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East Carolina University recently named winners in the North Carolina Northeast Regional competition of National History Day. Pitt County award recipients included:

Junior group documentary: Andrea Castillo and Gabriela Castillo, St. Peter Catholic School, first place, “Breaking Barriers in History: Katherine Johnson”; Noah Porter and Max Mason, St. Peter, second, “D-Day: All Gave Some; Some Gave All”; and De’Naijiah Tremble and Kennedy Roach, Hope Middle School, third place, “16th Street Church Bombing.”

Junior group exhibit: Emily Armen and Layne Parker, Hope, first place, “Breaking Barriers: Elizabeth Blackwell”; Jordan Bowen and Ellie Surles, Oakwood, second, “Fleischer Studios”; and Hannah Kaoud and Lila Harris, St. Peter, third place “Alethea Gibson: Born to Win.”

Junior group website: Tanuli Gunerathne and Amira Hijazi, Hope, first, “The Hidden Computers: The First African American Woman Who Shaped NASA”; Cami Saverino and Ava Tant, Oakwood, second, “Stonewall Uprising: Igniting the Gay Atomic Bomb”; and Parker Stokes and Sunook Yoon, St. Peter, third, “The Secret Game.”

Junior individual documentary: Katie Brown, Hope, second, “Stonewall Riots: Breaking Barriers to LGBTQ+ Rights” and Dionisio Parker, Hope, third, “Desegregation of Pitt County Schools.”

Junior individual exhibit: Carson Martin, Oakwood, first, “One Step for Womankind”; Wyatt Schmidt, Oakwood, second, “The Berlin Wall”; and Avery Hastings, St. Peter, third, “The Wright Brothers.”

Junior individual website: Quinn McCaffrey, St. Peter, first, “Jesse Owens Breaking Barriers by Shattering Records”; Quincy Spangenburg, Hope, second, “The Discovery of X-ray Technology”; and Aubrey Mayberry, Hope, third, “Title IX.”

Junior paper: Gerald Reiling, St. Peter, first, “The Telegraph and Morse Code: Leading the Way to a More Connected World”; Samuel Fuh, Hope, second, “The Constitution: A new Form of Government”; and Ayden Hamilton, Hope, third, “Breaking Barriers: The Evolution of the Submarine.”

Senior group documentary: Matthew Blount and Rami Darawsheh, South Central High School, first, “Dr. Malene Irons: Breaking Barriers in Eastern North Carolina”; Andrew Price and Solomon Hidalgo, Oakwood, second, “The German Expressionist Movement”; Jude Saverino, Dylan Hunt and Ryan Smith, Oakwood, third, “The Beatles: The Act That Defined a Decade.”

Senior group exhibit: Claire Crane and Jackson Semple, first place, “Breaking Barriers: Dorothea Dix”; Camilla Wilkerson, Ella Jones, Rebecca Chemmanam and Isabella Voos, second, “The Act that Broke the Barrier of Racial Inequality”; Greg Kuhn, Braeden White and Eleanor Blount, third, “N.C. Chief Justice: Cheri Beasley.” All are from J.H. Rose High School.

Senior group performance: Raymond Prati and Luke Cahill, Oakwood, first, “Reagan and Gorbachev” and Anna Rosenberg, Lillian Fuh and Annabelle Clayton, D.H. Conley High School, second, “Early Artificial Satellites: How Non Military Competition Pushed Humanity Into Space.”

Senior group website: Ian Meredith, Eli Thorn, Hunter Jennette and Muhammad Ali, Oakwood, second “World War One Aviation Technology.”

Senior individual documentary: Helayna Clark, first, “After the Storm: Breaking the Barriers of Extreme Weather, A Local Battle in Eastern North Carolina”; Graham Conway, second, “Freddie Mercury: A Performer Who Broke Barriers in the Music Industry”; and Jered Tedder, third, “The Olympics of Ancient Greece.” All are from Oakwood.

Senior individual exhibit: Ella Holdeman, Oakwood, first, “Lady with the Lamp”; Ashley Rogers, Conley, second, “Birth Through the Ages”; Ryan Moloney, Rose, third “Cuban Americans: Breaking the Barrier of Communism”; and Annika Stoakes, Conley, third, “Steve Prefontaine.”

Senior individual performance: Elijah Lapay, first, “The Ping Heard Round The World: The Chinese Perspective on the Game that Thawed a Frozen Barrier”; Hasani Edge, second, “Flying Phoenix”; and Ciara Caines, third, “An Inadvertent Success: Louisa May Alcott’s Journey to Financial Independence.”

Senior individual website: Davis Kiess, first, “Breaking the Barrier of Japan’s Isolation”; Nancy Li, second, “The Long March”; and Emily Quesnel, third, “Young People, Social Media, and Political Participation.” All are from Oakwood.

Senior paper: Rachel Porter, Conley, first, “The Destruction of Stereotypes with Journalism: Nellie Bly’s Greatest Feats” and Sarah Porter, Rose, second, “Lillian Gilbreth’s Societal Breakthrough.”

Contact Kim Grizzard at or call 329-9578.

Contact Kim Grizzard at or call 329-9578.