Lost and found pets

LOST: “Bean,” cat, spayed, 1 year old, brown and black tabby, gray flea collar, The Landing Apartments, Charles Boulevard, 567-5052; “Jodi,” pit bull mix, male, 7 months old, brindle, missing fur on all 4 paws due to medical condition, requires medication twice a day, near Eastern Elementary School, 717-1390; “Repo,” pit bull mix, spayed, tan and white, 4 years old, small and slender, Elks Road, 717-5713; “Einstein,” cat, neutered, gray and white, distinct gray marking on nose, extra toe on all paws, 3 years old, 10 pounds, long tail, Blackwater Drive, Irish Creek, 6170-610-5106; “Denali,” Doberman, fawn and rust, red collar, microchipped, N.C. 33, Whitakers, 903-7335 or 883-4577; “Maddox,” Agouti Husky, neutered, gray, black and brown, 2 years old, 60 pounds, one blue eye and one brown eye, erect ears, bushy tail, red collar, microchipped, Circle Drive near N.C. 33 East and Blackjack Simpson Road, 919-750-7516; “Coconut,” cat, male, black and brown tabby, 8 months old, 6-9 pounds, medium-slender, blue collar with bell, Wimbledon Drive, Melbourne Apartments, 377-2932.

FOUND: cat, young, dark tabby with white markings, hazel eyes, small and slender, White Horse Drive, Rock Springs, 902-1731; poodle mix, gray, small, Cottonfield Court, Ayden, 902-1731; “George,” cat, neutered, collar, microchipped (not registered), 6 years old, black and white tuxedo, Bremerton Drive, 919-270-7419. (All reclaims must provide proof of ownership.)

Pet Food Pantry

The Pet Food Pantry of Eastern North Carolina, 408 W. Arlington Blvd., is a charitable pet food resource that provides free pet food and supplies to qualifying low-income households.

The organization also assists owners with spaying and neutering services as well as rabies vaccinations. To donate or to host a pet food drive, visit petfoodpantryenc.org or call 689-6122.

Spay Today

Spay Today, 4550B County Home Road, offers low-cost spay and neuter services to prevent pet overpopulation. The clinic’s hours general operating hours are 7:15 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays-Fridays.

Call 321-8839 or visit spaytoday.net.

Contact Kim Grizzard at kgrizzard@reflector.com or call 329-9578.