The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Dec. 5-11. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. (No fee required)

Tracie R. Adams (one-half undivided interest), Karen M. Chiancone (one-half undivided interest) to RJ Rentals of Greenville LLC: Lot 1, S.R. 1745, Major Smith Heirs division, Chicod Township $124

Marsha Lanier Weathers, Billy Wayne Weathers Jr. (individually and as attorney-in-fact), Deborah L. Weathers to Artemio Yanez Rios: lot, Grimesland $78

John R. Conner, Michelle L. Conner to Chelsea C. Buford: Lot 144, Savannah Place, Section 1, Winterville Township $510

Benjamin A. Parrott, Elizabeth D. Parrott to Tyler Alden Peacock, Aileen Nicole Peacock: Lots 19 (portion) and 20, Block B, Brookgreen subdivision, Greenville Township $660

Kevin Franklin Westmoreland, Hayleigh Reese Westmoreland to John James Whitehurst Jr., Erin L. Whitehurst: parcel (with exception) $720

Norma Mata Smith to William Garrett Harrell, Mary Katherine Dickson: 11 acres, Clark Ford Road, Swift Creek Township $61

Unshakable Builders Inc. to Denise S. Home: Lot 3, Autumn Ridge subdivision, Section One, Arthur Township $390

Carolyn Jean Hill Nichols to Alana Lee Rister: Unit 2804-E, Forbes Woods Condominium, Section 18 $170

Alyce E. Green, John I. Green, William R. Everett Jr., Velvaleen S. Thurber Everett to Steven D. Crawley (d/b/a Crawley Timber Company): 117.0 acres, Bethel Township $275 (timber)

John Todd Porterfield (t/t/a Todd Porterfield), Jan M. Porterfield to MQ Construction Inc.: Lot 99, Brighton Place subdivision, Section 3, Phase 1, Winterville Township; Lot 67, Brighton Place subdivision, Section 3, Phase 2, Winterville Township $80

Tamatha Hope Johnson to Dianne M. Carver: Lot 55, Block B, Countryaire Village, Phase 1 $248

Roy Fletcher Adams (individually and as executor) to The County of Pitt: parcel $29

TWS Properties LLC to Irm Ahmed: Unit 7, Building VV, Sterling Pointe Townhomes, Section Four division, Winterville Township $116

Kimberly P. Jordan (a/k/a Kimberly Jane Perry) to Joseph C. Jordan: Lot 96, Brook Valley subdivision, Section 11, Phase 2, Greenville

Lloyd A. Hudson to Lloyd A. Hudson, Dorothy E. Hudson: 10.77 acres, Falkland Township; 15 acres, Falkland Township; Parcel E, Lot 2, J.I. Allen division, Greenville

Kim D. Kasten, Marlyn Kasten to Susan Garvey: parcel, Ayden $257

Marsha C. Bell to Marsha C. Bell, George Wayne Bell: 17.09 acres, N.C.S.R. 1556, Pactolus Township

Home Investment Fund V LP to Joe’s Construction LLC: parcel, Grifton Township $52

4V Corporation to ABI Investments LLC: Lots 12 and 13, Harris Ridge subdivision, Phase 2, Swift Creek Township $192

Daron Eugene Jones, Sandra Jones to Eric Morris: Lot 78, Woodridge North, Phase III, Winterville Township $342

Danny R. Sadler, Marquette B. Sadler to Charneka Shaw, John Hagans: Lot 368, Emerald Park subdivision, Phase 1, Section 1 $324

Michael Mayo to Brandon Wilkens Marsh: Lot 51-A, South Pointe subdivision, Sections 2 & 3 $275

Daniel A. Allette, Miriam C. Allette to Jhonatan Efrain Cruz Zambrano: 2.1476 acres, N.C. Highway 102, Swift Creek Township

Loretta Gonzales, Frances Sills, Ray Edwards, Ruby Edwards, Douglas Edwards, Tania Edwards to Vicente Caballero: 0.93 acre, John Fleming Road, Carolina Township $30

