Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Wally World, you need to step up to the plate if you want us to keep being your customers and continue shopping at your stores. Where are the wipes? Forget the masks, we need wipes.

BYH to Pitt County Schools for keeping the schools open! Teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers and students are getting sick and calling out. They can’t get substitutes so they pull teacher assistants to babysit while stressing out the K-1 teachers with no assistance. Here’s a thought: go remote for two weeks ‘till this gets under control. These people are getting sick from others in school! All because of poor decisions!

BYH to the single moms who are working full time and/or going to school. Yet, they are keeping the household while managing many titles. There are politicians, professional athletes, entertainers, teachers, doctors, and the list go on, because of single mothers.

BYH to the commissioners who want to keep COVID statistics simple so as not to confuse the citizens of Pitt County. You must have little regard for the intelligence of your constituents!

The real heroes are those who do not get their teeth whitened. They are the true patriots who ask you to take them as they are. “Just as I am.” We come into this world without any teeth and we go out with “used teeth.” I think it is the plan.

BYH to The Reflector and my cat for providing me with an avenue for expressing my disappointment, sincere appreciation, etc., regarding whatever subject happens to be uppermost in my thoughts on a particular day. Venting to one’s own circle of family and friends sometimes equals preaching to the choir. Once in awhile we all need a different place to get something off our chest, which hopefully benefits our community by sparking a needed conversation.

When I was growing up, the sign that you were a true convert was believing in the Virgin Birth. Now the sign is believing in the stream of vaccinations. Evidently if you get either wrong you are going to the bad place.

BYH, I call it the Farrah Syndrome, like when Farrah Fawcett died hours before Michael Jackson died, and we never heard about Farrah again. We lost Dwane Hickman, who played Dobie Gillis, between Betty White and Bob Saget’s passing. I watch all three network news programs, and not one even mentioned it. If nobody else died, I’ve seen them mention the passing of people much more obscure than that. RIP Dobie Gillis.

BYH Shepard library for not permitting food and drinks in the library (which goes unenforced by the way) but having a soda machine selling such in the lobby.

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