The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Oct. 31-Nov. 6. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( No fee required)

Clinton Anderson Sr., Catherine Waller to Remell Moore: three lots, Winterville Township quitclaim

Jimmy R. Stallings Jr., Laurie Hillis Stallings to Michael Wayne Norris, Candace H. Norris: Lot 8, Forest Circle, Shady Acres subdivision, Winterville Township $57

Hattie Crandell to Floyd Pugh, Rosa Pugh: lot, Simpson Township quitclaim

Sunny H. Burrows (trustee), Leigh H. McNairy (trustee) to Sunny H. Burrows (50 percent undivided interest), Leigh H. McNairy (50 percent undivided interest): three parcels quitclaim

Sunny H. Burrows, R. Lee Burrows Jr., Leigh H. McNairy, John O. McNairy to Living Water Free Will Baptist Church Inc.: three parcels gift

Pradip K. Mitra, Siddhartha Mitra, Paula K. Mitra to Pradip K. Mitra (99 percent undivided interest), Siddhartha Mitra and Paula K. Mitra (one percent undivided interest): Lot 33A, Hampton Creek, Phase One

Evelyn Nell Streeper to Ann M. Proffitt: Lot 17, Block F, Lynndale subdivision, Section II $570

Daniel W. Yeomans, Barbara B. Yeomans to ABC Family LLC: Lot 28, Fox Chase subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township $240

Jason Klingensmith, Amy Klingensmith to Kimley W. Leonard, Debra L. Leonard: Lot 417, Windsor subdivision, Section 10, Phase 5, Winterville Township $560

W.G. Blount & Sons Farms LLC to E.H. Blount Construction Company LLC: Lots 98 and 99, Vancroft, Section 2

Brooks Mills Place LLC to BSKS Properties LLC: four lots, Chicod Township $400

Robert H. Edwards, Terri Edwards to Cass A. Wigent, Amber Y. Wigent: Lot 14, Laurinbrook Townhomes, Greenville Township $100

Robert H. Edwards, Terri L. Edwards to Cass A. Wigent, Amber Y. Wigent: Lot 13, Laurinbrook Townhomes, Greenville Township $100

William Roger Sanders Jr., Pamela Evans Sanders to Hailey Danielle Brown, Sean Thomas Brown: Lot 4, Indian Ridge, Section 2 $230

Constance G. Getsinger to Mahmoud M. Sarsour: Unit 1, Building K, The Vineyards $148

Gregory Sary to Brian Sutton: Lot 234, Langston West, Section 1, Winterville Township $508

Kuhn Homes LLC to Octavio Flores Jr., Emily S. Flores: Lot 179, Charleston Village, Section 3 $380

Rafael Stewart, Schreika Stewart to David Louis McKinnon, Janet R. McKinnon: Lot 20, Blackstone subdivision, Phase 1, Winterville Township $318

Zoltan Konder, Annicha Konder to Milton D. Smith III: Lot 7, Winding Cove at Blue Creek subdivision, Grimesland Township $90

B.P. Investments Inc. to M.O. Blount & Sons Inc.: 0.74 acre, Bethel Township; 0.53 acre, Bethel Township; lot, Bethel Township; 2.25 acres, Bethel Township correction

Charles B. Duke, Meredith C. Duke to Edward J. Turrisi, Kirsten W. Turrisi: Lot 2, Colony Woods subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township $496

Brian Kean, Gia Kean to Matthew R. Hager, Stephanie S. Hager: Lot 48, Irish Creek, Section One, Winterville Township $1,360

Ronald B. Greene, Laura Minges Greene to Laura Minges Greene: Lot 6, Block G, Grayleigh subdivision

Jefferson Davis Wilson, Candice June Wilson to Michael V. Joyner, Gail Williams Joyner: Lot 3, Block D, Lynndale subdivision, Section 1

Adam C. Harrell, Hillary F. Harrell to Isabel Clark, Amizetta Clark: Lot 14, Block K, Bedford subdivision, Section II, Winterville Township $660

David K. Loomis, Rosemary A. Loomis to Nicole Elizabeth Roebuck, William Franklin Roebuck III: Lot 377, Windsor subdivision, Section 10, Phase 2 $620

