The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from June 11-17. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. (No fee required.)

Joshua S. Hall, Michelle W. Hall to Cynthia L. McGinnis: Lot 46, Bullock Farms subdivision, Lot 10 division, Phase 4, Winterville Township $296

Ellie E. Crout, Christopher A. Crout to Michelle Hall, Joshua S. Hall: Lot 69-B, Block C, Clevewood subdivision, Section II, Phase II, Winterville Township $340

Kristian Williams Munguia, Sergio Munguia to Kristian Williams Munguia: Lot 20, Red Birch subdivision, Greenville

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Robert Travia Jr.: parcel, Farmville $193

Catherine Clemons, Charles C. Clemons to Charles Tyrell Clemons: Lot 2, Tipton Builders Inc. property, Grimesland Township

Charline Chaprice Steed-Stocks (individually and as administratrix), Lonnie Stocks, Tonia Steed Holdip (f/k/a Tonia Steed), James Steed to Alexander Daniel Powell II: Lot 63, Block C, Winterville Crossing subdivision, Section One, Winterville Township $360

Jessica Heckart Hardison, Dylan Clee Hardison to Douglas E. Deans, Denesha S. Deans: Lot 15, Block F, Coghill subdivision, Greenville Township $326

Nancy S. Stone, Lauren Wilmot, Steven Wilmot to Jason Gerald Wainwright, Laura Barnhill Wainwright: Lot 201, Building 1921, Covengton Square Condominiums, Winterville Township $260

Rocky Russell Builders Inc. to Taylor Skeens: Lot 91, Vancroft subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township $396

Stephen A. Colella, Sabrina R. Colella (t/t/a Sabrina R. Martin) to Sabrina R. Collela (a/k/a Sabrina R. Martin): Lot 57, Westhaven South, Section 4 quitclaim

Victoria Powell McRoy (t/t/a Victoria R. Powell), Darrell McRoy to Allen Rouse, Selena Rouse: Lot 5, Sheppard Acres subdivision $250

Steven Hoff Jr., Danielle Josephine Hoff to Kevin Thomas, Allison Sugg: Lot 88, Preston Trails, Section 2, Winterville Township $406

Mithun Patel, Bhakti Patel to Steven Neil Hoff Jr., Danielle J. Hoff: Lot 204, Glen Castle at Irish Creek, Winterville Township $700

Jimmy Lee Wood, Janni Bunting Wood to Tyesha N. Frank: Lot 18, Springfield Farms, Phase One $204

Thomas S. Chaincone to Karen McKenzie Chiancone: Lot 2 (portion), Block A, Bond-King subdivision, Section One, Greenville

David Leroy Waters, Cathy Lee Waters to Bella Homes LLC: Lot 120, Autumn Lakes, Section 5, Phase 2, Grimesland Township

John Todd Porterfield (t/t/a Todd Porterfield), Jan M. Porterfield to MQ Construction Inc.: Lots 89 and 90, Brighton Place subdivision, Section 3, Phase 1, Winterville Township $80

Michael Brandon Smith, Sara Elks Smith to Lyn T. Cartwright, Ashley G. Cartwright: Lot 9, Harvest Meadows $590

Mary Helen Jones Roberson to Dennis Lee Christman, Patricia Susan Christman: 3.6 acres, Pactolus Township $340

Anne Cary to Stacy Marie Warner: Lot 148, Paramore Farms, Phase 2 $450

Eric Raub, Jeanette Raub to Kurt Ehlers, Virginia Ehlers: Lot 6, Block A, Rock Spring Park subdivision, Greenville $510

Michael Ray Anglen (individually and as guardian), Emily Sarah Williams, Breanna Courtney Williams to Antonio Ramon McCoy: Lot 371, Emerald Park subdivision, Phase 1, Section 1 $338

Ashley Lendal Johnson to Shannon Stocks Johnson: parcel, Grifton Township quitclaim

Harold Puerto, Grace Ann Puerto to Michael Anselo Rhem: Lot 18, Galloways subdivision, Section 2, Grimesland Township $370

Calm Properties LLC to Willard G. Pollard Jr.: Lot 6, Davencroft Village cluster development, Winterville Township $340

Emily-Lynn Presley Adkins, Joshua Ryan Adkins to Joyce C. Purvis, Danica C. Streeter: Lot 2, Block I, Tucker Estates subdivision, Section III, Phase I, Winterville Township $440

Reggie Spain Homes LLC to Michael Paul Garrison, Megan Monahan Garrison: Lot 15B, Glen Abbey, Section 2, Grimesland Township $600

Jean C. Allen (trustee) to Brian Keith Chapman: 14 acres (with exceptions); 58.1 acres (with exceptions); tract

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Harold Puerto, Grace Ann Puerto: Lot 18, Cheshire Landing subdivision $686

Donald W. Manning to Ronald L. Lewis: Lot 69, Marva Villa 3 $54