Data provided by ECU shows that more than 200 employees have now been identified for furloughs, and the university is finalizing plans for more.

The university announced on June 11 that it was issuing furloughs to trim about $1 million from a budget deficit of at least $20 million.

ECU interim Chancellor Ron Mitchelson said at the time that about 110 employees would see full or partial furloughs but did not identify where they worked. Athletics Director Jon Gilbert said all the employees in his department, more than 130 people, would see partial furloughs.

It was not clear if the athletics furloughs overlapped with the furloughs mentioned by Mitchelson. Data provided by ECU this week offered some clarity.

A total of 50 employees in administration and finance will be furloughed for 90 days starting July 1. Another employee in the division will have a 50 percent furlough during that time.

The employees work in printing and graphics the student store and parking, the university reported.

Another 24 employees in academic affairs will work reduced hours during the 90 days.

In athletics, 142 employees will take five-day furloughs between June 22 and Sept. 22.

Plans for implementing furloughs in the student affairs division are waiting for approval and implementation, said Jamie Smith, assistant director of news services.

“Once those final decisions and employee notifications take place, we can release the number and types of furloughs,” she said.

Revenue losses are related in part to the COVID-19 shutdown, officials said. Some furloughed employees had not been working but were receiving pay.

The financial losses were felt across the university, including the medical and dental schools, Smith said.

“We are still quantifying these losses,” she said. “Housing, dining, and the clinics have all experienced significant losses.”

University officials will know total losses in September once its fiscal year is closed, Smith said.

The current furloughs are expected to save $296,000 in athletics, $189,260 in administration and finance and $191,711 in academic affairs for a total of $676,971.

The furloughs have not affected students enrolled in summer courses, Smith said.

Earlier, outgoing UNC Interim President Bill Roper gave chancellors the authority to propose furloughs for institutional auxiliary and receipt-supported enterprises only, the university announced.

These groups have seen their work completely or partially reduced and their funding sources affected by the coronavirus, the university reported.

Appalachian State University is the only other school in the UNC System to announce furloughs, according to a system office spokesman.

Business NC reported in mid-June that the university was furloughing 106 full-time employees in the athletics department. The plan consisted of most employees working reduced hours and a small number being on continuous furloughs for a shorter period of time, the magazine reported.

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