Bless Your Heart

Bless our hearts: In this country, hard work is never rewarded, and you're a chump if you think so. What matters are your connections, who your parents are and your skin color.

Bless our hearts: The GOP has weaponized the word "socialism" and redefined it as something very different from the real meaning. Most of what they're calling "socialism" would provide a healthier capitalistic system than what we have now, trust in government, police, each other, and a better quality of life. Right now we're living on political myths and fumes while our society crumbles around us.

Bless your uninformed heart. Joe shutting down the pipeline project didn't affect gas prices any more than President Trump did with a hurricane map of the Gulf coast and a Sharpie.

I read that there where newspaper scammers calling about cut-price deals on Daily Reflector subscriptions. Are there any legit deals on DR subscriptions? Inquiring minds would like to know. In these trying times a deal would be welcome.

BYH ECU. As I was looking at the sports page today I saw ECU’s baseball roster and then I asked myself what’s wrong with this picture. Unless my eyes were fooling me I didn’t see any players of color. Maybe coach Godwin said there would be no practice that day so he/they would stay home when in reality it was team photo day. BYH!!!

BYH Henry Hinton. Your show was enjoyable in the past, but now you have turned it into a political platform where you can bash everyone that does not have the same views as you.

No BYH to Murphy as he is still a partisan Trumpster, Vote him out! FYI, what a joke to claim doctor in the house when he does nothing for those who need health care.

Bless your heart to Greenville, and Pitt county for the significant increase to our vehicle tax by 10 percent. Were you too ashamed to make this public? It's better just to sneak it in.

BYH: Do you know why we can fly a helicopter on Mars but we cannot turn on a light in Texas? Because scientists are in charge of the Mars mission, and Republicans are in charge of Texas.

Bless America's heart. We are in the process of making all the countries that hate us rich. Iran, China Iraq, and others. Hold on for a rocky ride.

Bless your hearts to all the Democrats patting Biden on the back for the covid vaccine. As I recall, both vaccines used today were developed when Trump was president.

BYH Biden. In less than two months, you have gotten the coronavirus to start coming down. You are amazing since nothing has changed except the implementation of the covid vaccine that our great President Trump did. Good thing we had Trump in office, otherwise we would still be in our basement honking horns.

BYH to our border patrol officers. Biden has given the OK for people of the southern borders to invade our country. This is an invasion. Someone needs to protect our country from this. If our government will not do this, who will? We need to save our country from this terrible disaster. We do not want them. We need to seek a way to send them back home! We say "Go Back Home."

BYH to the towns and cities who have suffered at the hands of the Black Lives Matters riots. VP Harris should be impeached for her comments that kept the riots going and for encouraging them to do more rioting. She committed assaults on civilian and state and federal properties. She also caused many civilians and law enforcement officers to be hurt and killed. She needs to be impeached and then jailed for her crimes.

BYH to our country. Joe Biden and Harris are a danger to our country. In less than 100 days in office, he has damaged our freedoms and safety. Biden and Harris need to be removed from office before they do more damage that can not be undone.

Bless your heart to Suddenlink for your latest scam. You send a bill. I pay the bill by mail. Four to five weeks after I mail the payment, you post the payment to my account. The next month you nail me for a late payment. You then blame the post office. This excuse works once, but not two to three months running.

I respect Sen. Burr for making a tough decision to go against his party's wishes and vote to impeach Donald Trump. It's funny how when you are not up for re-election you can vote your conscience.

BOH! Trump must be bored? What did he do before he "played" President? Just never satisfied. Hope he does run again. He may not survive another loss!

Bless our hearts. This country's prioritization of individualism and greed over any sense of truth, decorum or morality is a malignant cancer on our society — a cancer that will ultimately devastate our country no matter how tightly you wrap yourself with an American flag or rail against "socialism." Any chance of recovery is hopeless when so many spit upon humanity and decency while cheering on disinformation and demagoguery.

We have reached half a million deaths in the U.S. Let that sink in and know if No. 45 would have not disbanded the group established by the previous president when dealing with Ebola, we would not be at these numbers It was known in January 2020 but ignored. Bury your head in the sand but this is the truth.

BYH, it's always been an article of faith of the left to hate on Rush Limbaugh, whether they ever listened to a word he said or not. The wackiest among them even feel the need to crash his funeral. At this point, it's become ever more clear that you can't cure or even control crazy, but it still isn't a good look for anyone involved including DR.

BYH, where was our climate czar John Kerry as Texas froze? Guess he couldn't find the heat switch to turn on as he hunkered down. Biden takes a snow day! What a scam global warming is as China, India and others pollute the earth without any consequences. Doubt seriously that you will print this. Have to keep the lie going.

BYH Burger King and Wendy's. I don't know who has the worst chicken sandwich.

Downtown Houston lit up, with the rest of the city in the dark, and Ted Cruz flying to Cancun are about all anyone needs to know about white privilege.

BYH Thanks Joe for looking out for the working man. Gas prices have risen 60 cents a gallon in the first 37 days since you took office. Way to go Joe. Not!

BYH, at age 25, after numerous student deferments, Joe Biden was given a one-year deferment for "childhood asthma." That's Joe Biden the lifeguard, football star, corn pop confronter who would take Donald Trump behind the barn for a beatdown. Those of us who know the era remember and know the type.

Huge BYH to Vidant Hospital, Dr. Michael Waldrum, and his incredible staff! I have completed both Vaccines and the process was amazing! They were so organized and friendly...almost made you want to stay!! Congrats and Thank You!

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