Berkey L. Dennis to Miracle Deliverance Holiness Church: 1.0025 acres $172

Blackwood, Parrott & Roberson LLC to Houses BPR LLC: Lot 19, Blackwood Ridge, Phase 2, Section 2 $130

East Ridge Development Corporation to Meridian Design/Build of NC LLC: Lot 1, East Ridge, Phase 1 quitclaim

John Kevin Piner Sr., Susan R. Piner to William R. Burnett, Margaret H. Burnett: Lot 19, Block C, Tuckahoe subdivision, Section Three $394

Sophia C. McLawhorn to Lauren Nicole Boyd: 0.7480 acre, Winterville Township $310

Kuhn Homes LLC to Nicholas Philip Gibbs, Cheyenne Bythewood: Lot 180, Charleston Village, Section 3 $380

Heritage Building Group LLC to Herbert Hales II, Chan Hales: Lot 2, Lexington Square Townhouses, Phase 2, Winterville Township $130

Jared E. Hammett, Lauren A.S. Hammett to Adria Shontell Lane, Xavier P. Lane: Lot 41, Laurie Meadows subdivision, Phase 2, Winterville Township $436

MQ Construction Inc. to Herbert D. Hill, Latasha Hill: Lot 69, Brighton Place subdivision, Section 3, Phase 2, Winterville Township $500

Daniel Lamar Roszel, Melissa Bramlett Roszel to Hannah B. McClure, William T. Rawls: Lot 376, Emerald Park subdivision, Phase I, Section 1 $376

Vision East Management Co. LLC to Chairman 97 LLC: lot, Greenville $3,588

Mamie Gardner Payton, Ronnie Lee Payton to Jack Gardner Jr., Milton Clemons, Lena Hardy Hicks: two lots, Hardee Street, Grimesland Township

Michael Harmon to Roham R. Lahiji, Narges Lahiji: Lot 12-B, Bent Creek subdivision, Phase 4 $280

Sports Maniac LLC to Lovie Gorham, Maxine Barnhill: Lot 186, Charleston Village, Arthur Township $360

Robert F. Sumerlin (trustee) to Gail Schienle, Anna Cardillo: Lots 26, 27, 28 and 29, Block J, Floral Park; Lots 30 and 31, Block J, Floral Park $90

Brenda Rogers Mills to James J. Lawless, Lisa A. Lawless: parcel $282

Fred Linwood E. Carr to Rosalyn Danielle Moore: Lot 17 (portion), J.W. Jackson development, Garris Street, Ayden; Lot 17 (portion), G.W. Jackson property, Garris Street, Ayden $19

Surf Investor Inc. to William Earl Wooden, Patricia Wooden: Lot 8, Block B, Westwood subdivision, Section 2 quitclaim

Maria Teresa Baluis Alexander, Michael A. Alexander to Sheila S. Beck: Lot 42 A, Block A, Park West, Section Two, Arthur Township $154

Xiaoming Zeng, Fan Zhou (t/t/a Fan Zhon) to Lisa S. Keel, Don F. Keel: Lot 5, Block A, Lynndale East subdivision, Section I, Greenville Township $860

Carol Chance Parks to Nicole M. Delaney: Lot 2, Rolling Acres gift

Ricky Demery, Bernita Demery to Michael Moye, Miranda Moye: Lots 12 and 13 (portion), Block 12, Higgs property $122

Nicole M. Delaney, Keith Delaney to Eric Bailey: Lot 2, Rolling Acres $34

P.B. Farm LLC to Daniel C. Vandiford, Karen W. Vandiford: 1.74 acres, Fountain Township gift

Farmville Housing Development Corporation to Elsie C. Hales: Lot 19, Crestwood, Section 4, Farmville Township $162

Jeannette McKinney Sutton (individually and as attorney-in-fact) to Todd M. Gilmond, Betsy L. Gilmond: 3.83 acres $140

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Paul Wright, Susan Wright: Lot 20, Brookfield, Section Three, Winterville Township $562

Charlie Mills Jr. to Elton Charles Mills: Lot 15, Block B, Section III, Grimesland Township quitclaim

Mark A. Griffin, Stephanie L. Griffin to John Joseph Grillo, Jan Jones Grillo: Lot 19, Main Street Village, Section 2 $400

Thomas Michael Luvender, Caroline C. Luvender to Tony Ray Misenheimer, Jeannette Rives Misenheimer: Lot 7, Greenbrier Place, Section 1, Greenville $158

