Visitors walk the Pitt County Fair midway on Sept. 21. Fighting resulted in the fair’s closure late Saturday.

Law enforcement and management shut down the Pitt County Fair late Saturday after multiple fights and reports of people brandishing firearms.

The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office on Monday reported deputies providing security at the fair heard a commotion near an attraction about 10:30 p.m.

They rushed to the area and witnessed a fight between multiple individuals, a news release said.

The fight was contained and three boys between 14 and 17 were detained. One was found to be in possession of a concealed and loaded handgun.

The deputies received word of other altercations across the fair, the release said, leading them to call on backup from deputies on patrol. Deputies were told that another individual had been seen flashing a gun openly.

The release said Greenville Police Department officers also responded at the request of deputies. The individual with the gun, who was believed to be at large, was not located.

After a meeting with fair management, a decision was made to close the fair for the night, the agency reported.

The detained juvenile in possession of a handgun will have juvenile petitions sought against him.

The release said that Sheriff Paula Dance will partner with Greenville Chief Mark Holtzman to formally recommend that a security standard be presented for future county fairs.

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