Jerry Lee Cannon II to Morales Ordonez Aura Consuelo: lot, S.R. 1110, Grifton Township $56

Amy Alston Wells (as co-executor and co-trustee), R. Richard Miller (as co-executor and co-trustee), James F. Hopf (as co-executor and co-trustee) to City of Greenville: 2.1265 acres, Pactolus Township; 13.3 acres (with exception), Pactolus Township; Lot 1A, E.S. Dixon division, Pactolus Township; 23 acres, Pactolus Township; 131.49 acres, Pactolus Township $800

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Lester E. Jones, Vanessa F. Jones: Lot 39, Laurel Oaks, Phase 1 $480

Victor Noel Ocampo de Anda to Enka Yanet Velis Ochoa: parcel, Greenville Township quitclaim

Lester Jones, Vanessa Jones to James C. Council, Tiesha W. Council: Lot 60, Davencroft, Winterville Township $414

Ditech Financial LLC to Kyle Wade Barnes: Lot 2, Block B, Osceola subdivision, Section 1, Greenville Township $166

Rocky Russell Builders Inc. to Shreya J. Patel: Lot 121, Stone Haven at Landover, Section One, Arthur Township $430

Ellarama R. Akella, Krishna R. Akella to Sidney Dale Woolard, Regina Craddock Woolard: Unit 2217-F, Locksley Woods Condominium, Phase 1 $167

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to 2019 Castle LLC: parcel $37

Vickie Charlene Whitehurst to Vickie Charlene Whitehurst, Dana Moore Congleton: Lot 89, Brook Valley subdivision, Section 11, Phase 2, Winterville Township gift

Brandon Butler to Douglas Edward Schoelzel: Lot 126, Barefoot Landing, Section 4, Phase 2 $342

Margaret Cannon Harris, Morgan H. Harris to Mary W. Banner (a/k/a Mary Sue Banner), J. Lynn Banner, Annette MacRae, Sue Ellen Williams, John L. Watson Jr. (executor) to John L. Watson Jr.: 50.7 acres, Bethel Township $226

Margaret Cannon Harris, Morgan H. Harris, Mary W. Banner (a/k/a Mary Sue Banner, J. Lynn Banner, Annette MacRae, Sue Ellen Williams, John L. Watson Jr. (executor) to John L. Watson Jr.: 4.52 acres, Bethel Township $38

John L. Watson Jr. (executor) to Margaret Cannon Harris, Morgan H. Harris: Lots 4, 5, 11 and 12, G.M. Watson property

Amanda L. Wilkins, Deborah A. Rich, Jean-Paul David Rich to Roberta L. Edmonds: Unit F, Building EE, Dudley’s Grant, Section 10 $214

Fran L. Cardin to R3 Holdings LLC: Lot 16, Nobles Farm, Section 2, Winterville $84

Jia X. Lin, Xiu Chen to Wei Dan Ni: Lot 12, Windsor Downs, Phase II $538

APCH Properties LLC to Shirley Baker: Lot 6, Block D, Edwards Acres $240

John Walter Jenkins, Pamela Hardee Jenkins to Brandon J. Butler: 3.595 acres, Ayden Township; 0.194 acre, Ayden Township $478

Meridian Design/Build of NC LLC to James A. Pittman IV, Pamela F. Pittman: Lot 6, East Ridge subdivision, Phase 1, Ayden Township $478

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Alicia M. Howard, Stephen A.G. Howard: Lot 24, Cheshire Landing subdivision $644

Berkeley Apartments LLC to Berkeley Apartments III LLC: Lot 6B, Medford Pointe, Greenville

Amy McMillan (a/k/a Amy McMillan-Capehart) to Amy McMillan: parcel quitclaim

Lawrence L. Wills, Luella G. Wills to Janelle King: Lot 17, Block K, Westhaven subdivision, Section VII $452

Ka-Esbia Phillips to Jacck Legacy Properties LLC: parcel (with exception), Farmville $40

