The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from May 28-June 3. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. (No fee required.)

Robert J. Lucas Jr. (executor and trustee) to Robert J. Lucas Jr.: Lots 37 (portion), 38 and 39 (portion), Block A, Brookgreen subdivision, Greenville (executor’s and trustee’s)

David R. Rouse, Peggy H. Rouse to Sherry Byrd Stone, Robert Lewis Stone Jr.: lot, Chicod Township $56

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Arbor Hills South Homeowners Association Inc.: 9.8970 acres, Arbor Hills South cluster subdivision, Section 2, Phase 7, Grimesland Township; 0.0642 acre, Arbor Hills South cluster subdivision, Section 2, Phase 7, Grimesland Township

Charles M. Lanier, Rosa M. Lanier to Ana Isabel Santos Gutierrez: parcel, M.F. Tyson Farm, S.R. 1413 $30

Shreya J. Patel to Shree Capital LLC: Unit 5, Building S, Kittrell Farms Townhomes $240

Steven Creach Whitley, Dianne C. Whitley to Phyllis A. Lewis, Jordan Tyler Leneave: Lot 4, Block B, Twin Creeks subdivision, Grimesland Township $320

Amy Rogers to Jessica Givens: Lot 172, Block H, Treetops, Section 7, Phase 2, Winterville Township $210

Margaret Elayne S. Harper to Michael R. Hobgood, Diane H. Hobgood: Lot 1, Block B, Allen Acres subdivision, Farmville $8

Longfor LLC to Jacob K. Huenergardt Valverde, Kelsey Valverde: Lot 17, Building D, Yorktown Square Townhomes, Section 1, Amendment IV, Winterville Township $178

Alyssa M. Llodrat, German L. Llodrat III to Nathan David Olson, Katherine Marie Olson: Lot 15, Block C, Belvedere subdivision, Section II, Winterville Township; Lot 16 (portion), Block C, Belvedere subdivision, Section II, Winterville Township $290

Sharon Buck (t/t/a Sharon Lynne Smith) to RBH Rentals LLC: Lot 6, Block B, Hillsdale subdivision, Greenville Township $44

Wayne J. Owsley Jr., Cara Marie Owsley to Vinventure Properties LLC: Lot 5, Block L, Green Springs development $370

Andrew William Reynolds, Lauren Pearce Reynolds to John C. Walters, June C. Walters: 0.36 acre, Planter’s Walk subdivision, Farmville $362

Ken Stuart Perry (individually and as executor), David Delton Perry to Ken Stuart Perry: 89 acres (with exception) quitclaim

Corey L. Mayo, Hillary M. Mayo to Katie Rebecca Peaden, Robert Herman Peaden III: Lot 8, Rancho Bonito, Chicod Township $374

EarlyFalsom Properties Inc. to Jose David Perez Gomez: parcel, Farmville $120

Robert J. Lucas Jr. (executor and trustee) to William M. Reading, Elizabeth F. Reading: Lot 10, Block B, Osceola subdivision, Section 2, Greenville Township $298 (executor’s and trustee’s)

RC Rentals LLC to Baker & Baker Realty LLC: Lot B, Tucker Farms, Section 1, Phase 3, Greenville Township $850

Joseph A. Sutton, Olivia M. Sutton to Duane Spanier, Ashley Spanier: Lot 26, Bedford Village, Section 2 $486

William Donald Beamon, Janet Barber Beaman to William Blake McLawhorn: 1.39 acres

Thomas E. Glass, Linda W. Glass to Donald Maurice Yelverton, Jan E. Yelverton: 0.004 acre

Andrew Tillery to James Allen Tillery: lot, Greenville Township quitclaim

Pingora Loan Servicing LLC to Vic Dull, Aigul Aubanova: Tract 1 (portion), Holly Ridge Estates subdivision, Grimesland Township $222