There’s nothing little about the production behind the Little League Softball World Series. One could even venture to call it a big hit for Greenville, according to local economic, league and city leaders.

Beginning Tuesday, ESPN’s family of networks will begin broadcasting the first global iteration of the event from Stallings Stadium at Elm Street Park. This year’s event features two more U.S. teams and opens up the field to four international teams representing Italy, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Canada. In 2021, the first year of series play, COVID restrictions limited spectators in the stadium and the movement teams, but that is no longer the case.


The folks at Nash, general manager and owner Kurt Hauser with bartender McKenzie Crider, show off their Welcome World Series Sign outside the restaurant on Friday.


Elm Street will be closed starting on Tuesday through the tournament's final game, scheduled for Aug. 15. Volunteers, like the ones above in 2021, will staff the barricades.


Volunteers like the ones pictured here from 2021 are the backbone of the tournament, organizers said. More than 100 of them will be on the job this year. 

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