BYH ECU football players. I'm sorry the university sees you as nothing more than cash cows. Take heart. There are ECU fans and Pirate Club members that want the season deferred until it is safer for you, the coaches, the officials, and the stadium workers.

Looks like the professors at ECU have been shut down concerning whether or not to play football during the pandemic. Back in my day academics would never be silenced on an important issue. I guess the threat of unemployment trumps freedom of expression. Oh well, it is all about money no matter how you look at it. Arrrgh.

If our fanatical football fans gave as much money as they give reasons to play during a pandemic then ECU athletics would no longer carry a deficit. But then again those who think it is safe to play football in a pandemic are probably pretty dumb and therefore don't make a lot of money. Never let it be said that we placed much emphasis on academics. 

Bless the defiant heart of the unmasked Greenville police officer in The Bagel Man shop Wednesday morning. The entire staff and every customer was respectfully wearing a mask. There is a sign on the door stating masks are required. I mentioned it to you, and all you could say is "I forgive you." What kind of message does this send?

BYH, Chairman Randy Ramsey. Maybe if you had attended one of our universities, you could have made better decisions about reopening our schools.

Bless Your Heart. If you trust the postal service enough to send $100 bills in the mail, you are lacking common sense. We get mail for as many as seven different people in our mailbox. The post office should pay us for delivering mail to others. Trust the post office with my vote? Absolutely not!

BYH to ECU for getting over $3 million from Grady-White Boats. Why don't you use part of that for the swimming and tennis programs since they had to be cut because of the virus?

BYH to the recycling people. Why are we not allowed to recycle glass bottles and jars anymore? How is this helping the planet?

To the reader who puts $50 and $100 bills in the mail. Would you put ten $100 bills in the mail? There's a reason that companies who you mail payments to tell you "don't send cash." I'm glad you're not doing my finances. 

It seems interesting to me, in my 90 years plus on this planet, that many of the posts critical of the Daily Reflector for bias, left or right, obviously do not really read the editorial page! Bless your ignorance!

BYH ECU, with all those classroom buildings on campus now empty, help out your middle school neighbor C.M. Eppes.

Bless my heart, Kraft Cheese commercial. I have never looked at anyone like that after covering the entire dinner plate with your melted cheese. Never looked at anyone like that, especially my partner.

The JPII athletic complex was strongly supported by their neighbors but for school use only. They sold us the idea promising seven home football games with lights and sound. After it was built they want to be the area sports hub. Great idea but wrong location in the center of three densely populated neighborhoods. If truly needed, a new field should be planned for and handled through Recreation and Parks in an appropriate location.

Bless my heart. I am a registered voter and have made up my mind who I am voting for in the next election. I do not need 10 to 15 calls every day asking for my support. Not only am I tired of these relentless calls, but you may actually lose my vote from the constant irritation of these nuisance calls.

Way to go Greenville Planning and Zoning Commission! By recommending passage of an amendment to allow usage by third parties of JPII's athletic facilities, you have essentially said "too bad, so sad" to the surrounding homeowners. I wonder who has bribed whom to get this passed? Shame on you!

BYH to professional basketball players boycotting their games.  If I never see another basketball game, that is not a problem. If they want to pass up millions of dollars in salary, it's their choice.  Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Does Trump really not understand about how the average person goes to the gas pump and pays for gas? Does he not understand the average short attention span of an adult? And, does he not understand his criticism of Biden's approaching tenure describes his rule last three years? BYH

I know I am a messy person, that’s one reason I hired a cleaning lady for our house but now my wife makes me clean up my mess before she comes. Bless her heart

Jerry Falwell Jr. leaves Liberty in shame after sex scandal. One more wealthy, evangelical Christian falls from grace.  He manages to leave with $10.5 million. I'm sure Jesus would have approved.

