J.H. Rose High School students placed in several events at the Future Business Leaders of America Regional Competition, which was hosted virtually last month.

The school earned 18 first-place, 11 second-place, eight third-place and 11 fourth-place awards and had 15 finalists.

These students are now eligible to compete in their event at the state conference, which is scheduled for March.

First-place winners were: Sawyer Alexander, Accounting I; Noelle de Vente, Business Communication; Sloan Carlson, Computer Applications; Gordon Chen, Database Design and Applications; Timana Moore, Recognition Test-Business Etiquette; William Becker, Recognition Test-Employability Skills; de Vente, Recognition Test-Social Media; Thomas Wall, Introduction to Information Technology; Kemorah Ullah, Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure; Kathryn Morris, Introduction to Public Speaking; William Webb, Networking Infrastructures; Hannah Sprague, Public Speaking; Aniya Scott, Deiya Staton, and Vinecia McCray, Spirit Cheer/Chant/Slogan; Tierney Reardon, Spirit Web Banner; Sawyer Alexander and Cooper Alexander, Spirit T-Shirt; Anisha Sadhale, Spreadsheet Applications; Campbell Seymour, Stock Market Competition; and Abigail Ershadi, Word Processing.

Second place: Cooper Alexander, Accounting I; Noah Sampson, Business Calculations; Connor Sapp, Database Design and Applications; Kate Callahan, Future Business Leader; Sadhale, Recognition Test-Employability Skills; Stockton Rouse, Recognition Test-General Business Knowledge; Ullah, Recognition Test-Social Media; Emma Schemerhorn, Introduction to Business Procedures; Jackson Murtha, Networking Infrastructures; Phillip Walter, Spreadsheet Applications; and Keller Fraley, Stock Market Competition.

Third place: Ryan Moloney, Business Calculations; Adam Ulffers, Computer Applications; Kinsley White, Database Design and Applications; Webb, Recognition Test-General Business Knowledge; Fraley, Introduction to Information Technology; Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson, Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure; Sarah Bacon, Job Interview; and Evan Lewis, Networking Infrastructure.

Fourth place: Seymour, Accounting I; Brooke Borton, Business Calculations; Becker, Business Communication; Sydney Corley, Computer Applications; Brighton Hou, Database Design and Applications; Mary-Bennett Billings, Recognition Test-Business Etiquette; Webb, Recognition Test-Employability Skills; Saline Kulas, Introduction to Information Technology; Tyler Wilkerson, Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure; Elizabeth Gauland, Spreadsheet Applications; and Polina Bowen, Word Processing.

Finalists: Liliana van Reede, Webb, Gauland, Sampson and Reagan Flynn, Business Etiquette; White and Moloney, Employability Skills; Moloney, Flynn, Daniel Akhnoukh, Sadhale and Borton, General Business Knowledge; Sapp, Sadhale and Schemerhorn, Social Media.

D.H. Conley

D.H. Conley High School recently hosted the virtual Eastern N.C. FBLA Regionals.

Students received the following honors: First place, Leo Wang, Business Calculations; second place, Caleb Dudley, Business Communication, Rylan Tuten, Introduction to Information Technology, Josh Mills, Introduction to Public Speaking, William Kidd, Job Interview, Aidan Hvastkovs and Caroline Dobson, Spirit (Cheer/Chant/Slogan, Web Banner and T-Shirt). Third place, Ashley Stocks, Business Communication and Lillie Pridgen, Spreadsheet Applications. Fourth place, Bradley Turner, Introduction to Business Procedures.

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