William C. Brewer III to Anne E. Brewer: 1.88 acres, Winterville Township correction

Donna Gay Joyner (individually and as successor trustee), Charles A. Joyner Jr. to Royce P. Barrow: Lot 53, Cornerstone subdivision, Section One $528

Rocky Russell Builders Inc. to Calvin L. Edmonds, Sonya B. Edmonds: Lot 120, Stone Haven at Landover, Section One, Arthur Township $417

Jordan L. Grant to Jordan L. Grant, Casey Whitley: Lot 32, Sandy Mill Run subdivision, Section 1, Phase 2, Ayden Township quitclaim

Toby A. Ridenour, Kathryn L. Ridenour to Elias Villeda-Gonzalez, Ma. del Rocio Villeda-Perez: Lot 8, Caribou subdivision, Section 2 $90

Kevin Gibbs, Necola Gibbs to Edward Clayton: tract

Amy K. Stockman to David E. Allen: lot, Ayden $137

Town of Farmville to Carolyn L. Wiren: 0.125 acre, Farmville Township $10 quitclaim

William Keith Corbitt, Gelsa L. Corbitt to Thomas Haas, Jillian A. Torre, John Torre: Lot 10, Block C, West Haven, Section III, Winterville Township $365

Tracy W. Muse, Kathy J. Muse to David Cochran, Lisa Cochran: Lot 59, Taberna subdivision, Phase III, Winterville Township $600

Mark S. Hoch, Tammy W. Hoch to Nicholas P. Crabtree, Lauren Bowers Crabtree: parcel (with exception), Greenville Township $1,400

Linda T. Jarvis to Melanie Lowery, Tommy Lowery Jr.: Lot 18, Block A, Maple Ridge subdivision, Grimesland Township $504

Fannie Mae (a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association) to Pair Investments LLC, Kevin O’Sullivan: Lot 31, Dellwood subdivision

Zachary J. Illing, James D. Illing, Angela C. Illing to Dexter R. Riggins, Jessica R. Riggins: Unit 9, Building F, Spring Village Townhomes, Greenville $168

Alice Mae Hardy Cogdell Daniels to Pitt County, City of Greenville, Pitt County-City of Greenville Airport Authority: parcel, Greenville Township $96

Bryan Thomas Harris to Richele Lawson Harris: Lot 14, Ashburn Acres, Greenville Township quitclaim

Robert Ruark Thomas to Steven D. Crawley (t/a Crawley Timber Company): parcel, Belvoir Township $105 (timber)

Kuhn Homes LLC to Randall Carl Hegwer, Brenda Nesbitt Hegwer: Lot 170, Savannah Place subdivision, Section 1 $625

Christy Jones (f/k/a Christy Moore), Shondell Jones to Erick M. Smithwick: Lot 84, Meadow Woods, Section 1, Winterville Township $274

Leon Raymond Hardee (a/k/a Leon Raymond Hardee Sr., individually and as trustee) to Kevin C. Hunter, Virginia E. Hunter: Lot 67, Autumn Lakes subdivision, Section 4, Phase 2, Grimesland Township $226

Audrey A. Kingsbury to Karen Kingsbury, Richard K. Stephenson: Lot 249, West Haven, Section II, Winterville Township $236

SASCORP Inc. to Matthew Michael Soddy, Deborah Pollard Soddy: 41.4 acres, Chicod Township

A.T. Venters Properties LLC to 4V Corporation: 2.401 acres $80

1712 6th Street LLC to Shiv & Raj LLC: parcel, Greenville Township $130

Gloria Jean Chase Matthews (a/k/a Jean C. Matthews) to Richard Joyner, Doreen Joyner: Lot 25, Chinquapin Road subdivision, Section Two $48

Frances J. Conklin III, Kimberley L. Conklin to Kimberley L. Conklin: parcel, Greenville

Frances J. Conklin III, Kimberley L. Conklin to Kimberley L. Conklin: Lot 5, Horseshoe Acres subdivision, Arthur Township

