The GOP realizes nothing they can do will save the economy, so they're leaving an economic mess for Joe Biden to inherit. Just as they did with Obama. Then they'll blame the Democrats for their own miserable failures.

Bless your heart to the young man who helped our elderly relative who was lost in Greenville. He left his job and led her through town to the road where she could get home, refusing money. You are an angel!

We can defund the police and let the civilian police review board enforce whatever laws they deem valid. The review board can decide which cases are submitted to the DA. Sounds like G-Vegas will be one wild place. Hopefully illegal drugs will become legal and the speed limit will be whatever you deem safe for you. Shoplifting will not be a crime if you can outrun the sales clerk. DisneyLand in Vegas!

BYH, just to be clear, I support the police, but not the ones who commit crime. I support the protestors, but not the ones who commit crime. It really is that simple.

Bless his heart, Trump claimed he was never briefed about the bounties Putin put on our troops' heads in Afghanistan, but now that he knows, what is he doing about it? If that was Obama, Republican hypocrite heads would explode.

BYH, I blame every vote for Trump for our slow descent into authoritarian fascism, the secret police, the hints of a delayed election, sicking unmarked paramilitary forces on U.S. citizens, making Americans their enemy. We are just one medal laden gaudy uniform from having our own Qaddafi.

BYH, do you remember, before the internet, that it was thought that the cause of our collective stupidity was lack of access to information? Well, it wasn't that.

BYH, 2020 has been a crazy year. In North Carolina it's formal. Now a hurricane's heading up the coast, so things are back to normal.

BYH Democratic politicians. It's interesting how they aren't getting COVID. Do they have access to something the rest of us don't.

BYH's libs, if you think your act is playing in Peoria, Greenville, New York City or even here in the Reflector lib gripes section, you are sadly mistaken. See you in November!!

Bless your heart to Joe Biden. It is ironic that in 2015, the DNC did not recognize or appreciate all your accomplishments and contributions while in the VP office. After looking at your record, they are now able to find the lost files

Socialism has never bailed out anything, it only makes thing worse. To think otherwise shows your ignorance, BYH. 

Bless my heart. I remember when Joe Biden was vice president. I must be losing my mind. When I watch his political ads, I don't remember any of the great things he claims to have done. Wonder if he remembers any of them.

BYH to a mother/daughter duo at KFC. I thank the daughter for buying my lunch. I understand about caring for parents with physical challenges. I wish the best for you and your mom. I will certainly pay my blessing forward.

BYH Vidant. Still haven't seen an apology for email to employees, "16-Tips", which was so racist and demeaning to all employees and shows such discrimination toward White People and Non-Christians. Unbelievable it was sent! Unbelievable no apology issued for such poor judgment in sending it.

Who is Clark? And why is there a road named after their neck?

BYH President Trump. If you know the election is rigged, what happens if you win?

BYH to local health department, media and government. So much confusing and misleading information about COVID being put out by them. Please go to the John's Hopkins COVID site and look at the graphs for Pitt County for a true picture. It is not getting better! It is steadily getting worse. True also for our state. The number of cases at Vidant are at record levels too. Wear a mask! Six feet apart!

BYH to the Daily Reflector, your publication department can save a few cents per printing by leaving out the sports pages from me and my parents delivered subscriptions. We have had enough of sports figures who makes millions blasting and disrespecting our country as if they are God's gift. What they fail to realize is that the brave men and women who died in combat are the reason for our free country. God bless America.

Bless the hearts of those who hate others because of their political party, race, sex, sexual orientation or religion. You aren't a patriot and you aren't a Christian

BYH to Timothy Snyder, author of On Tyranny, a book the came out as Trump came in, warning us what to be on the lookout for, with passages like, "Be wary of paramilitaries .. When the pro-leader paramilitary and the official police and military intermingle, the end has come."

Bless our heart, we've disconnected ourselves from God within us.

BYH, John McCain's campaign manager just said on TV just now that Trump is incompetent on a supernatural level across the board, he is a faithless coward of a leader who does not have the backs of our troops he sends into battle, but ignores the bounties on their heads. That is a Republican saying that, finally.

Can someone please tell me why the African American community at Vidant Hospital calls everyone 'Boo"? As a White female, I don't appreciate being called this name and would prefer to be called by my actual name. Besides, if we are being 'inclusive' now, shouldn't I understand what 'Boo' is referring to before someone offends me with that salutation?

BYH Rep. Greg Murphy. By posting on Facebook about your interesting conversation with a doctor who believes in sex with demons, alien DNA and reptilian people, you have betrayed your position as a physician and proved once again that you are poorly equipped to represent the people of Eastern NC.

Bless your elderly heart, if you think that you are safe in Trump's America, think again.

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