Ideal Homes of Craven County LLC to Rover Investments LLC: tract, Greenville; tract, Greenville Township $150

Michael DeWayne Myrick, Mahala Dees Myrick to Nolan Conyers Cobb, Lindsay Williams Cobb: Lot 353, Cherry Oaks subdivision, Section VIII $448

Aldridge & Southerland Builders Inc. to Last Mooring LLC: Lots 44A and 44B, Bent Creek subdivision, Phase 4, Greenville Township $560

William F. Harrington Jr., Mary L. Harrington, Anne Harrington Karangelen, Harry P. Karangelen, Susan Carol H. King, Edmund H. King, Susan H. Weeks, Eva H. van Camp, John A. van Camp, Emily Lu H. Harrington, James G. Sullivan (trustee), Michael L. Harrington, Katherine Ulrick Harrington, Vance S. Harrington Jr., Marjorie C. Harrington (a/k/a Marjorie Clark Harrington, individually and as attorney-in-fact) to LeoTerra Greenville LLC: 127.5800 acres $4,600

Bobby G. Leneave Sr. to Jesse N. Leneave, Andrea Leneave: Lot 41, Eastern Pines Crossing, Section 3, Phase 2 $260

Mario L. Blanchard, Sheresa B. Blanchard to Lydia Piriczky Caruso: Lot 14, Block H, Arlington Plaza subdivision, Section 2 $240

Justin Wood to Charles Franklin Lyon, Tulani Quinne Lyon: tract, Greenville; 0.040 acre, Greenville $300

Aaron Bussard, Kimberly Thompson to Lauren E. Gaither: Lot 3, Greenfield subdivision, Ayden Township $222

James Cobb (trustee), Linwood Hooks (trustee), Charles V. Wilkerson Jr. (trustee) to Three Flags LLC: 6.932 acres $1,000

Russell K. Lemken, Fani Lemken to Samantha McCarthy, Shawn McCarthy: Lot 93, Colony Woods subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township $655

Phillip A. Lewis, Kimberly A. Lewis to William Ronald Taylor, Nan R. Taylor: Lot 24, Bedford West, Phase 2 $135

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Willie Anthony Colson, Veronica Colson: Lot 28, Westhaven South, Section Two, Winterville Township $484

Houses BPR LLC to Jose D. Colon Cartagena, Todd Zimmerman: Lot 5, Blackwood Ridge, Phase One, Winterville Township $836

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Naresh Pamnani, Divya Pamnani: Lot 136, Arbor Hills South cluster subdivision, Phase 6 $346

Estate of Margie Young to Anthony M. Young: parcel, Bethel Township

Boyce Exum Johnson (individually and as executor), Elaine Johnson to John Timothy Roberson, Caroline Dare Henderson Roberson: parcel, Bethel Township quitclaim

ABK of Goldsboro Inc. to Roscoe Garris Jr.: Lot 8, Block D, Kennedy Estates subdivision, Ayden Township $118

Captains Quarters II United LLC to Captains United LLC: 17.9478 acres, Pactolus Township

Greenbrier Place LLC to Bobby G. Barbour, Terri L. Barbour: Lot 11, Greenbrier Place, Section 1, Greenville $158

Eddie Earl Alligood, Sherry Oakley Alligood to Eddie Dwayne Alligood: Lot 30, Vail Estates $118

David S. Jones, Pamela K. Jones to Bleau & Associates Inc.: Unit 2922-D, Forbes Woods Condominium, Section 11 $146

Charles R. Speight, Kathy W. Speight to West Winds II LLC: parcel, Belvoir Township

Patricia Ann Stocks Pollard, Alice Jean Stocks Muse, Max Muse, Janet Lee Stocks Beacham, Jimmy Beacham to Thomas S. Braswell: 0.75 acre, Ayden Township $228

Fallon Harrington to Gerard A. Camargo: Unit 537-C, Lot 7, Spring Forest Condominiums, Phase 7-B $150

Brenda I. Smith to Angela Teel: Lot 28, Forest Pines subdivision

Leslie Bell Jr., Bonnie C. Bell to The Clemons Law Firm PLLC: Lots 22, 23 and 24, Ayden Heights, Ayden $70

