Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart

BMH, I cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good I can do.

BYH to all of those who are pulled over by law enforcement. For God's sake, please comply with the law enforcement officer's commands. Even if you have to go to jail trying to evade or run from law enforcement, it is not worth escalating into a situation that can result in being shot or even killed. Neither Mr. Floyd nor Mr. Wright deserved to die, but both were not complying with law enforcement.

It really doesn’t pay to fight with police officers doing their duty, and it seldom pays to run from police. Most citizens would not react this way. Some 84 percent of single gunshot wounds are survivable. Most police interactions with the public do not result in rioting. But, unfortunately, some do. What we have is a cultural problem, not a police problem.

Some days we have those complaining that the police department is not doing enough to stop drug overdose deaths. Then the next day calls ring out to defund the police? Reminds me a little of marriage. Some days you love her and other days you stay out of her way.

BYH to the white privileged folks posting here. Guess what, if you are an American, your heritage is either Native American, slave, refugee or immigrant. That's it. Do you get it now? Just please stop and look in the mirror.

BYH, Republicans were down to just two groups of supporters, corporations and racists. Now they decided to pick a fight with the corporations so they could keep the racists.

BYH, whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.

BYH, stop shrinking to fit into places you've outgrown.

BYH, if you are ever feeling bad or down and out, call me. I promise I'll sing for you. And then you can determine which is worse.

The Daily Reflector makes it very easy to keep up with the crime trends. All you need to do is peruse the mug shots. One tidbit I have gleaned is that 90 percent of all convicted felons usually carry a gun. Read the story and will see that a weapon possessed by a convicted felon is almost always an included offense.

BYH One Term Pat. In your run for the Senate, will you seek the endorsement of One Term Trump?

BMH, I am sure that no Republican is spending his or her COVID relief check.

Our downtown has been hit hard by the pandemic leaving storefronts, retail, nightclubs and restaurants struggling to stay afloat. Just as we begin opening up, someone comes up with the bright idea of using our downtown nightclubs as a training ground for Alcohol Law Enforcement Officers from all over the state. There were so many black-tinted SUV’s downtown last weekend you would have thought the drug lord El Chapo had escaped from prison. Bad look!

BYH to all the downtown restaurants last weekend who had to be surrounded by all the Alcohol Law Enforcement ALE officers with their black SUV’s with dark-tinted windows. I counted 10 SUV’s in one parking lot. For crying out loud, first the restaurants were shut down, then operated at 50 percent and now that they are finally opening up the Alcohol Law Enforcement ascends on our downtown like something out of a movie scene.

No BYH to the right-wing hypocrites wailing and gnashing their teeth about the deficit just as we all predicted, after uttering not a peep about the deficits under that deposed tyrant.

BYH and God bless companies with a conscience for pulling their business away from Georgia, which is in full-court voter suppression mode after they saw that letting the voters vote unhindered only makes the GOP the losers they are, after condoning an insurrection and third-world tyrant they couldn't muster an objection to. May they all soon be out of power forever, amen. They've proven themselves to be the enemies of democracy.

BYH, socialism is the fire department saving your burning house, capitalism is the insurance company denying your claim.

My wife keeps saying that her friend's husband is a "Man of God." Is this like a professional designation like a doctor, lawyer or hearing aid specialist? I know the guy and am wondering if he got his designation from one of these fake online universities. Not to be judgemental but he does not pay his gambling debts and drinks all the liquor at the poker game. No COVID shot either I don't think.

BYH, cats can memorize up to 120 commands, they just don't want to.

BYH, be like a raccoon. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

BYH, in the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things that weren't meant for you.

You can tell you have reached well into old age when your grandson refuses to leave the house with you until you change clothes. First he said I was dressed like a drug dealer and then after changing, he said I was dressed like a college professor. Now I wear a white shirt and black pants. He says that outfit is fine as long as I do not start preaching.

The precise nature of the Republican's game is that they simply support anything that is to their momentary advantage, and rail against the same things when they become a disadvantage. They abide, in the most cynical, hypocritical, and self-serving way, by a continuous stream of useful deceits. Bless the hearts of those lying liars and the lies they tell.

Republicans: We're pro-business, we hate regulations, and believe corporations have the same rights as citizens. Also Republicans: If a business decides to do or say something that smells even slightly progressive or liberal, they should be ridiculed, fined, regulated, forced to change their ways, boycotted, canceled! Bless their hypocritical hearts.

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