Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart

Bless the Hearts of Sens. Burr and Tillis. Although, since the first Trump impeachment trial, Sen. Burr seems to have learned the meaning of the words "guilty" and "innocent," someone needs to send Sen. Tillis a dictionary.

Bless your heart. Hey Democrats. Having fun yet?

Bless our hearts. Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that many of the Republicans didn't have any options. Apparently many Democrats don't either as she and the POTUS have been there for decades sucking off the public dollars.

BYH, the one who shall not be named may have 43 senators in his pocket, but they can't help him now. Just wait until Georgia gets after him, then New York, and we'll see how quickly the Russians want their money back. Then there are the tax-evasion schemes, bank loan and tax fraud, and things we don't even know about yet.

Bless the hearts of the Republicans in Congress who have been emasculated by our former President.

BYH Richard Burr. You are a true Republican. Thank you for your brave vote.

BYH to President Trump. Congrats on the acquittal. The future is looking brighter. Biden and Harris, you better enjoy your time in office. Your time will be short. The American people now know for sure the election was stolen from Trump. The sun will rise on a new beginning soon. I can not wait. God bless America.

Bless our hearts. Looks like the left lost again and can't figure out how to gerrymander to get their way. Nancy quit grandstanding and do your job. You people are not rock stars. You are there because people trusted you. Earn it!

Bless my heart. I can't quite understand. When right-wing extremists damage buildings and threaten lives it is a riot. But when left-wingers do it, it's peaceful demonstrations. Don't get it.

BOH, put a right-wing and a left-wing together and we can fly!

BYH, if a doctor retired and then it was discovered that he was killing his patients, or if a cop retired and then it was found out that he was planting evidence, would you fail to prosecute because he was retired? See how silly that sounds?

Curse his heart, he really seemed to think if he sent his mob of goons, proud boys and white nationalists into the Capitol during joint session that they would "take out" the Democratic leadership and tear apart whoever they found, leaving our government in the hands of that autocrat. Of course, the Republicans knew they weren't targets, which makes them complicit.

Bless our hearts. If my math is correct, if 1.4 million people lose their jobs with the new minimum wage proposal and 900,000 get raises, then that means 500,000 more are on unemployment or government assistance. Anybody else think that it's absurd?

Bless your heart to the people that compare carrying a gun to someone playing Russian roulette. What you are talking about is torturing people. Only a liberal would think the 2nd Amendment is equal to torture.

Bless your heart to the extreme simpleton that compares someone carrying a gun, to someone putting a revolver to your head to play Russian roulette. You are just like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. If you only had a brain. Only a first-rate simpleton could compare those two scenarios.

Bless my heart. I almost threw up when the politician at the impeachment trial said "the most sacred place in Washington was defiled by Trump supporters." It is amazing that any politician could believe that a building that houses the greatest liars and charlatans of the country could be described as "sacred."

Bless the heart of the Town of Bethel. This town is one of the worst places to live. The administration does nothing to make improvements with the exception of the water system.

A president watches a large group of people overpower the police and smash their way into the Capitol. He sees policemen injured and congressmen and the vice-president threatened with death. He takes no action to stop this attack. Bless your heart if you don't understand that this is a dereliction of duty, that this violates his oath of office and is treason. It is a simple decision to impeach. No patriot would absolve this behavior.

Scholars are now arguing over whether or not Lewis Carroll wrote "Alice in Wonderland." According to a leading literature professor, "New evidence in the form of the article on the booming ECU athletic department financial situation suggest that there is another fantasy writer out there who many have penned 'Alice In Wonderland.' We got several folks on the lookout. Please do not approach on your own but call law enforcement or Calvin."

BMH. I am seriously missing the recently departed Walter E. Williams' editorials. Mr. Williams is surely in a much better place than we are.

BOH! The governor has issued a schedule for teachers to be vaccinated. Let's see how many take it and those who continue to make excuses for not going back in person. In my opinion, it should be mandatory.

BYH President Biden. Your promise of a "bold" federal vaccination campaign is falling flat. I am starting to feel my vote was wasted.

No bless your heart to the Republicans in Congress who want us to simply move on from the insurrection that Donald Trump helped to recklessly promote in an attempt to stay in power.

Whoever wrote that ECU athletic department budget nonsense should become a financial adviser. Talking about turning a lemon into lemonade! The downside is that we are teaching our accounting students that 2 plus 2 is whatever you want it to be depending on how gullible your audience. This latest load of rubbish is not one we need to blame the media. Truth be told I feel it was a computer error or maybe new math.

Bless our hearts. When the Academy Awards are announced the impeachment managers will surely be in line for their Oscars.

Bless our hearts. I can suggest that you go rob a bank, but if you do it that doesn't make me a bank robber.

BYH, help stop the bloodshed: tell all your loved ones to comply with and be polite to law officers, even thank them! If you know a bad cop, tell a good cop, the majority of them are really trying to help the citizens, that's what they do. All departments have proper channels to report personal issues! Have a blessed day!

I love nature! Build the Keystone pipeline! Please google, "safest way to transport crude oil." Seriously! Save jobs and lives! Call your politicians! This is no joke!

How can you have a fair trial when the jurors are co-conspirators? I'll let you take all the time you need to answer.

Can someone please advise the ECU basketball coaching staff how to wear a face mask? Cover the nose and the mouth — not the chin.

Bless your heart, Mark Cuban. You shot a huge brick. Remember where your billions came from or take your money and yourself to Iran.

I just love hearing Democrat politicians talk about honest elections.

The best thing about the impeachment trial is that it provides an opportunity for righteous hypocrite politicians to make long-winded speeches. I guess it's better than coming up with new ways to waste taxpayer money.

BYH to British pubs can open but not sell beer! I thought the U.S. was the only one with nutty ideas. If Congress can't get its act together looks like we will have another camel with some of the recent decisions. For those of you who wonder what a camel is, it is a horse designed by a committee. When will this country begin moving forward heaven only knows.

BTH of the person who called someone a simpleton for supporting the right to openly carry a handgun in grocery stores. He stated that guns should be banned from grocery stores to enhance safety. Personally, if I see someone openly carrying a handgun, I initially have some concern, but then I realize that person most likely does not intend to do harm. Bad guys most likely look for soft targets with gun bans.

Bless my heart, I am a white male and a veteran who has voted for Republicans many times. However, after watching them enable, support, and condone the events of Jan. 6. I will never, ever vote for any Republican for the rest of my life.

BYH, I bet there are a lot of antiques, cool stuff and collector's items in a lot of attics all across America.

Bless your heart and count your blessings, of all the worlds in all the galaxies in all the universe, ours was the one with the Grateful Dead.