MOW Properties LLC to The Word of Truth Anointed Ministries Inc.: Lots 7 and 8, Barrett Acres, Section One gift

Joseph James Martin Sr., Delulia Joyce Ragan Martin to Joseph James Martin Sr. (trustee), Delulia Joyce Ragan Martin (trustee): Lot 18, Treyburn, Section Two

Timothy Allen Bright Sr., Mary Grace Bright (t/t/a Mary Lord Bright), Tony B. Bright, Judith McLean Bright (t/t/a Judy Bright), Pearla Kay Bright, James David Walls to Jonathan Hart, Terin Moore: 1.116 acres and 1.304 acres, Grifton Township; 3.72 acres, Grifton Township $45

Arthur Wayne Byrd, Kaye E. Byrd to KHJH Inc.: 0.5408 acre, Ayden Township $126

Timothy Allen Bright Sr., Mary Grace Bright (t/t/a Mary Lord Bright) to Jonathan Hart, Terin Moore: Lots 4 and 5, Gaddy Wood subdivision, Section A, Grifton Township $525

Cooper Island Development LLC to Will Kuhn Homes LLC: Lots 22, 23, 36 and 101, Westhaven South, Section 2, Greenville $300

Antonia Y. Vandiford to Rhonda V. Conner, Laurie V. Hobbs: 1.09 acres, Ayden Township

Charles Jeffrey Smith, Nancy T. Smith to Brandon Thomas Stain, Julie Darlene Stain: Lot 10, Block N, Club Pines subdivision, Section V $428

Christopher Floyd McDaniel, Loretta M. McDaniel, Jeffery Craig McDaniel, Maria J. McDaniel to Elmer L. Rook Jr., Kaye A. Rook: 1.0 acre, Winterville Township $340

Miranda B. Spain to Susan McDonald Spain: Unit 515-H, Lot 5, Spring Forest Condominiums, Phase 5, Greenville Township quitclaim

William Donald Beaman, Janet Barber Beaman to William Donald Beaman, Janet Barber Beaman, Donna B. Beachum: 2.18 acres

Mario E. Perez, Brenda Goolsby-Perez to Vincent Perez LLC: Lot 1, Vincent-Perez Place, Greenville $290

Mario E. Perez, Brenda Goolsby-Perez to MSTD 10:14 LLC: Lot 2, Vincent-Perez Place, Greenville $460

Jared R. Diefenbach, Ana D. Diefenbach, Dianne Miller (a/t/a Dianne Jill Diefenbach) to Michael P. Miller, Dianne Miller: Lot 136, Block B, Windsor subdivision, Section V, Phase II quitclaim

Walter M. Cobb to Walter M. Cobb, Kathy Wilson Cobb: Lot 93, Paramore Farms, Phase 1, Winterville Township

Thelma L. Payne to Betty Spruill: Lot 7, Block A, Orchard Hill subdivision, Section I $158

Nathan Carson Barnhill II, Karolynn Kay Barnhill to Cynthia Rand: Lot 62, Mill Creek subdivision, Phase One, Greenville $540

Joseph Philip Dash, Leigh Harris Dash to Peyton House: Lot 6, Hunter’s Run subdivision, Ayden Township $70

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Oct. 24-30. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( No fee required)

Sandra C. Wilson (individually and as executrix), Elbert Wilson Jr., William Cummings Jr., Gloria Cummings, Curtis Cummings, Phyllistine Cummings, Clarence Darden, Sandra Darden, Diane Jones, Barbara Ann Cherry to Rodgers Foreman: two parcels, McClellan Street, Greenville $68

Donald G. Hester to Linda Raines: parcel, State Highway #43, Winterville Township

Linda Raines to Donald Gregory Hester: parcel, State Highway #43, Winterville Township

Kenneth Ray Hammond to Dung Van Do, Natividad Meraz Martinez: Lots 40 and 41, Wintergreen Park subdivision, Winterville quitclaim

Matthew D. Berger to Chelsea L. Huggins: Lot 61, Charleston Village, Section 4, Winterville Township $313

Thomas Jackson Hardesty, Bethany Hardesty to Kenneth N. Gregory, Heather P. Gregory: Lot 12, Beech Cove subdivision, Section Two $710