BYH interim ECU chancellor. OK to move the students off campus and ban tailgating on ECU property. Hmmm, how about no students moving to Grid and student complexes? If so require your COVID-19 tests or tell them to go back home so we will not be exposed

Playing football during the COVID pandemic will be "the last man standing" type scenario. The last player who crawls off the field will be the winner. He will get a standing ovation from the fans who can still stand. It will be just like John Wayne at the Alamo.

I sent an out of state relative a Christmas check last year three times. She never received one. When I spoke with the manager of the local post office about the issue, he recommended that I send it disguised as a business letter. Sure enough, that check got through. I know the Post Office can do a fantastic job, but there are bad guys everywhere. My vote is too important. I will hand deliver it.

BYH school board members. The real reason parents want face-to-face instruction is for child care and only child care. Working parents have no alternative but to send kids to school.

Instead of laying off teachers to reduce costs, give the overpaid superintendent a pay cut, get rid of some of their staff. Eliminate some of the principals and vice principals. Have one principal to a three school cluster. Use your heads, reduce administrative costs, don't punish the workers for the top heavy system.

Bless the hearts of the school board members who believe that face-to-face instruction is benefitting students. Well, that's the only party that it is benefitting. For at home learners, there is little or no equity. For teachers, well, my day begins at 7 a.m. in the building, continues during the day, then an additional two hours in the evening because I want to meet all the needs of my students. That's too much.

No BYH to the Pitt County school board. You are only thinking of yourselves and putting on a show for the state by continuing to hold classes and endanger the lives of your students, staff and families. Well the word is out on the streets that you are not reporting all the cases in the schools. Shame, Shame. I am glad that I no longer have to worry about having kids in the PCS system.

BYH Mary Blount on the Board of Education! You are correct to listen to Dr. Silvernail, the expert during a pandemic! Everyone else? Come in and visit our Pitt County schools and stay for the day!

I've been watching the news about Jerry Falwell Jr.'s fall from grace. Are all high profile evangelicals and televangelists pervs? Sure seems like it. Remember Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart, Bill Gothard, Bob Coy, Tony Alamo, etc. Bless their hearts. Hypocrites and false prophets!

Bless Melania Trump’s heart. Her speech at the convention called for unity and reconciliation ... it didn’t focus on hate and division like so many of her husband’s speeches. However, what has she accomplished as First Lady? Yes she is beautiful, but what has she done for our country? Rumor has it that she doesn’t even live in the White House with her husband but resides with her parents and son outside of the city. If she has some valuable contributions to make, it’s time for her to step up to the plate. If she truly believes in reconciliation she needs to pitch in and work toward it ASAP!

Bless your heart to those Greenville elitists who can spend other people's money. Here we are, 32 percent of people cannot make their rent, 40 million out of work and what is Greenville going to do instead of letting people keep more of their money? Build a new swimming pool. How crazy and inconsiderate is that?

No BYH to the Greenville City Council. $3.2 million for a swimming pool in west Greenville, $2 million for a monument downtown? Where is all this money coming from? The taxpayers that's where. If you're interested in equality for all citizens, which you are not, put the pool where everyone has easy access, not just west Greenville. How about using that money to feed hungry seniors? You should be ashamed.

College kids not following the COVID rules? Get out of here! Of course they will follow the rules. Just like they do not drink underage, do not smoke underage or buy any of those left-handed cigarettes. But the bait and switch worked like a charm. And we still have football. That is what really matters. Being on the football patch on Saturdays will make everything fine. Keep sending those student athletic fees! Arrrgh.

BYH to the Greenville Planning Commission for approving the JPII Text Amendment. It is apparent that the opinion of nearly 300 homeowners didn't matter in this decision. The owner of the JPII Athletic thinks he has you and the City Council in his back pocket. By approving this Text Amendment it appears that he does and the good old boys politics still exists in Greenville.

Well, bless our hearts North of the River. You have sent the positive COVID students to Paramount apartments. Not the kind of attention we wanted to have this side of the Tar.

