Jamal Weaver, 30, was shot by a bail bondsman on Saturday at Kristin Drive near Frontgate.

A Greenville man shot several times by bail bondsmen remained in the hospital on Monday and Greenville police continued to investigate the matter.

Jamal Weaver, 30, was shot after two bondsmen contracted through Jackie Parker Bail Bonding in Greenville attempted to arrest him for bond revocation in the 100 block of Kristin Drive Saturday afternoon, the Greenville Police Department reported. Officers had responded to the area of Frontgate and Kristin Drive following a report of shots fired.

The bondsmen, whose names were withheld, told detectives that Weaver attempted to flee in his vehicle and ran over one bondman’s foot in the process. The men opened fire and hit Weaver, who drove himself to Vidant Medical Center where he continues to be observed.

The police reported that Weaver was hit multiple times and that his injuries are serious but he is expected to survive.

No charges have been filed against the bondsmen as police continue to take statements and review video from the area. Weaver has not been interviewed yet due to his injuries.

The department said Monday that the incident has the potential to be treated as a self-defense case since the bondsman was hit by Weaver’s vehicle.

However, the department is doing further research into the legal abilities of bondsmen as they apply to the use of force.

Under N.C. General Statutes, a person is justified in using deadly force when they have reason to believe that it is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to themselves or another.

In that case, the individual is immune from civil or criminal liability, according to the statute. Bondsmen are treated as private citizens for this purpose the department said.

In 2020, the Winston-Salem Journal reported that Thermon Sellers of Charlotte pleaded guilty to one count of attempted discharging a weapon into an occupied motor vehicle while attempting to take a Wisnton-Salem man into custody at Hanes Mall.

Sellers was initially charged with assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill, discharging a weapon into a moving vehicle and possession and discharging of firearms. In that case, no one was injured. The suspect’s vehicle was damaged.

Weaver was sentenced to a three-year suspended sentence for possession of a controlled substance in June of 2020. He is awaiting trail on three counts of misdemeanor assault by pointing a gun, one count of misdemeanor assault on a female and two traffic violations.

He also was arrested on May 20 for failing to appear for a charge of second degree trespassing as well as felony probation violation. It is not clear for what charges the bondsmen were pursuing him.

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