school (early graduate) and I‘ve been employed for three months.

Future plans: My future plans are to become an attorney in the Air Force. After I retire I will then start my own law firm to train others who have dreams to become a lawyer.

Extracurriculars: Work.

Favorite quote: “Always keep the faith”

Favorite memory: Accomplishing high school.

Advice to future generations: My advice to future generations are to never give up on school work, or anything in general. I will also say keep the faith because no matter what or how things seem it could always change in the end.

Parents: Niky and Michael Barnes

Kianna Barrett

School: South Central High School

Accomplishments: Principal’s list throughout high school, over 125 hours of volunteer hours and most valuable offense player for soccer in 2018.

Future plans: Attend NCCU this fall and major in biology

Extracurriculars: Varsity soccer and Health Science Academy

Favorite quote: My favorite quote is the same as my great grandma’s: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Favorite memory: Prom 2019

Advice to future generations: Never give up!

Parents: Anthony and Keisha Barrett

Latasia Barrett

School: South Central High School

Future plans: Going to PCC and transfer later

Advice to future generations: Stay positive and set goals

Parents: Latoria Cox

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