Jason Price, Shelby Price to Michael M. Flynt Jr., Elizabeth Flynt, Michael M. Flynt III: Lot 7, Block A, Rock Spring Road subdivision, Greenville $420

Pinewood Memorial Park Inc. to Wilbert Hickman: Lot 27, Willow Oak section, Graves 1 and 2, Pinewood Memorial Park cemetery

Pinewood Memorial Park Inc. to Wilbert Hickman: Lot 28, Willow Oak section, Graves 1 and 2, Pinewood Memorial Park Inc. cemetery

Pinewood Memorial Park Inc. to Wilbert Hickman: Lot 29, Willow Oak section, Graves 1 and 2, Pinewood Memorial Park cemetery

Harold G. Tyndall, Debra W. Tyndall to Robert Kevin Ashton, Pamela Tyndall Ashton: Lot 33, Block D, Clevewood subdivision, Section II, Phase I $330

Kevin M. Sayed (executor) to Main Street Gang LLC: Lot 24, Block H, Andrew Coghill subdivision, Addition IV $120

Ellen Brock, Gary J. Brock to Gary Riggs: 1.179 acres, Winterville Township $300 quitclaim

Ellen Brock, Gary J. Brock to Gary Riggs: 20 acres (with exceptions), Reedy Branch Road quitclaim

Bruce E. Burchard (co-trustee), Debra Burchard (co-trustee) to Benjamin A. Whisner, Wendy C. Whisner: 4.16 acres, Grimesland Township $39

Trevor Marshall Swindell (individually and as executor), Austin Eugene Swindell, Lesley Leolin Banks, Amy Swindell Bradshaw, Reginald Donald Bradshaw to Richard L. Hopper, Rebecca A. Hopper: 4.744 acres $646

Fannie Mae (a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association) to Techerde LLC: Lot 1, Cedar Brook subdivision, Winterville Township

Tucker Farms Inc. to Will Kuhn Homes LLC: Lot 1, Red Birch subdivision, Grimesland Township $65

D & I Properties of NC LLC to Robert A. Widener (67 percent undivided interest), John W. Iuliano III (33 percent undivided interest): Lots 19, 20, 62, 66, 67 and 68, Brookstone subdivision, Phase 1

Norman B. Keller, Carolyn Jane H. Keller (a/t/a Jane H. Keller) to EE & T Holdings LLC: parcel $200

Karedon Farm LLC to Donald William Kinney, Mary Ellen Kinney: 56.7 acres (with exception), Ayden Township; 3.278 acres, Ayden Township

Earl C. Wilson (individually and d/b/a Greenville Storage Company), Linda Sue Ruddick to John Cavanagh: Lot 2, Block K, Grayleigh subdivision $518

Joel V. Shelton, Carolyn E. Shelton to Zachary Duffy: Lot 2700, Breezewood Townes, Section 1, Winterville Township $315

E M H P Inc. (a/k/a Evans Mobile Home Park Inc.) to Tucker Farms Inc.: 1.3 acres, N.C. 222; 44.53 acres (with exception), Crisp Heirs Farm, Falkland Township $295

Edwin Scott Evans to Tucker Farms Inc.: 3.3 acres, Falkland Township $26

John W. Earley, Lori L. Earley to I.H.M.S. LLC: Lot 54, Wyngate subdivision, Phase 2, Section 2

Noel Elizabeth Lang Baucom to Warepack Self Storage LLC: Lots 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, DeVisconti property, Farmville

Robcheryl LLC to Holloman Commercial Property LLC: Lot 2, Block T-1, Higgs Brothers subdivision, Greenville $100

Joseph Barrett, Janice Barrett, Trudy Daniels to Carlos Garcia-Benitez, Claudia Garcia Martin: 0.909 acre, Belvoir Township $32

Belinda B. Howard to Belinda B. Howard, Robert Frederick Howard: Lot 28A, Southridge subdivision, Winterville Township