The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Sept. 16-22. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. (No fee required.)

Walter S. Pollard, Tracy L. Pollard to Walter S. Pollard, Tracy L. Pollard: Lot 1, Dawsons Ridge subdivision, Pactolus Township quitclaim

Randall Wayne Erwin, Carolyn Tyson Erwin to Catherine M. Green: Lot 26, Eaglebrook, Phase I $780

Diane L. de Groot, Danielle Nicole de Groot Crawford, Troy Marvin Lanier Crawford to Hendrik Alexander de Groot: Lot 7, Block A, Covengton Downe gift

Deronde Dalas Nixon-Turnage (t/t/a Derone Garlin Nixon), Terry Turnage to Idella Johnson: Lot 17, Block F, Orchard Hill, Section I $320

Kathleen Failla (f/k/a Kathleen Failla Griffith) to Kathleen Failla: 0.77 acre, Winterville Township

Betty Lou J. Manning to Najeh Abdeljabbar: 2 acres, Bethel Township $160

Ashley Anne Lewis to Lee Wayne Dinterman, Pamela Gale Dinterman: Lot 8, Block D, Bedford subdivision, Section VI, Phase II, Greenville $950

Dennis J. Roberson, Geneva E. Roberson to Dennis J. Roberson, Geneva E. Roberson: 20 acres, Pactolus Township; 2.180 acres; 0.75 acre, Pactolus Township

Bertha Little to Don Landral Koonce: Lots 4 and 5, Block 2, C.G. Barron property, Simpson, Chicod Township $2

James H. Foreman, Brenda H. Foreman to James Andrew Foreman: Unit 14, Building 3, Twin Oaks, Court E, Greenville Township quitclaim

Bryan Ward Batchelor, Haley Adams Batchelor to Revanth Reddy Bandaru: Lot 160B, Brook Hollow, Section Three, Greenville $510

Mary Beth Phillips, William Ray Phillips, William Sebastian Phillips to James Eugene Kendall Jr., Gretchen Kendall: Lot 7, Block K, Chatham Circle subdivision, Section 2 $310

D.R. Horton Inc. to Grace N. Bowen: Lot 68, River Bend, Section 1 $579

John E. Moseley, Sherry L. Moseley to Gary Allen Nowell Jr., Amanda Nowell: parcel, Ayden $660

William G. Blount, Barbara K. Blount to William Gray Blount Jr., Nicole Loomis Blount: Lot 14, Bedford subdivision, Section VI, Greenville Township

Leon Raymond Hardee (individually and as trustee), Leon Raymond Hardee Jr. (agent) to Donna H. Jefferson-Watson (three-fourths undivided interest): 0.39 acre, Grimesland Township gift

Scott Ray Emry, Janet Salyer Emry to Brandon Joseph Widrick, Alison Emry Widrick: Lot 8, Whispering Pines subdivision, Grimesland Township quitclaim

Hong Phi Pho to Hong Phi Pho, Anh Hoang Le: Lot 179, Quail Ridge, Section 7, Winterville Township

D.R. Horton Inc. to Edgar Thigpen Barrow: Lot 65, River Bend, Section 1 $610

Sherif Philips, Ateiat Philips (individually and as attorney-in-fact) to Signet Monique McCallister: Lot 33A, Block A, Rock Springs subdivision, Phase III, Falkland Township $1,490

Berkleigh Holdings LLC to Daniel Frederick Horner, Carolyn E. Horner: Unit 7, Building D, Dudley’s Grant, Section 2 $250

Pair Investments LLC, Kevin O’Sullivan, Lauren S. O’Sullivan to Amy Seymour Dudley: Lot 7, Queensland, Chicod Township $650

Homes on the Ange Inc. to Porter Building Co. LLC: Lot 109, Savannah Place, Section 4, Phase 1, Winterville Township $90

Homes on the Ange Inc. to Porter Building Co. LLC: Lot 87, Savannah Place, Section 4, Phase 1, Winterville Township $90

Tejalben Rakesh Patel, Rakesh Naranbhai Patel to Michael D. Vancuren, Madonna L. Vancuren: Lot 103, Westhaven South, Phase 1 $630

Robert L. Carraway Jr., Gay S. Carraway, Rhonda K. Carraway to Rhonda K. Carraway: Lot 3, Jefferson’s Corner subdivision

Robert L. Carraway Jr., Gay S. Carraway, Rhonda K. Carraway to Robert L. Carraway Jr., Gay S. Carraway: 1.03 acres, Pactolus Township

Robert L. Carraway Jr., Gay S. Carraway, Rhonda K. Carraway to Robert L. Carraway Jr., Rhonda K. Carraway: 1.13 acres, Carolina Township

Robert L. Carraway Jr., Gay S. Carraway, Rhonda K. Carraway to Rhonda K. Carraway: 0.5 acre, Bethel Township; parcel, Bethel Township

Samuel Ray Poole, Michelle Schlyer Poole to Sherrie Elizabeth Milton: Lot 13, Block K, Westhaven, Section VII $450

Roger Anthony Murray (executor) to Arlene Murphy Ferren: Lot 144, Paramore Farms, Phase 2 $510

ABI Investments LLC to Benjamin L. Dixon, Faustina H. Dixon: Lot 55, Autumn Lakes subdivision, Section 4, Phase 2, Grimesland Township $1,980

Amber Burgess Hardee, John Austin Hardee to David Appel, Emleigh Hughes: Lot 7, Block C, Tuckahoe subdivision, Section II $390

Goodwill Community Foundation Inc. to Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina Inc.: Lot 2, Village Square, Greenville; 2.29 acres, Winterville Township $5,662

Solution 2 Properties LLC to Alma K. Corrales Roman: Lot 4, Block F, M.O. Blount property, Bethel Township $36

Durrell Clemmons, Ashley Clemmons to Mary Elizabeth Leach, Mark Allen Brown Jr.: Lot 70, Pinecrest at Sawgrass Pointe cluster subdivision, Phase 1 $430

Andrew B. Harris, Anna-Alicea Harris (f/k/a Anna-Alicea Jeanne Dunn) to Shannon Carmon: Lot 21, Tallwood subdivision, Winterville Township $460

Ali Khaled Alrabuoi to Hussein Fadhl Ali Saleh: Unit 1, Building S, Kittrell Farms Townhomes $440

Clayton P. Johnston, Laura Johnston to Taylor Burford: Lot 194, Ashley Meadows, Section 5, Winterville Township $398

Bella Homes LLC to Perry Llewellyn Friend Jr., Stacia Lynn Friend: Lot 122, Autumn Lakes, Section 5, Phase 2, Grimesland Township $1,258

Betsy Norville Hamilton, Richard Hamilton to Joyce Norville Dilda: 47.62 acres; 69 acres $272

Southern Bank & Trust Co. to Pitt County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board: 0.1206 acre, Ayden Township $35

Town of Ayden to Pitt County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board: parcel, Ayden Township

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Joseph Norman Palmer, Devonne Lynn Palmer: Lot 119, Brookfield, Section Four, Phase Two, Winterville Township $634

Bleau & Associates Inc. to Kristy Kennedy: Lot 5, Block B, Baytree subdivision $336