James K. Cox, Eleanor N. Cox, Ann Cox Davis to First Colony Development LLC: 40.0635 acres, Chicod Township $800

Patricia S. Haddock, Steven Clay Haddock to Oscar L. Holloman, Carol P. Holloman: 38.917 acres, Chicod Township $278

Samuel James Jones, Brandi Lelia Holmes Jones to Santosh K. Vysayaraj, Sreenivasa Rao Sakalabhaktula: Unit 7, Building JJ, Dudley’s Grant, Section 10 $202

Kenneth Wayne Smith, Ludie Carraway Smith to Maxwell Emerson Frank Willis, Amanda Michele Willis: Lot 6, Block I, Westhaven subdivision, Section V $460

Gilberto Velazquez, Nilda F. Velazquez (a/k/a Nilda Fernandez) to Timothy N. Gooch, Sharon R. Gooch: Lot 31, Tyson Farms, Section 1, Phase 2, Greenville Township $414

Joshua Andrew Hetzel, Ali Megan Hetzel to Jeffrey M. Palumbo, Sarah M. Palumbo: Lot 15, Porter Mills subdivision, Grimesland Township $660

Danielle L. Munoz (t/t/a Danielle Buchanan), Mark Munoz to K & D Munoz LLC: Lot 6, Block C, Dudley’s Grant, Section 1 $205

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Barbara R. Karbler: Lot 6, Cheshire Landing subdivision $552

Barbara R. Karbler to Barbara R. Karbler, Jessica Neil Hollingsworth: Lot 6, Cheshire Landing, Grimesland Township

Bridget Joyce Griggs to Johnny Ray Griggs, Brenda Joyce Griggs: Lots 9 and 10 (portion), Block F, Blount property quitclaim

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Cecil L. Jackson, Tracie W. Jackson: Lot 22, Brookfield, Section Three, Winterville Township $568

Homes on the Ange Inc. to Porter Building Co. LLC: Lots 67, 88 and 111, Savannah Place, Section 4, Phase 1, Winterville Township $270

Joel E. Muhaluk, Anna W. Muhaluk to A & M Homes LLC: Lot 16, Block C, Greenbrier subdivision, Greenville $90

Happy Trail Farms LLC to Cody Allen Rountree, Hannah Elizabeth Rountree: Lots 64 and 65, Whitaker Glen subdivision, Arthur Township $116

Carolina South Builders Inc. to Omar Simpson, Cassandra Lavertue: Lot 12, The Arbors subdivision, Phase 1, Ayden Township $290

Michael Ray Smith to Laura Laing Smith: Lot 14, Block F, Tucker Estates subdivision, Section III, Phase I, Winterville Township

Dawn J. Stainback to Joshua Peaks: Lot 3, Block E, West Haven subdivision, Section III, Winterville Township $290

Jason L. Carrow to Victoria Vandenberry: Lot 6, Willow Run subdivision, Section 3 $340

Herman Ralph Hines to Gray Hines, Jason C. Hines: tract, Winterville; tract, Ayden

Jesse Ray Coward, Tara Ife Coward to Tara Ife Coward (a/k/a Tara Ife Collins): Lot 8, Garris Trace, Grifton Township quitclaim

Reggie Spain Homes LLC to Leslie Kuecher, Laurence Kuecher: Lot 16, Glen Abbey, Section 2, Grimesland Township $564

Nikeshia Nicole Carney to Jackie Parker: lot, Greenville Township $38

John B. Dunn Jr. (public administrator) to Bent Creek Farms LLC: Lot 2, Oscar May property, Pactolus Township $40

Rodney Chason Hill, Jenna Raye Pervine Hill to Ernest Robert Ramsey, Wendi Elizabeth Asbell-Ramsey: Lot 31 (with exceptions), Sandalwood subdivision $360

SECURE Inc. to Prosper Real Estate Holdings LLC: Unit 4, Building F, The Vineyards, Winterville Township $139

Edgardo J. Moncada, Fedora Moncada to Abdul Batterjee Williams, Malak Wood: Unit 7, Building C, Williamsbrook Townhomes, Greenville Township $178

Crystal Brown to Gwendolyn W. Brown: Lot 40, Block A, Park West, Section II, Arthur Township quitclaim

Karen Cherry Corey, Henry Tilman Corey to David Leon Brown: Lot 2, Jack Alton Cherry Heirs, Carolina Township; tract, Carolina Township gift

