ECU police and emergency medical personnel responded to 38 emergency medical-related incidents at President Donald J. Trump's rally at Minges Colisuem, the incident commander reported.

The incidents primarily were heat related, Lt. Chris Sutton said. None were considered life-threatening but one police officer was treated for “heat-related concerns.”

“In all, we had a total of 87 medical contacts,” Sutton said.

No arrests were reported but four people were ejected from various locations, he said. One man was in the seating area behind the stage and started shouting during the president’s speech. After being knocked downed, he was escorted out of Williams Arena.

Another person ejected from the parking area before the event started, one from the line and one from the main entrance, Sutton said.

There were 8,000 people allowed into Williams Arena but about 2,000 were left outside because of capacity concerns. Most went to an overflow area and watched the president’s remarks on a large screen.

About 750-1,000 people remained in the overflow area when the president's speech ended, even though it was closed at 8:30 p.m. because of concerns about an approaching thunderstorm.

Sutton said 14 lightning strikes were recorded over the course of 15 minutes, all within 10 miles of the venue.