The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from June 4-10. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. (No fee required.)

Judy B. Allen, H. Wayne Allen to Mathew Davis Hopkins: Lot 2, Block C, College Court subdivision, Addition No. 2, Greenville; Lot 3 (portion), Block C, College Court subdivision, Addition No. 2 $330

Cooper Island Development LLC to Will Kuhn Homes LLC: Lots 104 and 105, Brookfield, Section 4, Phase 2, Winterville Township $198

Jamie Dee Argetsinger (f/k/a Jamie A. Waters), Samantha Marie Argetsinger to Colby Shirley, Hannah Shirley: Lots 79 and 80 (portions), Country Club Hills, Addition No. 2, Grifton Township $250

John F. Gibilaro (trustee), Lorie Jones Chatman (successor trustee) to Lorie Jones Chatman, Lawrence Jones, Selene Jones: Lot 5, Block P, Brentwood subdivision $143

TSG Investments LLC to Patrick Wentworth Chavat, Cassie Avery Hanna: Lot 7, Block A, Camelot subdivision, Section 1; tract $274

Kristen Moss (t/t/a Kristen M. Renn), Andrew Moss to Dylan Moore: Lot 19-B, Crescent Ridge subdivision, Section 3, Chicod Township $360

Donald Ernest Broome, Dawn Cayton Broome to Justin Seth Young, Victoria Lynn Young: Lot 72, Cherry Oaks subdivision, Section I $376

Chad T. Payne, Heather B. Payne to Christopher M. Smith, Octavia Thompson: Lot 130, Manchester, Section 1 $380

Jesus Yerena, Adriana Gutierrez to Tanisha R. Robinson: Lot 69, White Oak Creek, Section Two, Winterville Township $450

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Larry J. Hiemenz, Mary Hiemenz: Lot 381, Langston West, Phase 11, Section 1 $648

Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company, Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company of Greenville to Brian A. McDaniel, Krystal J. McDaniel: Lot 31, Holly Grove $480

Gloria Jean Chase Matthews to Paradise Homes of Johnston County of NC Inc.: Lot 15, Chinquapin Road subdivision $66

Kyle Justin Dolezar, Nicole Angela Dolezar to Joseph Wortman, Mallory Elise Eastland: Lot 17, Block C, River Hill subdivision, Section 4 $412

Timothy James Cahill, Nancy J. Cahill to Kelcey Holley, Kimberly Holley: Lot 165, Ashley Meadows subdivision, Section 1, Phase 1 $438

MQ Construction Inc. to Aidan Burke, Allison Lemon: Lot 28, Ironwood, Phase I, Falkland Township $850

Sharon Evans Dixon, James Ray Dixon Jr. to Adam Evans: parcel, Greenville; parcel, S.R. 1735, Chicod Township $40

Bryan S. Evans, Tammy Evans to Adam Evans: parcel, S.R. 1735, Chicod Township

Jeffrey A. Rouse, Kaitlin Rouse to Andrew Moss, Kristen Moss: Lot 459, Windsor subdivision, Section 11, Phase Three, Winterville Township $644

Jake C. Adams Jr. to JKT Irrevocable Family Trust: Lot 1, Block C, Robinson Heights subdivision, Section 2, Extension 1, Winterville Township; lot; Lots 12 and 13 (portion), Camelot Terrace subdivision; tract, Greenville-Washington Highway

Jake C. Adams Jr. to JKT Irrevocable Family Trust: 2.389 acres, Grimesland Township; two lots, Grimesland Township; tract (with exception); 51.4 acres, Chicod Township

Janice Roebuck James to Douglas Ray Farmer Jr., Katie C. Farmer: 10.02 acres, Pactolus Township $35

Douglas P. Hill, Christie L. Hill to DMJD Holdings LLC: Suite D, Building C, Lynndale Office Complex $742

Edward G. Heckstall, Mary M. Heckstall to Roebuck Investments LLC: Unit 3300-E, Lot 10, Breezewood 2 Condominiums, Section 2, Winterville Township $171

Henry Sowers, Jordan Sowers (t/t/a Jordan Allain) to Tyler L. Hardee, Megan G. Hardee: Lot 246, Brittany Ridge, Section 11, Grimesland Township $404

Janice Tyson-Wright (f/k/a Janice Tyson-Wolf), Keith C. Wright to Matthew W. Chilton Jr.: Lot 3, Block C, Oakmont subdivision, Greenville; Lot 4, Block C, Oakmont subdivision, Greenville $356

Charles Elliott Pierce to Kimberly D. Kulers, Jeremy W. Law: 76.16 acres, Arthur Township $180

Francis Albert Dixon Jr., Margaret Moore Dixon to Richard Lee Wilbourne: Lots 22 and 23 (portion), Block E, Englewood subdivision, Addition Two $460

William Bryant Howell, Dianne E. Howell to Joshua Thomas Edwards: 3.3104 acres $40

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Michael James Hardy, Jessica Brawley Hardy: Lot 34, Brookfield, Section Three, Winterville Township $500