BYH to the ECU students that did honor their pledge to help prevent the spread of COVID. Take your frustrations out on your peers. They did this to you.

BYH to the students who tested positive, now being shipped to Paramount apartments. Are you going to be monitored to stay in isolation? If we believe you will honor the pledge (like the pledge you signed for ECU), then I have some beach front property to sell you in Arizona.

It is not safe for college kids to go to class but it is safe for college kids to play football? I'm guessing this is a financial decision and the kids are the cannon fodder. Stalin supposedly said about the huge losses in WWII, "You have to crack eggs to make an omelet." Is football really that essential? Do we want an omelet that bad? Is this higher education?

A big BYH to the fake news from the one saying houses were “taken” for $ 10,000 in West Greenville? What part of “zero condemnations” and “free land” don’t you understand? Lucille Gorham Center? City pool? No other part of the city has been given as much as west Greenville

BYH Greenville! No Macy’s, Trader Joe’s, Pei Wei, Cheesecake Factory, Costco, etc. ... And now, no airline? Lovely.

We are not comfortable dining in a restaurant but have been enjoying curbside pick up or take out. We have recently observed three restaurants not observing any social distancing with inside seating, and patrons are not wearing masks when walking around inside. We will not be ordering from these restaurants any more because we are trying to live through this pandemic and follow guidelines. Masks covering nose and mouth — not difficult!

BYH Greg Murphy. Please keep your comments to yourself. You predicted sunlight would kill COVID-19. Now you think you're an expert on Biden's mental health. You are embarrassing Pitt County and eastern North Carolina.

Here's a thought. For those of you that don't believe in abortion, don't have one. I don't and didn't when I was of reproductive age. All of you without a uterus, butt out! BYH.

BYH to Chris Nunnally and his sheep on the Board of Commissioners who mandate arrest if us peasants don’t wear a face mask on county property. Better hope I don’t see any of you stepping a foot on county property without a mask, because, I will report you for trespassing.

Called Suddenlink about no phone service, internet quitting every other hour, and TV going off and on. They looked into the account and found our last payment was $6 short, and "sometimes that can cause system problems" that can affect service. A second or so of silence, and then we guffawed. Then they said it might be a problem with the modem. More guffaws ensued.

No bless your heart to Bill Clinton for lecturing President Trump on his behavior in the White House. Has he forgotten what he did with a young intern. Almost as bad as that sordid action was the fact that he took advantage of a young, naive woman. But he’s Bill Clinton and he has no shame.

BYH to those who constantly denigrate and criticize "rich" people, especially white rich folks. Try working hard and saving money instead of buying expensive cars, clothes, and anything else that you think you need. In America, all have the opportunity to improve one's circumstances. So quit playing the "poor me, downtrodden" game. A good work ethic and pride in a job well done may help you become financially comfortable.

BYH Vidant Medical Center. My husband had been up for 36 hours and was out of his mind on medications. He left his room, went outside, and walked across the street to Sheetz around 10 p.m. on Aug. 7. No one stopped him or asked any questions. Please make sure your patients always have gowns on so they can be spotted and helped! I was lucky my husband was not hit and killed. 

BYH to Joe Biden, Your net worth is now between $9-11 million. My net worth is about $500,000. We are the same age, I worked in the private sector for 40 years, Joe as a government "servant." It is great that working for the government paid 20 times as much as the private sector. What a great country we live in.

BYH, the Bible didn't say that the end of days would be heralded by trumpets. That was heard and written down wrong. God said the end would be heralded by Trump/Pence.

BYH, so how are you voting this year, Democrat or Nazi?

BYH, imagine a second son who rises to prominence in the wake of his older brother's death. The son is a narcissist who spends more lavishly than the father ever imagined, has a series of loveless marriages that are more for show, rises to lead the country, and becomes a fat, ill-tempered man who feels no limit on his power, and strikes fear in his subordinates. He was Henry VIII, who were you thinking of?