Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart

Following are Bless Your Heart comments received Jan. 5-6 regarding the Jan. 5 meeting of the Pitt County Board of Education and its decision to continue with in-person classes following the winter break and amid increasing spread and new cases of COVID-19. Subscribers can email to activate their online account.

BYH to the Pitt County Board of Education. You sent school children back to school when COVID-19 is at its worst. Maybe you need to go back to school to learn about "Safe Welfare for Children." Your judgment was very poor in this decision on sending children into an unsafe place. Children will carry the virus back to parents, and especially grandparents. Their deaths will be on your hands. Think about it.

BYH to Pitt County Board of Education for keeping schools open while the COVID cases are increasing daily! A real smart move. Only four members have enough sense and guts to want to close. What will it take? A teacher, staff member or student to die from this horrible sickness before they do something about this! I guess playing God is the duty of one man now! Social distancing in schools is a joke!

No BYH to the Pitt County school board members, Worth Forbes and Benjie Forrest, who were so set on their beliefs that this worldwide pandemic is nothing more than the flu. If you both truly believe this, then why didn't you attend the board meeting on Jan. 5 in person? Yes, students are wearing masks in school for six hours per day, but what happens at home for 18 hours and on weekends? Teach my class.

A big virtual BYH to the Pitt County Board of Education who met virtually to vote to tell students, teachers, and staff, that they needed to go to school in person!

Bless my heart! Today I learned all the ins and outs of Robert's Rules of Order in a successful attempt to railroad the school board meeting. And to top it off, throw in a HIPPA violation. And in case you didn't know, virtual teaching is NOT teaching.

No BYH to the Pitt County school board for not remembering the death of a music teacher who died due to COVID complications. And no BYH for the members who stated that virtual teaching is not really teaching. How dare they when teachers are working so hard! And those condemning members attended virtually! Guess their vote doesn’t really count as a real vote then!

BYH Pitt County Board of Education. You stated in August that you would follow the recommendations regarding school closings from Dr. Silvernail and close at 3 percent, yet at 12 percent today, we remain open. Close the schools for a few weeks so that the age range with the most cases (your teachers) can be safe, and students can recover as well.

BYH to Worth Forbes and Benjie Forrest who think this COVID pandemic is nothing more than the flu. This is a global sickness that is more aggressive and deadlier than their flu! They don’t care about the lives of everyone who has to go into school. They are out of touch with the reality of this pandemic. Remote learning is not ideal but to risk lives it’s better than getting sick and potentially dying. Resign now!

No BYH to the Pitt County Board of Education, after witnessing today’s meeting. The arrogance and disrespect exhibited by two men toward the rest of the team were ridiculous and should not have been allowed. Please be respectful of each other. Remember Pitt County Schools does not allow bullying.

No BYH to the Pitt County Board of Education. Watching your meeting via live stream was absolutely disgusting. I wonder what impressions you made on the kids with your bickering and shouting. It didn't instill in them the life lesson of treat others as you would like to be treated.

Bless Your Heart to the Pitt County School Board. What a shame for some of the members to act like children.

BYH to all the Pitt County teachers, students and staff as they enter the school buildings during the worst time of this Pandemic. Your school board failed you and I pray everyone stays safe.

BYH Pitt County school board. Putting pressure from uneducated parents and economic concerns ahead of public safety and common sense. If I were in charge you'd all be pulling mandatory shifts in a COVID-19 ward.

Don Rhodes, when coming to meetings, please do the following: Stay off of your phone. Bring note-taking materials. Pay attention.

Thank you, Worth Forbes. Thank you.

How can Pitt County Schools even consider going virtual education while allowing athletics to continue? New leadership is in order. Their board meeting was flooded with, "I don't think", "I guess", I assume," "I am not certain, but ...." All of this while one board member placed the burden of blame on parents for not following C-19 guidelines. Shame on you.

Hey, Don Rhodes. If this school board meeting, which affects the education of my son, is so important, why are you walking out of the meeting (twice) and texting on your phone. It may be time for you to get your priorities in order. BYH

No BYH to the Pitt County Board of Education. One board member acted like a child throwing a tantrum by pounding his hand on the table because he was disappointed a motion was made and required a vote. It is not about the Board of Education. It is about the safety of students and staff. Total disregard and disrespect for school staff. What an embarrassment.

BTH of the teacher and now student complaining about being "in person" at school. Question: Do you frequent the grocery store, Walmart, Target, church, pay your bills in person, or your favorite restaurant? If so, you are in no more danger at school than any of those places. Quit putting our future in jeopardy of being ignorant adults.

Dear Pitt County Board of Education: Who are you listening to and catering to? Will the members who voted to keep face-to-face instruction be visiting all of the schools in their district on a regular basis?

A bless your heart to Board of Education member Forrest for being so ignorant in the midst of a Pandemic. You have put the people you are supposed to represent directly in harm's way. "Disappointment," as you repeatedly stated, does not even begin to scratch the surface. "Disregard" would be more appropriate.

Anna Barrett Smith, if you, as a board member, were so concerned about the possible increase after the break, why didn't the school board meet prior to today? As usual, you all are way behind the ball. Thanks goes out to Benjie Forrest, Worth Forbes and Amy Cole for advocating for student education.

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