Robert T. Beeker (a/k/a Robert Thomas Beeker) to Robert T. Beeker: Unit 3, Building TH1, Lot 3, The Hollows at Grey Fox Run subdivision, Phase 1

Terry Kirschner, Mara Kirschner to Thomas Joseph Roberts Jr.: Lot 14, Porter Mills subdivision $610

Glandon Forest Equity LLC to Gram Investments LLC: 2.41 acres, Carolina Township $2,660

Lacey L. Gray to Jonathan R. Kuhn: Lot 28, River Branch, Phase 4 $68 quitclaim

Stephanie Haddock Ingram (t/t/a Stephanie C. Haddock), Andrew David Ingram to Rufus E. Buck, Christine H. Buck: Lot 152, Quail Ridge, Section 6

Holloman Construction Company Inc. to Douglas Finestone: Lot 33, Davencroft Village cluster development, Winterville Township $392

Agnes B. Atkinson to Thomas Clay Hood, Janeth Arleen Hood: Lots 1, 2 (portion) and 3 (portion), Country Club Heights, Greenville $836

Daniel Kirkendall to Kalvin Strickland: Lot 13, Block L, Brentwood subdivision, Section 2 $298

Thomas David Stewart to Joseph B. Hughes Jr.: Lot 53-B, Hampton Creek, Phase Two $255

Courtney D. Parcell (a/k/a Courtney P. Brown) to Tamara A. Dixon: Lot 30, Beddard’s Crossing, Section 3, Grimesland Township $330

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to HVAA Rentals 3 LLC: Lots 4 and 5, Group 7, Sheet 2, J.H., M.K. & F.L. Blount property, Bethel Township

Christopher Peyton Wynne, Marian Alexandra Wynne to Noah Lennon, Whitney Bond: Lot 6, Block J, Club Pines subdivision, Section IV $414

Solution 2 Properties LLC to Tracie R. Adams, Karen M. Chiancone: Lot 1, S.R. 1745, James M. Smith property, Major Smith Heirs division, Chicod Township $120

Tamont S. Forbes, Shawanda G. Forbes to Tyler Franklin Peaden: Lot 13, Allen Ridge subdivision, Section Two $284

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Wael Ahmed Ahmed Ibrahim Elmasri, Maha Eldessouki Ali Hassan Elwan: Lot 116, Arbor Hills South cluster subdivision, Phase 6 $416

Brandon Travoris Brown to Brandon Travoris Brown: Lot 59, Ashley Meadows, Section 1, Phase 3 quitclaim

Herbert Evans, Pamela Evans to Cathleen Marie Cook: Lot 1, Harvest Meadows, Chicod Township $466

Bethany Michele Hobbs to David Lee Hobbs: Lot 2, Stone Creek quitclaim

Annie Ruth Gaynor Freeman (f/k/a Annie Ruth Gaynor), Antoine Freeman to Xzavier Bullock: Lot 38, Eastwood’s Country Estate, Section 3, Greenville $40

Xzavier Bullock to Corina Ambrocio: Lot 38, Eastwood’s Country Estate, Section 3, Greenville $46

Prudent Property Management LLC to Anil Sequeira, Dina Sequeira: Unit 10, Building E, Cobblestone Townhomes, Section 1, Arthur Township; Lot 58A, Kittrell Farms Duplexes, Section 2; Lot 58A, Bent Creek subdivision quitclaim

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Wendy B. Jackson, Mark B. Jackson: Lot 55, Summer Winds subdivision, Section 2, Phase 2 $478

Joan C. Schlatter to Morgan Eilise Milton, Alan Joseph Milton II: Lot 2, Walter R. Briley $388

Nicholas B. Starr to Kelly Williams Starr: Lot 49, Teakwood Green subdivision quitclaim

WJH LLC to Precious Vernetta Dyer: Lot 10, Block F, Country Squire Estates, Section 2, Greenville $225

Carolina South Builders Inc. to Deboria Cortez Holley: Lot 4, The Arbors subdivision, Phase 1A, Ayden $294

Ronald P. Mageau, Angela F. Mageau to Stephen Charles Whedbee, Tracey Sowers Whedbee: Lot 6, Brandy Creek subdivision, Section 1, Grimesland Township $452