Ernest T. Reeves to Michael A. Snover II: Lot 41, Tyson Farms, Section 1, Phase 2, Greenville Township $427

David C. Davis, Erin S. Davis to Shannon Denise Haislip Williams, Ryan Fletcher Williams: Unit 202, Building 1924, Lot 3, Tara Condominium, Complex, Phase 10 $216

Kuhn Homes LLC to Brian Lee Wood, Elizabeth Hurley Wood: Lot 18, Savannah Place subdivision, Section 2, Phase 1 $648

Cheryl Nipper to Cheryl VanFosson (f/k/a Cheryl Nipper), John VanFosson: Lot 26, Charlestowne at Bradford Creek, Section 1, Phase 1, Pactolus Township quitclaim

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Brandie Lilley: Lot 43, Laurel Oaks, Phase 1 $474

Kevan O. Chandler, Vanessa M. Chandler to Marcus W. Conner, Julia C. Petrasso: Lot 46, Brook Valley subdivision, Section II, Phase 5 $1,648

Gerald Edwin Whitley, Mary Frances N. Whitley to Rafael Munoz: 0.939 acre, Grimesland Township $4

Paula C. Perkins (74.6 percent undivided interest) to PCNC Properties LLC: Lot 1B, Wimbledon Park, Winterville Township

Joyce E. Gorham, Lillie Gorham Darden, Sarah Elizabeth Smith, Madie Gorham Shackleford, Vickie Gorham Phillips, James Roy Gorham, Walter Lewis Gorham to James R. Gorham of JVW LLC: 1.57 acres, Falkland Township

Joseph Ramsey Adkins, Paula Clark Adkins to Bryant D. Dunlap Jr.: Unit 4, Building TH-4, Greyfox Run subdivision, Greenville $299

William Mitten, Michelle Matteo Mitten to Joseph Michael Johnson: Lot 86, Brighton Place subdivision, Section 3, Phase 1, Winterville Township $434

Principal Investments LLC to Oak Tree Properties LLC: Unit 5, Elkin Ridge Townhomes $148

Principal Investments LLC to Oak Tree Properties LLC: Unit 4, Building L, The Vineyards, Winterville Township $108

Principal Investments LLC to Oak Tree Properties LLC: Unit 4, Building L, Lakeview Townhomes, Winterville Township $108

Allison Gray Baker Eastwood (individually and as executrix), Johnnie Eastwood, William Taylor Baker Jr., Archie Brian Baker, Susan Baker to Ronnie M. White: 1.7196, Chicod Township $190

Jon C. Powers, Shelby A. Powers to Powers Endeavors LLC: Lot 42 A, Brook Hollow, Section One, Greenville Township quitclaim

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB (trustee), Carrington Mortgage Services LLC (attorney-in-fact) to Dora Wright: Lots 14, 15, 16, and 17, Block A, Barnhill property, Bethel $198

Finis Hill, Danielle R. Hill to Christopher M. Hurdle, Lauren P. Hurdle: Lot 19, Brittwood, Section Two, Phase One, Grimesland Township $100

Potter’s Construction Inc. to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lot 4, South Oak Landing subdivision, Section One $70

Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lot 57, Taberna subdivision, Phase III, Winterville Township

Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lot 83, Taberna subdivision, Phase III, Winterville Township

WSFU LLC to Daeisha Harris: Lot 16, Block G, Greenbrier subdivision, Greenville Township $240

Connie Buck Ansley (a/k/a Connie B. Ansley) to Twinetavia E. Barnes: Lot 5, Kenland Estates, Section II $324

Blackwood, Parrott & Roberson LLC to Biggs Construction Inc.: Lot 27, Blackwood Ridge, Phase Two, Section Four $150

Ashley Choe to Shree Capital LLC: Unit 5, Building S, Kittrell Farms Townhomes correction

Douglas Paul Utter, Allyson Page Utter to Joan W. James, Ronald E. James: Unit 3, Building M, Kittrell Farms Townhomes $246

Robin Case Nixon (executrix) to Kimberly Lorelle Savage, Carolyn Elizabeth Savage: Lot 11, Block A, Osceola subdivision, Section 1, Greenville Township $280

Daniel Bickett Griffis Jr., Susan R. Griffis to Jared Storm Henry, Kennedi Stewart Henry: Lot 6A, Birchwood Estates, Farmville Township $50

Reed M. Potts, Casey H. Potts to Donnie Wilbert Michell, Maria Montemurro: Lot 17, Tucker Estates North, Phase Three $514

Milton Brian Lloyd (individually and as trustee), Shelley Williams Lloyd to Wiley Benjamin Stancill: parcel, Grifton Township $149

Gilbert A. Johanson, Heather A. Johanson to Autumn Clarke, Richard Clarke: Lot 38, Magnolia Ridge $550

Raymond Shelley, Joseph Devon Barrett Jr. to Landlovers LLC: Lot 5, Block 6, Greenville Heights, Greenville $10