Kenneth B. Farfour, Susan H. Farfour to Pine Leaf Rentals LLC: Unit 10, Building M, Sterling Pointe Townhomes, Winterville Township $124

Marcus M. Whitehurst, Debbie Whitehurst to Chesmont Builders & Development Group LLC: Lot 4, Marcus M. Whitehurst subdivision, Pactolus Township $100

Mountcastle Family LLC to Christine M. Powell (trustee): 6.1881 acres, Arthur Township $2,000

Charles Eugene Garrison, Maureen Wall Garrison to WW Investment Properties LLC: Lot 12, Block E, Village Grove subdivision $54

Rodney Bates to Jeffrey Donnell Best, Lynda Chapman Best: two tracts, Pactolus Township $130

James P. Fagan, Kathleen Benz to Mary Charles Evans: Unit 2219-D, Locksley Woods Condominium, Phase I $201

Erin Madry to Erin Madry, Joseph Edward Madry: Lot 20, Falconwood, Section 3, Grimesland Township quitclaim

Nathan N. Hollingsworth, Jessica L. Hollingsworth to Federico Villa: Lot 21, Quarterpath Village, Winterville Township $330

Douglas R. Merritt, Karen S. Merritt to Arnie C. Spencer Jr.: Unit 2404-H, Locksley Woods Condominium, Phase 4 $210

Danielle Byrd Hodges (f/k/a Danielle R. Byrd), Bryan Michael Hodges to Katie H. Sneed: Lot 34B, Elkin Ridge subdivision $180

J. Melvin Bowen, Myra M. Bowen, Kristen C. Bowen to Paul Steven Bryant, Michelle Paz Bryant: Lot 10, Block B, Sweetbriar subdivision, Section II, Grimesland Township $210

Blake Michael Williams, Erica Bethany Williams to Kellie S. Sparrow: lot $246

Joshua C. Sumerell, Elizabeth Sumerell to Joseph M. Adams: Lot 12B, Elkin Ridge subdivision, Greenville Township $170

Stacy Randolph Krainiak, Kelley A. Krainiak to Marquitta D. Britt, Allen Recell Williams: Lot 2, Westmont, Arthur Township $280

NSD Company Inc. to A. Sydes Construction Inc.: Lots 67, 68, 69 and 70, Villa Grande, Section B, Phase One, Winterville Township $360

Jeffrey Michael Palumbo, Sarah Michelle Palumbo to Sharon K. Rhue, Steven Paul Jones: Lot 21, Block A, Tucker East subdivision, Section III, Winterville Township $435

Herbert Fleming Crollman Jr. (a/k/a Herbert Crollman, Herbert Fleming Crollman) to Herbert Fleming Crollman Jr. (99 percent undivided interest), Suzanne Livingston (one percent undivided interest): Lot 3, Wyngate subdivision, Section 1; Lot 2, Wyngate subdivision, Section 1 $4

John Joseph Grillo, Jan Jones Grillo (a/t/a Jan A. Jones) to Stephen Bartley, Sonya Bartley: Lot 147, Tyson Farms subdivision, Section 1 $256

Don F. Keel, Lisa S. Keel to Patrick G. Desutter, Kamela Desutter: Lot 43, Block A, Tucker East subdivision, Section III, Winterville Township $518

Joseph L. Caughron to Arrrgh! Properties LLC: Unit 110-F-2-2BR, Breezewood Condominiums, Section 4, Winterville Township $153

Brian David Pierce, Kelly Roberson Pierce, Christy Pierce Roberson, James Thomas Roberson to George E. Sullivan Jr.: Lot 50, Brier Creek subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township

George E. Sullivan Jr. to Brian David Pierce, Christy Pierce Roberson: Lot 1, Nobles Farm, Winterville

Stacy Lee Turlington, Jennifer Johnson Turlington to Katie Herring: 0.35 acre $296

Octavio Flores Jr., Emily Flores to Jacob Haggard, Meghen Haggard: Lot 6, Block X, Shamrock Terrace, Section One, Winterville Township $198

Yutong Zheng, Jianxiu Liu to Tericka Monchelle Foggs: Lot 9, Huntingridge $350

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to James J. Foune, Barbara Mulligan: Lot 18, Red Birch subdivision, Grimesland Township $486